Mr. Deepak Shukla

Product Manager - Digital Customer Experience

Nissan Motor Corporation


Deepak is the Program Lead for Cloud & New Products at Great Learning. On the technology side, as a cloud specialist working across platforms such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, OpenStack and Containers, he’s a strong proponent of John McCarthy’s vision of utility computing (think “cloud”).

When he is not working on cloud, Deepak is a product guy. As part of the new products team at Great Learning, he works on exploring, designing, prototyping, building and operationalizing impactful education products.

In the past, Deepak has worked with TCS as a Software Developer and Infosys Labs (Security & Privacy Group) as an InStep Research Intern. An alumnus of The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology and a TEDxChange Scholarship awardee by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he has also lectured computer science graduates at a Laureate International Universities member institution UTM.

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