With Great Learning, learners are empowered and guided towards developing their career objectives, which get translated into learning and competency goals and then into a study plan to meet these objectives.

Choice to suit Unique Needs

As professionals progress in their careers, from executives to functional managers, from functional managers to general managers and from general managers to business leaders, the learning requirements are different at each stage. Further, each professional has his/her own unique requirements at different stages of their careers based on their strengths and weaknesses. Great Learning recognizes these unique requirements and offers professionals the choice they need to tailor their learning to their needs.

How is it different from Traditional MBA programs?

Traditional MBA programs encompass all aspects of business into the program without acknowledging the fact that some areas are more relevant than others given the stage of career of the participants. For instance, professionals near the beginning of their careers care more about developing concrete functional skills and knowledge such as digital marketing, B2B sales or product management than general leadership or organizational transformations. Whereas professionals with over 10 years of experience care more about leadership, team management, organization development and new product development, etc.

In recognition of this, Great Learning offers the ability for professionals to assess their unique requirements, set learning objectives and empowers them achieve these objectives.

With the complexity and dynamism inherent in business today, business models and practices are continuously changing. We believe that the only way that professionals can keep up with this dynamism in business is through continuous and life-long learning. Great Learning aspires to be the enabler and partner for professionals in their continuous learning. Over the past 20 years, business models and practices have been completed reshaped by major forces such as


The market for most goods and services today is global. Similarly, input factors such as raw materials, components, technology and human talent can be sourced globally


Digital technologies and Internet-enabled business processes have become critical success factors and are continuing to disrupt every business function be it marketing, operations, supply chains, sales, customer management, finance and HR


Mobile Internet devices have overtaken computers as the primary means of connectivity. This has brought anywhere anytime data into the hands of users enabling business scenarios never before possible

Big Data and Analytics

The proliferation of technology has meant that more data is now being captured at every stage of business than it ever has, which in turn is enabling data-driven decision making. This is fundamentally altering how decisions are being taken and providing unfair advantages to organizations adopting data-driven decision making

In the coming years, newer paradigms such as Wearable Computing, 3D printing for manufacturing, Internet of Things, machine learning and Self-learning systems will become a reality and change how business is done.

To keep abreast, professionals will have to keep learning throughout their career. Great Learning will help them do so by regularly adding relevant and impactful learning modules that will enable them develop the competencies they need.

Great Learning offers a wide variety of learning modules designed to help professionals develop the competencies they need. It will continually add new programs and course modules to its collection of offerings to cater to the diverse learning needs of our diverse set of business professionals.

With this approach, Great Learning enables On-demand Learning, wherein learners have the ability to identify competency gaps at different stages of their careers and learn what they need, when they need it.

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