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How to master python for data science



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Great Learning brings you this live session on 'How to master python for data science'. In this session, Navin will cover the python libraries which are essential for data science. He will be working with NumPy to implement numerical computation, pandas for data manipulation and matplotlib for visualization. This will be a comprehensive hands-on session where you will learn how to implement all these important libraries for data science.

About the Speaker

Mr. Navin Reddy

Mr. Navin Reddy

CEO, Telusko EduTech


Navin Reddy is the Founder and CEO of Telusko EduTech Pvt Ltd. He is a Programmer, Corporate Trainer, Youtuber, TEDx Speaker, International Speaker. He also has a YouTube Channel with 1M Subscribers and 1B+ Views. His technical skills include Java, Python, Scala, Kotlin, Spring, Hibernate, Git, Python, Django, AWS, Agile, Blockchain, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda. He has also trained clients such as JP Morgan Chase, Accenture, Polaris, L & T infotech, QualityKiosk.
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