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Python is an easy to learn, powerful programming language. You can use Python when your data analysis tasks need to be integrated with web apps or if statistics code needs to be incorporated into a production database.

Being a full-fledged programming language, Python is a great tool to implement algorithms for production use. There are several Python packages for basic data analysis and machine learning. In this course, you will learn about two popular packages in Python: NumPy and Pandas. These are the essential foundational packages that are required for basic data manipulation.

Skills covered

  • Python Basics
  • NumPy
  • Pandas

Course Syllabus

Python Basics

  • Introduction to Python
  • Basic Installation of Python
  • Keyboard shortcuts and installing packages
  • Introduction to NumPy and its functions
  • How to select group of objects from a particular array
  • Indexing a matrix
  • Selection techniques
  • Input output options and saving files
  • Pandas and its functions
  • NumPy vs Pandas package
  • Functionalities using Pandas
  • Pandas dataframes and indexing
  • Indexing in depth
  • Deal missing data and group-by options
  • Merging similar to SQL logic
  • Basic operations in Pandas


Exploratory Data Analysis on Pima Indian Tribe

Some years ago a research is done on a tribe called Pima Indian. In this tribe, the ladies are prone to diabetes at a very early stage.So the objective of this project is to build a model based on the parameters given in the dataset and predict whether the person is likely to be diabetic or non diabetic.

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