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  • Learn to apply concepts with 90+ cloud services and work with all relevant tools and platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud & DevOps.
  • Work on 15+ hands-on labs & industry-relevant projects.
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  • Get personalised mentoring and guidance from thought leaders with several years of industry experience.
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  • We are India's leaders in the cloud industry and preferred choice of technology professionals.
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Work on 15+ use cases through labs & industry relevant projects across multiple cloud platforms and build an impressive portfolio.
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We are India's leaders in the cloud industry and preferred choice of technology professionals.
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More than 800 alumni of our cloud program have successfully transitioned to roles like solution architect, lead consultant, lead developer, etc.
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India's First Mentorship-Driven Cloud Program

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The Trending Cloud Computing Courses In Chennai

The word Cloud Computing seems to attain a great demand in recent times as we see many aspiring careers in this domain. The ratio of people seeking to pursue a Cloud Computing course in Chennai has substantially increased. Considering various aspects like the demand, pay scale, growth, and many more aspects, there is a considerable increase in the number of people desiring a shift in their careers as well.

If you are one among the many that are in search of a potential  Cloud Computing training in Chennai, you must gain an overview of Cloud Computing.


To begin with, let us understand why we need Cloud Computing? What is Cloud Computing? What are its benefits?  What are the various job roles of Cloud Computing? What are the Payscale and the demand for Cloud Computing technology in the city of Chennai?


What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing can be defined as the potential of delivering the most in demand computing services over the internet. The  Cloud Computing tools and services will be charged for the time span they were used.


Let us understand the need for Cloud Computing

Consider an individual that has a plan of starting his own IT organization. In order to implement this, he will need a list of resources that help him set up the infrastructure to facilitate him to implement his ideas.

This is where  Cloud Computing serves him.


Let us look into the various aspects that make Cloud Computing the best choice.

1. Cloud provides you access to every tool you will need to implement your ideas. You will need to pay for what you use. This makes it easy and flexible for you to try several tools and pick the best one that fits your requirements. In the cloud, you will not need a server space while you will need a huge space and a lot of resources on-premise.


2. Besides all these, you will need to allocate a specific team of experts to deal with the hardware and software applications.  With the cloud, you will not require any experts to maintain the software and the hardware components. Cloud provides you with a console that assists you in maintaining the software and hardware tools.


3. When you want to set up your own infrastructure you will need to pay huge upfront and get things which don't assure you the best service. This also ends up adding an additional operating cost and hence making it extremely expensive. This acts as an obstacle when scaling is considered.


4. Security is one of the major concerns that any field would encounter. On-premises infrastructure guarantees you poor data security compared to the cloud. Cloud promotes enhanced data security with end to end encryption services.


5. The cost involved in promoting security is high and with the cloud, your data will be stored in a safe and centralized location to grant advanced security.


6. Data recovery is another aspect that needs to be considered to promote enhanced results. Due to the heavy costs involved, it is challenging to regulate data recovery on-premise. With the cloud, you will be able to access data recovery with minimal costs.


7. Flexibility stands as one of the major positive attributes that Cloud Computing offers. Having the traditional on-premise, it is highly difficult to restructure or make modifications, while the cloud facilitates immense flexibility to restructure anything at any time. This helps to regulate efficiency and enhance the quality of the outcomes. This makes the cloud user friendly as it allows the user to perform changes at any time. Cloud is extremely flexible to migrate the data, restructuring the IT, undo, or tear down the whole environment.


8. Automatic update is another attribute of Cloud Computing that makes it user friendly. The software updates on the cloud happen automatically on a regular basis which helps the organizations to acquire the best results.


9. Cost efficiency is one of the best attributes of  Cloud Computing as a lot more can be done on the cloud with a very minimal investment.


The Growing Demand For AWS Cloud Computing Training in Chennai

Chennai is the second-largest software exporter in the country and has got unbelievable demand for this technology. At present Chennai has around 1500+ job vacancies in this specific domain. This displays that there are a huge need and great scope for the candidates taking up the Cloud Computing classes in Chennai. Hence pursuing a Cloud Computing training in Chennai could be the best choice one can make to establish a time-honored career.


Payscale of Cloud Computing

The domain of Cloud Computing is noticed to offer one of the highest-paid career opportunities in the country. On average, a Cloud Computing professional in India makes around 10 lakh per annum. The pay scale varies from 12- 30 lakh considering various specifications such as experience, organization, and many more.


What are the various job roles offered to the candidates possessing a Cloud Computing certification in Chennai?

The domain of Cloud Computing offers some of the highest in-demand job roles. These job roles are also one of the attributes that are gaining enthusiasm for this technology.


Job Roles of Cloud Computing

1. Software engineer.

2. Software architect.

3. Development operations engineer.

4. Cloud engineer.

5. Java developer.

6. Cloud Architect.

7. Data Scientist.


Take Up The Best Cloud Computing Course in Chennai

If you are truly interested in pursuing a career in the domain of Cloud Computing, you must have started to seek the best institute for Cloud Computing in Chennai. Amongst many institutes in Chennai, Great Learning is the best of all.


Why Great Learning is to be considered as the Best of all Cloud Computing Institutes in Chennai


1. Great Learning has designed the best curriculum designed by the best practitioners and leaders of the Cloud Computing industry that facilitates it to offer the best Cloud Computing course in Chennai.


2. Great Learning has also got the best faculty members that possess immense knowledge and experience in this specific field. The faculty of Great


3. Great Learning has designed the schedule to fetch the most flexible Cloud Computing classes in Chennai that are organized during the weekends to help the working professionals learn while they earn.


4. Great Learning also offers each of its students the maximum hands-on learning exposure. The capstone projects are designed to employ all the tools and techniques the candidates have mastered during the course. Candidates will also be working on many live projects to gain maximum insights on Cloud Computing.


5. Great Learning also provides each of its students with a personalized mentor that assists them in each step of their learning journey. Mentors would help the candidates in mastering cloud technology by assisting the candidates in clarifying doubts, guiding them to pick the right placement opportunity, guiding them in their project work, and many more.


6. Great Learning has been associated with many of the top companies to provide the best placement opportunities to its students.

Hence, take up the prestigious Post Graduate  Program in Cloud Computing Training by Great Learning today and let your dreams come true.