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Why upskill your workforce?

Empowering your employees to reach the next level of growth

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Leveraging technology for business growth

Technology can be disruptive, but not if you are ready for it. Skilled employees can help you achieve your business goals.

Bridging the demand-supply gap

It’s less expensive to re-train employees rather than hiring new ones. Your current employees will also have a relatively shorter learning curve.

Grow and nurture your in-house talent

Optimize your hiring process by developing your existing talent, rather than spending months looking for the right skills and culture fit.

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Why choose GL Academy?

Curriculum developed by industry experts

Learning content developed by experienced industry practitioners with a focus on imparting job-relevant skills


Rigorous training methodology

Assignments, quizzes, projects that reinforce learning by working on real-world case studies and industry problems.

Industry-specific solutions

Diverse portfolio of programs tailor-made for leveraging digital tools and data to deliver business outcomes


Visibility into employee learning progress

Monitor the learning progress of your entire workforce, all from one place.

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The Authentic Impact of Corporate Training Programs

Learning is a continuous process which helps us to improve ourselves to become better than yesterday. In this competitive world, it is mandatory to learn new things and update ourselves with the latest technologies. Especially in the field of Information Technology, learning plays a major role as technology upgrades itself on a daily basis.

Hence many companies are introducing employee training programs to keep their employees updated with the technological updates to get the best out of them, called corporate IT training programs. job seekers prefer companies with the regular training programs as they have better scope to improve their skills compared to companies without such programs.

The need for employee training and development programs

These programs help the employees to be effective and more productive in performing their roles and responsibilities associated with their job position.

Below are a few of the many benefits that the corporate employee skill development programs offer to an organisation

  1. These programs help your employees to cope with the technological upgrades and adapt to new methods.
  2. These programs boost the skills of your employees and motivate them to perform better which results in increased efficiency.
  3. Learning new skills and upgrading themselves with new technologies results in higher job satisfaction and also helps them formulate innovative strategies that take the company to the next level.
  4. Organising corporate training courses facilitates the employees to develop their talents and increase their abilities that improve their job performance or productivity.
  5. These training programs also facilitate the organisation to analyze the efficiency of the employees to take up greater responsibilities and facilitates to acknowledge their skills and achievements.
  6. Training programs encourage your employees to take up more responsibilities and ownership to be a bigger asset to your organisation.
  7. These programs also aid the organisations to diminish the existing gap between talent demand and supply.
  8. Organisations do not need to hire new employees to work on new technologies. Promoting from within also leads to higher employee loyalty to the company.

As most companies are choosing corporate training for employees to upskill the talents of their employees and stay ahead of the competition, there is a significant rise in the number of corporate training companies in the country. But, it is crucial to choose the best institute to train your employees. If you are seeking for the best corporate training institute, there is no better choice than Great Learning.

Why Great Learning?

Great Learning is one of the leading learning platforms in the nation. It has been recognized as the country's best institute to offer several career building programs in the fields of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Business Analytics, Deep Learning, Design Thinking, Digital Marketing, Data Science Engineering, Cloud Computing and many more.
There are a few attributes of Great Learning that makes it stand out as the best of all.

Industry Relevant Programs

Since there exists a great difference between the knowledge offered by the educational institutes and the knowledge and skills desired by the IT companies, Great Learning offers programs that are highly relevant to the industry and also needed by potential organisations. These programs aid you to learn to work with a wide range of technological tools that the industry is looking for. Hence, these programs are opted by most of the companies to help their employees encounter a career shift. These programs also stands as a perfect choice if you are seeking for the best programs in lieu of fresher training sessions.

Quality of Education

With the growing demand for the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Business Analytics, etc many institutions have been sprouting up claiming to provide training for the candidates. However, not all institutions promise to deliver a good quality of the course. at Great Learning, we've designed the curriculum to cover all modules in the course. The academic modules of Great Learning are designed by industry experts to cover all the important topics followed by rigorous learning methods. These modules would be shared by the academic experts as well as industry practitioners to train the employees and provide optimal insights.


We recommend choosing faculty that are leading academicians in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, etc and several experienced industry practitioners from top organisations. Candidates should always prefer quality of education delivery when it comes to learning. Being tutored by veterans that graduated from Top institutions like IITs, Stanford, UT Austin, Harvard speaks of the quality of deliverance of subject expertise.


Great Learning has been consistent in delivering high quality education over the past years and never failed to deliver the best of any other institutes in the country. Most of the courses including business analytics, data science, etc offered by Great Learning are consistently being ranked as India's number one for the past few years. In fact, many recruiters consider Great Learning's certification as one of the top most and highly reliable in choosing the candidates.

Hands on working

These programs also employ events to enhance the training by conducting quizzes, assignments, case studies on real world problems, projects, etc to engage the students to work on the tools and techniques they have mastered during the program and promote hands on working experience. This helps improve confidence in your employees to work and implement the strategies formulated.

Let us look into a few of the corporate courses that Great Learning offers:

  1. Business Analytics and Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence for any business acts as a key to study and understand their business insights that help you to strategise plans to enhance business growth. The tools and techniques mastered by your employees will help increase the operational efficiency and let you witness an uplift of the organisation's revenue. The techniques of Business Analytics and Business Intelligence have positive impacts on the operations of the organisation as they help you discover sales trends and also engender a greater understanding of the customer's behavior.

  2. Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence, the modern day buzzword has gained tremendous demand than any other technology in recent times which is chosen by many companies to offer a perfect employee skill development program. Many organisations are adopting this technology which is provoking others to embrace it to withstand the competition. The field of artificial intelligence deals with designing machines that act and think as humans do. Artificial Intelligence is now assisting humans in many ways. A few of the many benefits that artificial intelligence offers is error control, data mining, accurate outcome predictions, providing effective conclusions and many more. Artificial Intelligence benefits any business in improving efficiency and reducing errors. Hence many industries these days are widely embracing this technology for the outstanding benefits it offers.

  3. Machine Learning

    Machine learning is sought after by organisations to gain business which is motivating many companies to choose employee training programs in ML. Machine Learning techniques have been practiced by many industries and sectors irrespective of the domain. The algorithms of machine learning have been noticed to gain a great impact in the field of business analytics. Training your employees on this exciting platform would gain your organisation a wider range of benefits. Machine learning facilitates easy spam detection and regulates effective error control. Machine Learning efficiently forecasts the most accurate outcomes that help you strategise more efficiently for the future.

  4. Cloud Computing.

    Cloud computing has now become one of the most essential technology for any organisation as it grants high flexibility and cost-effectiveness besides many other benefits. Cloud computing is one of the most popular corporate IT training programs. Providing your employees with an online corporate training program in cloud computing will empower your organisation with employees that promotes cost cutting and improve the return on investment rates.

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