Vikas Kumar

“Vikas, an alumnus of our Business Analytics program admires Dr. P.K. Viswanathan (Program Director – Chennai) for his extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and sense of humour. Currently, working as an Assistant Manager (Financial services Analytics) in Genpact, Vikas believes that we are yet to see the full impact of Big data usage in Business Decision making. Our team interacted with him to know more about his experience in the program and his suggestions for aspiring analytics professionals.”

Q1. What made you opt for this Analytics program?

I was already working in data warehousing and Business Intelligence (DWBI) vertical at one of Tech Mahindra’s client location. Every day, I saw how data was used by the business to drive growth, give better services to customers and get ahead of the curve in general. I was inclined to equip myself with the power of Data analysis to help Businesses make rational and informed decisions. Great Learning Business Analytics Program had the right curriculum, ample industry interaction, working-professional friendly workload and relatively reasonable fee structure which prompted me to take it up.

Q2. How did Industry exposure during the course assist you evolve in analytics?

I was able to get the inside knowledge of the industry. What modern techniques were being used and in which industry, what tools were to be used and in what scenarios and a peek into the ongoing trends in the analytics industry. We had some hands-on case studies and Domain- specific sessions by industry based instructors, which enabled us to get our hands dirty with real analytics problems. This built a confidence in us to learn more and evolve our analytics knowledge.

Q3. Any pearls of wisdom for aspiring data analysts/business analysts?

Get your statistical concepts right.

Gain extensive knowledge about the domain of your choice, which will augment your statistical knowledge and help you get better insights during the course of time.

Be ready to think radically. An off-beat insight , supported by a sound reasoning and analytical thought process can be a game changer for you and your company.

Q4. You have seen analytics evolve over the years? Any Insights?

I think we are yet to see the full impact of Big data usage in Business Analysis. Increasingly it is becoming evident that Analytics is becoming the core of any kind of business decision. Data is knowledge, and knowledge is advantage for any business. With Analytics industry inching towards machine learning paradigm, we are bound to see many path breaking changes in the way businesses operate.

Q5. TOP 3 takeaways from the program?

  • Industry Interaction and opportunities to interact with businesses and pitch for jobs.
  • Peer interaction A lot of experiences to share
  • Career Support and Enhancement

Q6.Which faculty has inspired you the most and why?

As a student in the program, I had the good fortune to be taught by and interact with several high quality faculty and industry guests. As a personal choice, I enjoyed interacting with Dr. P.K.Viswanathan the most and I would attribute this to his extensive knowledge, enthusiasm to teach students with patience, and not to forget, his sense of humour.

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