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The Great Learning Advantage

Learn from a comprehensive curriculum taught by world-class faculty in data science. Get guidance on your learning journey, and access dedicated career support.


Live Classes with an industry mentor

  • Online and Classroom Mentorship formats to reinforce your learning
  • Small, cohesive classes of 5-15 to make sure you get individual attention
  • Industry mentors who enable you to learn by solving real life data science problems


Industry Mentors


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Career Services to Fuel Your Growth

  • Individually guided interview prep and CV building
  • Industry-sponsored data science hackathons to give you a flavor of hiring process
  • Career fairs with participation from leading data science companies


Career Transitions


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An Experience that Leaves You Richer

  • Learning from globally renowned Faculty
  • A compelling network of high-achieving Peers and Alumni
  • Exclusive invites to sessions with data science Industry Leaders


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User Testimonials of our Data Science Programs

Learner Reviews for our Data Science Programs

Batch of May 2020 | Lead Project Manager at Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
Excellent sessions by the faculty team. It's glad to see that the mentors and faculties are willing to take the feedback and try out a different approach to training. Happy to see more emphasis on examples and solving. Liked the way the concepts were re-inforced using examples and Sample questions.Mr. Amit is very patient and happy to provide answers.

Program : PG Program in Data Science and Business Analytics

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Batch of January 2020
The session was amazing. I had lot of doubts in stats from the start and this session on stats refresher helped me get good clarity in the subject. Also, Mr.Mahesh Anand was patient enough to clear all our doubts before moving on to the next topic. Looking forward to his upcoming sessions for more insights into the subject.

Program : PGP-Data Science and Engineering

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Batch of July 2019 | Analyst at Cognizant Technology Solution
A great program. I would want to appreciate the faculty members of Great Learning. It gave me the edge in understanding what is AI all about and it's usage in the real-life world.

Program : Business Analytics Certificate Program

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Batch of February 2020 | Team Leader at Empulse Global
Great Learning has an amazing team of faculty. They have explained all the concepts and cleared all the doubts with relevant examples.

Program : PG Program in Data Science and Business Analytics

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Batch of January 2020 | Manager Of Human Resources at Go Bumpr Full Time
It has been great session of Mahesh Anand sir teaching the Stats. It was very much useful and insightful session.

Program : PGP-Data Science and Engineering

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Batch of August 2019 | Process Excellence Manager Bfs Digital Ops at Cognizant
It was a great session from Greatlearning. Harish was able to cover the Descriptive Statistics concepts pretty well during the session. The solving of Assignments by the group was very helpful. I learned more ways to solve a problem and in most cases simpler ways.

Program : PG Program in Data Science and Business Analytics

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Batch of February 2020
The session was thoughtful and very informative, helps to understand the structure and take away of the course. Cheers to the faculty.

Program : PG Program in Data Science and Business Analytics

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Batch of October 2019 | Technical Buyer at Sanmina
I had a wonderful experience with Great learning. The fundamentals were taught by the Mentor which made my learning smooth. Thanks to mentors and Great learning.

Program : Business Analytics Certificate Program

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Batch of January 2020 | Operations Executive at Go Bumpr
He is tremendous... He could have revised everything in a 3-hour session on Thursday, but he went out of his way for us to teach an additional 3 hours on Friday ... We are quite blessed to have him teaching us.

Program : PGP-Data Science and Engineering

See all Reviews of this program
Batch of July 2020
Very well explained whole structure of the course. Important things covered.

Program : PG Program in Data Science and Engineering

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Data Science?
What is the future of Data Science?
Data is the future. Data science is expected to have an impactful future in the days to come, so Data scientists are expected to have a rewarding career journey too. Data Science has been creating a significant impact on various fields it has been applied to.Data science is believed to extend it's enclave to many other fields and establish new dynamics besides replacing many existing jobs. In India, there are around 15, 000+ existing job opportunities for various job roles in the domain of Data Science.
Is doing Data Science worth it?
There are many reasons that make data science stand as one of the best career choices you could make in the 21st century. The demand and scope of this technology are the top reasons which inspire many to pursue a career in this platform. Besides, the pay scale offered in this sector is creating enough interest in youngsters to become a Data Scientist. The job roles offered in this domain are recognised as one of the highest paid job roles in the country. As data science is constantly enlarging its impact on several fields, it is also expected to replace many existing job roles. Hence, for anyone desiring a secure career, data science is the best choice they could make.
What is the scope of data science in India?
The domain of Data Science in India has influenced many industries and platforms. The benefits that this technology offers is drawing interest in many organisations to embrace this field. Hence, Data Science is considered one of the fastest booming technologies in India which is driving many to seek a career. This domain also offers rewarding pay scales and the job roles of this technology are considered as one of the highest paid job roles in India.
What are the top data science applications?
What are the various job roles of Data Science?
What are the roles and responsibilities of a Data Scientist?
If you are one among the many that are aspiring to become a data scientist, You must be aware of the various roles and responsibilities of a Data Scientist. What are the major roles and responsibilities involved in the job role of data scientists? What do the data scientists do on a daily basis? Data Scientists do play a key role in building the organization. Many believe that the responsibilities of data scientists are limited to performing job roles like data visualization, data processing, data munging, data mining, etc, while these responsibilities are present, this does not present the complete picture.
What are the differences between Data Science and Business Analytics
Below are a few differences between Data Science and Business Analytics
  • Data Science is the integral application of several machine learning techniques and concepts to extract meaningful insights from raw data while Business analytics deals with the collection of data and interprets the collected data towards meeting the business goals.
  • Data Science focuses on problem solving whereas Business Analytics focuses on decision making.
  • Data Scientists aims to find the reason for driving those trends and Business Analysts aims to find the trends of the data
  • Data Science employs a lot of coding practices while Data Analytics does not require programming skills.
  • Data Science applies algorithms, statistics to derive insights from data
  • Business analytics employs the statistical analysis of structured data.
  • The ultimate agenda of Data Science is to pose questions and understand the analyse the collected data where as Business Analytics provides reliable solutions to the specific business problems
What is the difference between Data Science and Data Analytics?
Data Science and Data Analytics are the two terms that are unique but are often used interchangeably. Below are the differences between Data Science and Data Analytics.
  • Data Science is the integral application of several machine learning techniques and concepts to extract meaningful insights from raw data and Data Analytics refers to the analysis and identification of the patterns of the information gathered to derive the best conclusions that aids in meeting business goals.
  • Data science finds patterns in the existing data while Data Analytics is used to sort data to meet the organisational needs.
  • Data Science has a macro level scope. But, the scope of Data Analytics is micro.
  • The ultimate agenda of Data Science is to pose questions whereas Data Analytics aims to find the right and actionable data.
  • Data Science focuses on problem solving while Data Analytics focuses on decision making
  • Data Science predicts the future whereas Data Analytics day to day analysis on the data.
How To Learn Data Science?
Who should learn data science?
To master this exciting technology, all you need to have is a passion for pursuing it. Considering the demand of this technology, many youngsters and many existing working professionals are seeking a career in this technology. As many institutes are offering several courses in this domain, you could register yourself for the program that fits your specifications. You must be enthusiastic about learning the tools and techniques of Data Science. Being good at subjects like Mathematics, Statistics, Programming languages, Data Visualisation tools would be add ons to gain expertise in this domain.
What are the prerequisites to start a career in Data Science?
Math Skills
Mathematics plays a major role in learning the techniques of Data Science. Holding good mathematical expertise would make your learning journey easy.
Possessing statistical knowledge is another prerequisite of learning Data Science. Having a good knowledge base on Inferential statistics and descriptive statistics would be an add on.
Programming skills
Being good at programming languages such as R, Python, SQL and many more is essential to master Data Science.
Data Visualisation skills
Having a hands on experience with data visualisation tools like Tableau, Google Charts, Grafana, FusionCharts, Datawrapper will aid you in gaining expertise in Data Science technology.
How can I start learning data science and become a master in it?
Once you get familiar with the concepts and the application of the various tools and techniques of Data Science, you will be able to gain expertise. Constant learning and practice is the only way to master Data Science and become a successful data science professional.
How do I learn data science online?
There are many institutes offering Online Data Science Courses. If you are passionate about pursuing a Data Science Course Online, you could go ahead and register yourself for the best Data Science Course Online. These courses are designed for working professionals to master this technology without giving up their current profession. The classes of the online Data Science program will be held during the weekends and the candidates will be provided access to an online learning management system that houses all the requisite material for the candidates to learn. The curriculum of these programs will be designed in such a way that it causes minimal disruptions to your personal and professional lives.
Does data science need statistics?
Yes, Statistics is an integral aspect of data science and possessing a strong understanding of the various statistical concepts is considered as one of the major prerequisites of mastering the Data Science Course. Statistics play a major role in understanding the concepts of Machine Learning. Statistics makes it easy for you to understand the application of Data Science concepts in problem solving.
What are the best learning paths for data science?
Amongst all the universities, colleges, institutes that aid you in becoming a Data Scientist, one of the best learning paths to choose for mastering the technology of Data Science is to choose an established and trustworthy institute. Before you finalise the learning institute, learn about the attributes of the institute such as the faculty team, the alumni success stories, credibility, curriculum, lab sessions, mentorship, placement assistance and many more. If you are a working professional, it is better to take up an online course where you will not need to give up on your job as the online learning facilitates you to learn while you earn.
How can I become a Data Scientist?
Great Learning’s Data Science Courses
What are some of the best data science courses?
Why choose the PGP- Data Science and Business Analytics?
Why choose the PGP - Data Science and Engineering
Why choose the PG Program in Data Science and Analytics?
Why choose the M.Tech in Data Science and Machine Learning (Weekends and Weekends)?
Why choose the Business Analytics Certificate Program?
Why choose the Masters program in Data Science and Machine Learning?
Why choose the M.Tech in Data Science and Machine Learning - Ansal University?
Why Great Learning?
Why should I choose Great Learning to learn Data Science?
Great Learning has established its standard in the market and is praised for the outstanding quality of education it delivers. The online data science degree certificates of Great Learning have gained amazing interests for the credibility Great Learning has built over the years. The Data Science and Business Analytics Program offered by Great Learning in collaboration with McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin and Great Lakes Executive Learning has been ranked as the number 1 program in the country by AIM for 5 years in a row.
Who would be teaching these courses?
Learn Data Science from the best! The faculty of Great Learning are recognized as the top among many other learning institutions of the country. Each of the faculty members are alumni of the top institutes of the world such as Stanford University, IIT, IIM and many more, possessing great knowledge and experience in the domain of Data Science. Indeed, Great Learning's faculty has been recognised as one among the best of analytics and data science academicians. Dr. Abinandan Sarkar, the Academic Director at Great Learning for Data Science and Machine Learning Programs is recognised as one of the leading analytics and data science academicians in India for the year 2019 by Analytics magazine, India.
What is unique about the curriculum?
The exciting courses offered by Great Learning in this domain employs all the tools and techniques of data science. All the concepts of the course will be taught with real-world case studies that enable the candidates to gain hands on working experience in employing these tools such as R, Python, Tableau, Machine Learning, and many more. Besides being taught by the faculty, several industry experts of Data Science which help the candidates to gain various insights considering the industry perspective of Data Science. The corporate partners of this program include real world practitioners of Data Science, strongly involved in curriculum design, facilitating projects, industry lectures, and professional evaluation.
Do these programs offer flexibility to the students?
Learn while you earn!!
The online data science programs offer easy and flexible schedules coordinated with personalized mentorship that offers minimal disruptions to your personal and work lives. Classes will be conducted during the weekends making it simple and easy for the working professionals to learn data science without giving up on their existing careers.
Do these courses employ hands on learning?
Great Learning enables it’s candidates to gain comprehensive hands on exposure to the tools of Data Science and makes them job ready. The Capstone project of the Data Science courses by Great Learning are considered as the cornerstone of the overall learning of a candidate. The Capstone project is designed to exercise all the tools and techniques learnt in the classroom rigorously and gain expertise. Besides the Capstone project, candidates will also participate in multiple lab sessions. During the lab sessions, candidates will work on various real life scenarios and learn to employ Data Science tools and concepts. All the lab sessions and the capstone project will be organised under the constant guidance of the faculty members and industry experts.
How does mentorship at Great Learning works?
Great Learning has an amazing group of mentors. Each candidate will be assisted with a personal mentor who guides them throughout his learning journey. The mentors possess immense knowledge on the various concepts covered in the Data Science courses. All the doubts of the candidates will be clarified by the mentors. The mentors would also assist the candidates in preparing them for the interviews.
Does Great Learning offer Placement Assistance?
Does Great Learning assist to select the best suitable data science course?
Great Learning is recognised as one of the country's best platforms to pursue a training program in the domain of Data Science. Great Learning has designed a set of eight programs in Data Science which facilitates you to choose the one that fits your specifications. The curriculum of these programs are designed by well knowledged Data Science professionals. Each of these programs differs from one another with respect to the eligibility criteria, fee structure, course duration, and many more aspects. From fresh graduates to highly experienced working professionals, many are aspiring to pursue a career in this domain, hence each of these programs by Great Learning are designed for each specific set of people. To choose the best amongst these five courses, you could contact Great Learning as they assist you in establishing your career in the right path.