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  • Learn to apply concepts with 90+ cloud services and work with all relevant tools and platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud & DevOps.
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Work on 15+ use cases through labs & industry relevant projects across multiple cloud platforms and build an impressive portfolio.
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We are India's leaders in the cloud industry and preferred choice of technology professionals.
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More than 800 alumni of our cloud program have successfully transitioned to roles like solution architect, lead consultant, lead developer, etc.
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The Enthralling Interest for Cloud Computing Technology in Hyderabad

Technology is a constant evolution and we witness the technological upgrades in our lives on a daily basis.

One of the technologies that have gained an expeditious interest in recent times is Cloud Computing. We often get to hear these words as we often find many technological professionals discussing it.    

The demand for this technology is rising day by day. So, many IT professionals are excited to pursue Cloud Computing coaching in Hyderabad.

If you are one among the multitude of IT professionals aspiring a career transformation into this inspiring domain, here is a brief contour of Cloud Computing.


What is Cloud Computing?

For hosting any website a company requires a server as well as a wide range of hardware and software resources. In addition to these resources, a team of specific technical expertise are also required to monitor and manage the website.

Cloud Computing is the technique of accessing a network consisting of several remote servers provided on the internet that enables you to access, store, manage the data.Cloud Computing is a boom to the IT industry as it erases the risk of using a local server and many other resources to perform the desired operations.

The Cloud Computing service providers are the companies that render network services, business applications, infrastructure, etc. Examples of these service providers are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud Computing, and many more.


The Growing Demand for Cloud Computing Courses in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of the famous cities of the country that has it's the heart for Information Technology. Hyderabad is fondly called Cyberabad which means the Cybercity. Hyderabad has got enormous demand in the field of Cloud Computing. The Cloud Computing certification in Hyderabad fetches you with a lot of career opportunities. At present, there are around 4000+ job opportunities in the field of Cloud Computing. By taking this demand into consideration, many youngsters and even many working professionals are now at work to become a Cloud Computing professional and are seeking Cloud Computing institutes in Hyderabad that offer courses.

Cloud Computing offers the maximum flexibility to store the data on the internet from anywhere and access it from anywhere.


Payscale of Cloud Computing

The domain of Cloud Computing stands among the ones that offer the highest-paid job roles in the country. In fact, the pay scale offered in this domain is driving interest to pursue a Cloud Computing course in many youngsters today. A Cloud Architect makes around 12 - 30 lakh per annum in the country. The average pay scale of Cloud Computing professionals in India is estimated at 10 lakh per annum.


Job Roles of Cloud Computing

There are a wide range of job roles offered to the candidates that pursue a course in Cloud Computing. The demand for these job roles is high in Hyderabad. Hence the techies are seeking the best institute for Cloud Computing in Hyderabad to equip themselves for fitting into these job roles.

Let us look into a few job roles in Cloud Computing that are driving immense attraction in recent times.

1. Software engineer.

2. Software architect.

3. Development operations engineer.

4. Cloud engineer.

5. Java developer.

6. Cloud Architect.

7. Data Scientist.


Benefits of Cloud Computing

There is a wide range of advantages that this technology offers to various fields it has applied to. Many businesses are steadily adopting this technology considering these astounding benefits. As a matter of fact, these benefits are the reason for a leap in the demand for this technology.


Let us look into the top three benefits that the technology of Cloud Computing offers

1. Speed : Cloud offers a wide range of IT resources, servers, and many more for a company instantaneous. This reduces the time consumption and enhances the speed of performing the desired tasks. Cloud makes it easy for any organization to work and release the projects in no time. Hence, this is one of the major benefits that is driving fascination for Cloud Computing.


2. Cost Control : It is challenging for any small and medium scale businesses to invest in infrastructure for the data storage. Hence Cloud Computing would come to their aid as it facilitates them to access the storage space and various tools to perform necessary operations on the data to derive meaningful insights. In this way, Cloud Computing is highly preferred by many industries as it promotes cost reduction.


3. Security : Computing requires the process of moving data from devices like personal computers to cloud storage. That's when the question of security arises. Is it safe to move any kind of confidential data to the cloud server?

Cloud Computing is appreciated for the outstanding security it grants to any user. Cloud Computing uses virtualization that helps to keep the information confidential besides providing the user with access to all the needed tools and data.


Discover the best place to pursue the Cloud Computing course in Hyderabad

If you are enthusiastic to take up Cloud Computing training in Hyderabad, you must be in search of finding the best training institute. Well, amongst many institutes that organize Cloud Computing classes in Hyderabad, Great Learning tops the list.


Why Great Learning?

Here are the top five reasons that make Great Learning stand as the best choice to master this technology.


1. Curriculum

Great Learning has designed a comprehensive and industry-relevant program that thoroughly equips the candidates to transition into different Cloud Computing job roles. The curriculum of this program is perfectly designed to teach all the concepts that equip the candidates to hit the data world.


2. Faculty

The faculty team of Great Learning is deeply knowledgeable and highly skilled. Each of them are alumni of some of the prestigious institutes of the world. The faculty team of Great Learning is considered as it's assets due to the top quality of knowledge they deliver the candidates.


3.  Flexibility

Great Learning has designed this program to make it easy and flexible for working professionals to learn while they earn. These classes of this course are composed in a way that causes minimal disruptions to your personal and professional commitments. The classroom sessions occur during the weekends.


4. Hands-on Learning

When you take up the PG Cloud Computing certification course in Hyderabad by Great Learning, you will be five projects to apply and practice the techniques you have learned during the training. You will also be working on a capstone project that endures a duration of 12 weeks. The capstone project is considered as the cornerstone of your learning as this sharpens your skills and gains you ease in accessing the various tools and techniques of Cloud Computing.


5. Career Assistance

Great Learning is known for the unfathomable career support it offers to the candidates. The success stories of the candidates of Great Learning are inspiring. So Great Learning is the perfect choice if you are seeking a Cloud Computing institute in Hyderabad that provides you with the best placement opportunities in this domain. Great Learning has been associated with reputed companies such as Microsoft, Infosys, Oracle, Genpact, Dell, Deutsche Bank, Capgemini, RBS, and many more.


In addition to the above-mentioned attributes, Great Learning has many amazing facets to be referred to as the best place to render the Cloud Computing certification course in Hyderabad.