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CSS takes care of how your web-page should look. You will gain an understanding of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) which is a language used to describe how to visually present a page that you have written in HTML. You will learn various CSS properties and attributes used to add various visual elements to a page. You can control color of text, font style, images, layout styles, screen sizes, position of various elements on a web-page and much more using CSS.

Skills covered

  • check CSS
  • check Front end development

Course Syllabus

Front End Development - CSS

  • play CSS styling(Inline
  • play Internal and External)
  • play CSS properties and attributes
  • play CSS selectors
  • play Pseudo-classes
  • play Structural pseudoclasses
  • play Inheritance in CSS
  • play Cascade with embedded styling
  • play Box model
  • play Insertion of background Image
  • play Font styling
  • play Padding
  • play border
  • play margin

Course Certificate

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