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Why Join PGP - Cloud Computing?

Great Learning why
Become proficient with cloud

Learn to apply concepts and work with tools and platforms across use cases. Learn to think like an architect and eventually become one.

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Practice based learning

Solve 15+ use cases through labs, projects across multiple cloud platforms and build your project portfolio.

Great Learning number one
India's top ranked institute

Great Lakes has been the preferred choice of technology professional for over 13 years now.

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Learn from the best

Learn from experienced industry practitioners in the field of cloud computing.

PG Cloud Computing Course Learning Experience

PGP - Cloud Computing introduction by Nirmalya
Great Learning online formate
Online learning

Online learning enables you to pursue the course along with your professional commitments without disrupting your work.

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Design . Build . Deploy . Repeat

You will work on multiple labs and projects cutting across various cloud concepts and platforms.

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Weekly mentorship sessions

Weekly mentorship sessions ensure that learning is not monotonous. Regular interactions with industry experts and peers leads to an enriched learning experience.

Great Learning capstone project
Capstone Project

Work on a comprehensive 12 week project with your peers and implement the entire project lifecycle, from inception to deployment including architecture, cloud financials, vendor comparison.

Become a Cloud Architect

Online Content | Weekly Mentorship

Program Structure

A 6-month structured Cloud Computing online course with weekend mentorship sessions to help you become proficient in working with a range of cloud environments, including AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure

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Online content

Become proficient in multiple cloud platforms like AWS and Microsoft Azure with 100+ hours of instructional content and 300+ hours of overall learning

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Hands-on projects

You'll build a professional portfolio of 5 projects including a specialized 12 week capstone project

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Weekend mentoring sessions

Personalised mentorship from cloud architects working in leading companies

How does Mentorship Work?

Great Learning online session
Participants attend weekly live mentorship sessions

Participants attend a live session each weekend to clarify their conceptual doubts, ask questions and discuss use cases with an industry practitioner.

Great Learning mentors inspire
Mentors inspire and guide participants at each step

Participants can reach out to mentors for queries, career discussions and get capstone project guidance during the course.

Great Lakes Certificate & ePortfolio

Earn a Great Lakes certificate and create an ePortfolio to showcase your learning & projects in a snapshot. Your certificate and ePortfolio can also be shared on social media channels to establish your credibility in Cloud Computing.

Great Learning Cloud Computing Certificate
Great Learnig Cloud Computing academic ePortfolio

Developer Track Certificate

An additional certificate is available for participants with a programming background. Need to complete the additional requirements listed below to be eligible to receive this certificate.

  • done Developing on cloud
  • done Infrastructure as Code
  • done Become proficient with AWS and Azure or Google Cloud
  • done Individual project (using either Python, Java or .NET)
Great Learning Developer Track Certifiacte


IT professionals not already working with cloud technologies will gain a solid foundation while those with some cloud experience will gain a more structured and hands-on understanding of cloud technologies, including issues such as migration, deployment, integration, platform choice, architecture, and TCO

  • Introduction to Virtualization (VM’s and Containers)
  • Service Delivery & Deployment Models
  • Cloud Attributes and Services Taxonomy
  • Introduction to Infrastructure Automation
  • Key Aspects of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
  • Docker
  • Elastic Container Service (ECS)
  • Expectations and Characteristics
  • Failures, Modelling challenges, Load balancing
  • The 12-factor app
  • Architecture and Design Patterns
  • Anti Patterns
  • Event Driven Architecture
  • Security Enforcement
  • Migrating a monolith
  • Concepts of NoSQL
  • NoSQL Databases (Cassandra and DynamoDB)
  • Partitioner, Replication, Snitch
  • Query Driven Design and Distributed Development
  • Amazon EMR, Hadoop and Hive
  • AWS Organizations
  • Security services (Trusted Advisor, Data encryption, Amazon Inspector, AWS Config, Guard Duty, Macie)
  • Identity and Access Control
  • Application user management (AWS Cognito)
  • Cost Explorer
  • Cloud Migration Strategies
  • Migration Maturity Index
  • API based integration
  • Workload Analysis
  • A group project that allows you to apply your learning to real industry use cases and add it to your portfolio for potential employers to see as a tangible body of work
AWS Specialization
Participants who complete the AWS specialization will get
  • done Additional Online Badges from AWS Educate, upon successful completion of the learning pathways
  • done Access to AWS Educate Job Board for relevant Job Opportunities around the world
learning partner AWS educate
  • Compute, Load Balancing, Autoscaling
  • Storage, Replication and Life Cycle Management
  • AWS Organization and Identity
  • Networking and Data migration
  • Databases (RDS, DynamoDB)
  • Web Application Firewall
  • SNS, SQS, Cloudwatch
  • Athena, Quicksight and Kinesis
  • Serverless (Lambda)
  • AWS Storage Gateway
  • Deployment Pipeline (AWS Code Commit, AWS Code Build, AWS Code Deploy, AWS Code Pipeline)
  • Cloud Formation
  • DevOps toolchain
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Infrastructure as a code (Terraform)
  • Automation tools (Ansible, Vagrant, Jenkins)
  • Data Architecture and Serverless approach
  • Setting up a cloud based development environment
  • Data streaming and data analytics on cloud
  • Setting up Kinesis data stream
  • Platform as a service - Elastic Beanstalk
  • Networking
  • Managed Services Overview
  • Security
  • Architecture & DevOps
  • Platforms
  • Data & Databases
  • Web, Mobile & Gaming
Specialisation in Microsoft Azure with an option to learn Google Cloud as well
  • Compute (Resource Groups, App service plan, Web API app, Azure VMs)
  • Storage (Blob Storage, Azure tables, Storage queue)
  • Database and Caching ( Azure redis, Azure SQL, Cosmos DB,SQL Data warehouse)
  • Managed services in Azure (Service bus, cognitive services, logic apps, serverless computing, Service fabric)
  • Monitoring and Logging (Azure Monitor, Event hub, Log analytics, Key vault)
  • Azure IOT and IOT hub
  • Regions, Resources and Services Overview
  • Google Compute Engine, Instance Groups, Load Balancing and Autoscaling
  • Storage and Networking
  • GCloud and Cloud SDK
  • Google App Engine
  • Google Kubernetes Engine

Learning Outcomes

  • done You will understand the absolute basics of cloud computing.
  • done You will be able to design, build and deploy cloud based solutions.
  • done Become proficient with AWS and Azure or Google Cloud.
  • done Strong understanding of Containers and Microservices to architect applications.
  • done Learn both the fundamental aspects of Big Data - Infrastructure & Analytics.
  • done Become conversant with DevOps on Cloud.Truly understand the power of cloud by working on multiple managed services.
Great Learning - Program learning outcomes

Faculty & Mentors

Learn from several experienced industry practitioners from leading organizations

Meet the class: PGP-CC

The PGP-CC batch has an eclectic and diverse mix of working professionals from leading organizations maintaining an excellent diversity across industries, work experience and job roles. Here is a snapshot of what our batch looks like:

Work Experience

Learning course batch work experience distribution


Learning batch industry distribution

Educational Qualification

Learning batch educational qualification distribution

Alumni Success Stories

Our Alumni Work for Amazing Companies

The participants this course have been associated with leading Indian and global organizations

Admission Details


Applicants should have a minimum of 3+ years of experience in IT & technology role with exposure to one or more of these skill sets

  • done Systems Administration
  • done Network Engineering
  • done Database Administration
  • done ITSM
  • done Infrastructure Engineering
  • done Software Development
  • done Testing/QA
  • done Maintenance & Tech Support
Grear Learning admission and selection process

Selection Process

Step 1

Fill an application form

Step 2

Screening call

Applicants meeting the eligibility criteria receive a screening call from the Admission Director's office.

Step 3

Application review

Admission Director reviews the screening call discussion and applicant’s profile.

Step 4

Admission offer release

The announcement of results, followed by the release of admission offer letter.

Fee Details

Great Learning rupee icon 1,25,000 + GST

Fee Includes

Great Learning tution fee

Tuition Fee

Great Learning material

Learning Material

Great Learning lab access



Candidates can pay the course fee through

Net Banking
Credit/Debit Cards
Cheque, DD

Financial Aid

Pay in 12 EMIs at 0% interest Rate with ZestMoney.
Start learning at Rs. 9833/month! Reach out to admission’s office at +91 92056 80226 for more details.

Great Learning education loan financial partners by Zestmoney

Upcoming Application Deadline

17th Oct 2019

We follow a rolling admission process and admissions are closed once the requisite number of participants enroll for the upcoming batch. So, we encourage you to apply early and secure your seat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Great Lakes' Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing is a 6-month course offered online with live mentored sessions on weekends.
Candidates should have at least 3+ years of experience in IT & technology role which would include exposure to development, testing/quality assurance, maintenance, database administration and technology infrastructure management.
You should have an understanding of IT Services Management. It is essential to know the basic concepts related to operating systems, like Windows, Linux. Also, prior exposure to public or private cloud environments, or infrastructure and network management is a plus.
You should essentially belong to a technical background to get the best value from this course.
There are several benefits to students, after they are approved, they are provisioned AWS Promotional Credits for free access to AWS tools and services. They receive specialized content & hands-on activities designed to get students comfortable with the basics of cloud computing and other in demand skills such as Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, software development and nine additional Cloud Career Pathways, each with 30+ hours of learning content, along with the ability to earn AWS badges for different competencies such as IoT, Alexa, and gaming. AWS Educate starter accounts allow students to enroll without a credit card and still use AWS Services. In addition, there is the AWS Educate Job Board with cloud-related jobs from top tech partner companies and Amazon.
At the end of the course, you will
  • Be able to oversee a company's cloud adoption plans, cloud application design, and cloud architecture.
  • Be able to design and implement enterprise infrastructure and platforms required for cloud computing.
  • Be able to analyze system requirements and ensures that systems will be securely integrated with current applications.
  • Develop the ability to architect a cloud environment and make sound component choices
  • Become comfortable working with virtual machines (VM) and the nuances of the most popular tools used
  • Build the ability to use NIST Cloud Reference Architectures to solve a variety of problems faced as a cloud professional
  • Understand trade-offs, cost implications and choose the right cloud services for you
  • Understand Containers and learn how to work efficiently with Dockers
  • Use your knowledge of cloud services to suggest and implement cloud-based solutions to your clients and technology teams
  • Build your professional toolkit to become effective DevOps professional
No. The PG Cloud Computing Course trains you for the AWS certification, but you'll have to get the certification separately. You will be trained to clear AWS Certified with AWS Solutions Architect - Associate Certification and build a strong foundation for other AWS certifications for SysOps and Developer.
The faculty members teaching in the PG Cloud Computing Course are industry experts and leaders in their respective areas of expertise and have decades of professional experience and wisdom. Renowned experts from academia also participate.
The Cloud Computing Course includes various real-time projects and a detailed capstone project. You will analyze a real-world problem using a range of tools & techniques that you have learned in live classes. The duration of the capstone project is 2 months.
The virtual lab exposes you to the appropriate technology – a real-life environment, not a simulation. For instance, in the phases of the Cloud Computing course where you're working on AWS, you will have access to AWS and when you’re working on Azure, you will have access to the Azure platform. You will have defined lab timings that give you plenty of time to work on the lab. Each week's lab environment and appropriate configurations have to be set up to suit the scenario, so it is not 'always on'.
All the requisite learning material is provided online through the Learning Management System. Candidates are free to purchase any reference books or material as may be recommended by the faculty.
No. The content is not downloadable. However, we believe that learning should be continuous and hence, all the learning material in terms of lectures and reading content would be available to you on the LMS even after the completion of the course.
The PG Cloud Computing Course is a holistic and rigorous program and follows a continuous evaluation scheme for your hands-on work. While you receive feedback on your lab submissions, your performance in projects will be graded.
You are provided career support through resume workshops and interview preparation sessions for cloud computing job roles. Relevant career opportunities with leading companies are also shared with you.
Yes. You can pay the course fee in 2-3 easy instalments. If you make a one-time full payment you would be entitled to a discount. Please check with admissions office for more details.
  • All interested candidates are required to apply to the course by filling up an Online Application Form.
  • Applicants meeting the eligibility criteria receive a screening call from the Admission Director's office
  • Admission Director reviews the screening call discussion and the applicant’s profile.
  • The announcement of results, followed by the release of admission offer letter.
Live mentored are interactive Q&A sessions conducted on weekends for students to clarify their doubts with faculty and connect with other students for knowledge sharing. You can re-attend the missed session in the form of recorded video.
All virtual sessions are conducted through Zoom, an online collaboration platform. During mentor session, using chat feature, you can ask questions directly to faculty members, share messages and useful links with your classmates as well.
The course is designed to engage participants every week. All participants are required to learn from videos and to attend live mentor sessions every weekend. However, attending lab support hours are optional and you can attend it only in case you need clarify your doubts regarding the lab exercise.
All projects are mandatory evaluation components. If you miss a project, you need to re-enrol into the same course and repeat the project.

The Eminent Cloud Computing Course

Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing technologies in recent times. The cloud courses have rapidly attained demand. Many technical professionals and freshers are seeking to take up amazon web services course as it has attained a great demand these days. Learn more about cloud computing as it comprises AWS training. If you too belong to the same section of people who are seeking for a cloud computing course to encounter a career transition, you will first need to know more about cloud computing.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is basically the method of applying a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a private processor. In order to host any website, we need to buy a stack of servers which are expensive. Once you purchase the servers, the monitoring and maintenance of these servers is altogether a huge task. Even as we generate data every time we access the internet, any website would need some space to store the generated data. The amount of data that is being generated is exceeding day by day.

There are many limitations that let the need for cloud computing arose.

What are the reasons that generated the need for cloud computing

  • The servers required to host any website are extremely expensive.
  • Troubleshooting is always a risk in any business.
  • Traffic on any website isn't constant and it fluctuates very often. Upscaling is an issue.
  • Maintenance and monitoring the servers.
  • The generation of data highly demands a storage space.

All the above mentioned causes and many more contributed to the existence of cloud computing which has attained a great demand within a very short span.

A cloud is a place where we store the data centers which are nothing but the storage spaces of data. In simple terms, a cloud is nothing but a space that is available online for the usage of your website. Cloud gives you complete control to maintain and monitor these networks and use the required resources in order to store and manage the data. The service riders of cloud would provide you all types of services such as taking care of security issues, infrastructure related issues, etc which enables you to completely focus on your business without worrying about these issues. Cloud computing contributes several services like monitoring, maintenance of the website, providing enough space to store the data generated.

Job roles of Cloud computing

Even as you take up this crazy course, you will have many job roles to opt for.

The following are the various job roles that a cloud computing certification course offers

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud Developer
  • Cloud Administrator
  • Cloud Software Developer
  • Cloud Computing Specialist
  • Cloud Security Engineer

The Scope For Cloud Computing Course

The demand for cloud computing is huge and the current market is offering amazing packages for cloud engineers. The average salary of a cloud computing engineer in India is estimated as 7 lakh per annum. Many companies and industries are in need of cloud computing experts and there are a lot of openings to work on cloud computing.

There are many cloud computing institutes evolving these days, if you are looking for the best place that offers the best cloud computing courses, you will need to know about Great Learning.

Choose the Cloud Computing course by Great Learning

The cloud computing course by Great Learning teaches you to efficiently apply the various concepts of cloud computing and work with the tools and techniques on various platforms. The cloud computing course syllabus is designed in such a way that anybody who is a complete stranger to this platform can clearly understand every single module of it and gain complete knowledge. If you are seeking for cloud computing courses for beginners, Great Learning stands as the best choice as it delivers the best cloud computing course.


The faculty of Great Learning is highly talented and greatly experienced. When you take up the cloud computing course from Great Learning, you will be taught by the highly expertised professionals which let you master all the techniques involved in cloud computing.

Gain practical experience with hands on learning

You will be allotted 15+ use cases to apply the various concepts of cloud computing and gain practical understanding.

Get certified from the country's number 1 institute

Over the past 13 years, Great Learning and Great Lakes have been ranked as the number one platform that lets you pursue professional courses.

Learn from the industry best practitioners

You will be taught by the deeply experienced industry experts that practice cloud computing in their fields and gain valuable practical insights of various applications of cloud computing. The cloud training course by Great Learning will give you complete command over all the concepts of cloud computing.

Flexible Online Learning

If you are planning to take up cloud computing training or aws course online, Great learning facilitates the ultimate flexibility to master cloud computing by choosing online learning. This causes minimal disruption to your personal or professional life.

Weekly Mentorship Sessions

Your learning will be constantly applied in the lab sessions and your work will be assessed on a weekly basis with the highly skilled experts. You will also have constant interactions with the industry practitioners, mentors of cloud computing throughout the cloud computing training program.

Capstone Projects

The capstone project of 12 weeks' duration is composed in such a way that it lets you apply every aspect of your learning. You will be working on a project that starts from the inception phase and ends with deployment which employs all the concepts of cloud computing such as architecture, cloud financials, vendor comparison, etc. This sets you up to face the practical cloud computing world.

Online Content

You will be accessible to the 100+ hours of instructional content and 300+ hours of overall learning of cloud computing which makes you a master of multiple cloud platforms like AWS and Microsoft Azure.


You will be allotted 5 projects besides the specialized capstone project of 12 week duration. Build a strong portfolio including all these projects.

Great Lakes Certification

This cloud computing certification courses online will provide you with the renowned Great lakes certificate which boosts up your portfolio. The e-portfolio created including all the projects will be showcased in all the social media platforms which sets you up for an astounding career launch.

Career Assistance

Great Learning being recognized as one of the best platforms to take up the cloud computing course, has also got many placement partners who are renowned in the IT world. The list of these partners include Microsoft, Oracle, Tata Consultancy Services, Dell, Vodafone, RBS, Fidelity, Nokia, Adobe, Ericsson, Infosys, Genpact and many more. You can take part in the regular recruitment drives conducted by Great Learning in which many companies including the above mentioned participate.

You can now enrol yourself to join the next batch of the prestigious cloud certification course by Great Learning. If you have any queries regarding the cloud computing courses fees, program structure or any other, you can reach out to us at any time, we would be glad to assist you.

All these attributes constitute to deliver the best cloud computing course for Great Learning. Apply now