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Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Learn widely-used tools such as Google Adwords, Analytics, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Marketing and more.
  • Apply your learning to real life projects to build real-world skills
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Dedicated Career
  • Access to Offline and Online Hiring Evenets, Job platform, Skill Assessment test
  • Get one on one career guidance and resume workshops to crack interview and become job-ready
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Live Online
  • Participate in live online sessions to discuss and solve real world marketing case studies.
  • Get live mentorship from experts working with leading organisations to shape and plan your career.
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Working Professional
Work on widely used digital marketing tools through comprehensive curriculum
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Get dedicated career services to become job ready
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Work on 12+ industry relevant projects across multiple digital marketing platforms
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The Prestigious Strategic Digital Marketing Course by Great Learning

Digital marketing has become a buzz word in recent times and has gained a lot of attention. Many freshers are planning to start up a career in digital marketing and many industrialists are also seeking for a perfect digital marketing course to boost up their market. Digital marketing has become one of the highly desired fields to work with. If you are someone who is thinking of taking up a digital marketing course for a career launch or a career transition, it is a necessity for you to know more about digital marketing.

Technology drives us. A study says that the present generation spends almost 11 hours a day on the internet and electronic devices. We start and end our day with the internet. Internet and electronic devices play a major role in our day to day life. Digital Marketing is basically the concept of marketing any business on the internet.

Digital Marketing is one of the most sought careers these days. With the advancement in technology and exponential growth in the number of people accessing the internet has made digital marketing a viable and promising option for businesses. Considering the prominence of digital marketing has acquired, more businesses are moving towards conventional marketing methods to digital marketing. Businesses are in dire need of finding appropriate talent who can promote the products on online platforms. Digital marketing is not restricted to the IT domain, but it has become a need for every industry. Digital marketing is observed to offer a few astounding benefits to the domains it is being applied. A few of these benefits include global reach, cost reduction, better analysis of competitors, improved conversion rate, acquire real-time results, and much more. 

Hence, it has become a lucrative field with more opportunities and decent pay.  The job roles offered in digital marketing are recognized as one of the highest-paid in the country. The average salary of a digital marketing professional in India is estimated as 5.2 lakh per annum which is significantly greater than any other IT professional’s package. Besides, digital marketing is also replacing many of the existing and traditional marketing jobs across the country.  As the world is being digitized, digital marketing has gained huge traction in no time.

What actually is Strategic Digital Marketing?

The promotion of products and services over the internet through any means of digital or electronic media. Digital marketing is the application of various tools and strategies to advertise your products through various digital channels such as social media platforms, emails, web applications, search engines, websites, and much more.

Why do we need Digital Marketing?

For any business to establish your brand, increase your conversions, and grow your business, digital marketing is the only key. The internet is replacing all forms of advertising.  It has become a necessity for any business to be visible in the online world. Because, people are no longer going to the stores to purchase the products they desire, rather they are actively using their smartphones to search for local businesses and purchase things online. Since most of the potential customers have moved online, digital marketing is the only way to grow your business, keep your sanity, and stay ahead of your competitors. 

What are the major Approaches to Digital Marketing?

There are many ways to achieve digital marketing. Among them, there are three main approaches that most of businesses follow.

They are 

  • Targeting the users who use the search engine Targeting people on social media such as Instagram, twitter, facebook, etc

  • Targeting people on mobile applications. For example, you are using Youtube on your mobile phone and you get to see many ads.

  • Targeting people through email.

Types of Digital Marketing

The following are the various types of digital marketing applications

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Viral Marketing

  • Mobile Advertising

Let us learn about the main concepts of the digital marketing training program

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is so associated with digital marketing and is a huge part of it. Many also seek to take up an SEO course. Let us know what involves an SEO training course. Even as there are many websites available on the internet, we always prefer the search engine to fetch the desired result. We have many search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing, MSN, and many more. Study says that more than 80% of people use Google as their search engine. SEO helps you rank your website on the top of the page. The first two ads displayed for any search query will be charged by Google. SEO is basically a time-consuming process while the right strategy of the usage of keywords and high-quality content would help you rank the first page of Google. SEO is a free approach to generate traffic to your website.

Ad words/Google ads 

As discussed earlier, In order to rank first on the search engine, you will need to pay a certain amount to google to display your ads on the first page. There are many websites that display the ads on google which helps to generate traffic. In this way, any digital marketing strategist can promote traffic to their websites.

Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing allows a wide space to generate traffic to any website. You will get to see many ads on social media platforms like Instagram, facebook, twitter, etc. These ads will be generated by the websites with the help of social media platforms. These social media platforms would charge the websites for displaying the ads and promoting their products.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are many types of digital marketing channels. Let us learn about them too.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is considered as the most effective marketing way to convert leads into sales by sending across personalized emails to targeted customers on a regular basis. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of digital marketing which any business could easily adopt to promote their products and services. Through email marketing and various email marketing tools, customers receive relevant emails of the products they are seeking with the latest discount offers which strongly motivates them to purchase the product. Email marketing also enhances customer relationships by building trust and empowering brand awareness of any business. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing is considered as one of the most effective ways of achieving digital marketing which also plays an impactful role in building trust and brand loyalty. Content marketing is all about creating and sharing valuable and informative content that includes blogs, videos, infographics, images, many more to reach out to the target audience. Generating the content following the right strategies by focusing on the targeted audience would help you drive great traffic to your website. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be defined as motivating a third party to promote your goods and services to enhance successful lead generation through which the third party will be benefited.  Affiliate marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of digital marketing. Affiliate marketing results in building brand awareness and improving the conversion rate at a rapid pace. Affiliate marketing also results to broaden your audience and boost your brand reputation.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing involves engaging the right people to promote your products to your online customers. These influencers are the people who your target audience found credible. Influencer marketing is observed to produce unbelievable outcomes. Many businesses including the top brands are in the job of finding the ideal influencer to market their products and achieve great profits. Influencer marketing ads immense value to your products and services. It also helps you in building winning partnerships and quickly build trust.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies that enable the organization to reach the target audience via mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and many more through application installation ads, messages, emails, etc. Mobile marketing is one of the most traditional and cost-effective ways of digital marketing. Mobile marketing offers a personalized approach to reach out to your targeted customers. Mobile marketing also results in instant conversions.

What are the various benefits of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is observed to offer countless benefits to any business. 

Let us look into various advantages that digital marketing offers

1. Cost-Effective Marketing

Digital marketing is observed to be highly cost-effective compared to any other marketing types. Digital marketing enables any business to transform its market. With the right application of digital marketing tools and techniques, businesses can attain high return on investments with minimal investment rates.

2. Target the right customers

Traditional marketing uses different channels like fliers, radio, newspapers, flex boards, and much more to reach out to the audience that is random people. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing helps to identify and target the right group of audiences which results in higher conversion rates and lower advertising costs. 

3. Reaches a huge range of audience

Digital marketing is not restricted to any specific location. It benefits you to gain customers from every corner of the world. Furthermore, digital marketing also empowers you to reach the targeted group of customers in minimal time. With the perfect strategy formulated, digital marketing would achieve the size of customers that goes beyond your imagination. Digital marketing enables any small and medium sized businesses to gain global reach in no time.

4. Offers the most accurate metrics to measure

Digital marketing provides you with statistics that help you understand your business clearly. These statistics assist you to measure every aspect of your business most accurately. This in turn enables the digital marketers to analyze and formulate wise strategies that drive better results. The strategies that formed based on the metrics derived through digital marketing would benefit any organization in forecasting the market and design an appropriate marketing plan for its business.

5. Enables you to compete with big brands

Digital marketing does an amazing job in promoting integrity among small, medium and large scale industries by enabling them to compete with each other irrespective of their sizes. Any small business could compete with the leading ones with the right application of the tools and strategies of strategic digital marketing. Digital marketing enhances the market of any small and medium scale businesses by reaching out to the targeted audience across the globe and increase the conversion rate. 

6. Promotes Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a major goal for any business. Every business desires to be identified and recognized in the market. Digital marketing transforms your business to be identified as somebody from nobody. Digital marketing boosts brand recognition of any business. It aids the businesses to be recognized by their targeted potential customers on various platforms of the internet across the globe. With the right strategies and promotions applied, digital marketing will succeed in establishing standards for your business in the market.

7. Stay Ahead of The Competitors

Digital marketing grants you the ease to access tools to study your competitor's business and design various marketing strategies that help you overcome your competitors. Digital marketing assists you with the perfect analysis to forecast the future and plan accordingly. This helps you to protect your business from any disasters. Digital marketing aids you to successfully eliminate risks and plan ways to secure and upscale your business.

8. Promote Great Customer Relationship

A good customer relationship is an important asset to any business. Digital marketing aids you to enhance your customer relationship. The tools and methods of digital marketing perfectly analyze the customer and fetch you with the details and help you promote services that satisfy your customers. Digital marketing plays a key role in establishing good customer relationships as it assists you to address every minute concern of the customer which results in great customer satisfaction. 

9. Stay Connected with your Customers

With the right application of the various tools and methods of digital marketing, you could always stay connected with your customers. Especially through email marketing, you will be able to be in constant touch with your customers reminding them of your products and services, the ongoing offers, and much more, all year long. 

What are the various sectors that are employing digital marketing strategies?

Any business requires marketing. Digital marketing is a need for every industry. As the domain of digital marketing is rapidly expanding its territory, many industries have already adopted this technology to avail of the benefits it has been rendering. Let us look into a few of them

  • E-commerce websites

  • Retail businesses

  • Education and training institutions

  • Healthcare sector

  • Automobile industry

  • Entertainment industry

Besides the above mentioned list of industries, many are coming forward to utilise the tools and methods of digital marketing and gain the benefits it offers. 

Job Roles in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing offers many job roles in various industries based on the requirement. The job roles offered in this domain have got huge traction and many young graduates and working professionals are showing immense interest to get into one of these job roles. Hence, there is an exponential rise in the number of people seeking to pursue an online digital marketing course

The following are few of the job roles offered in the Digital Marketing industry

  • Digital Marketing Manager

  • Content Strategist

  • Virtual Reality Developer

  • SEO and SEM Specialist

  • User Experience Designer

  • Data Analysts

  • Email Marketing Specialist

  • Internet Marketing Specialist

  • Bot Developer

  • Social Media Marketer

  • PPC strategist

  • Web marketing specialist

The Demand for Digital Marketing Certification Programs Online

Digital marketing has got an enormous demand and it also stands as one of the top job roles that many companies are in need of. Considering this demand, there are many institutes claiming to offer the best online digital marketing course. However, it is essential to choose the institute that truly offers the best online digital marketing course, If you are desiring to learn about digital marketing and looking for the right platform, the digital marketing course by Great Learning stands as the best choice for you. Besides attaining the theoretical knowledge of digital marketing, you will also gain practical knowledge through real-time experience.

Choose Great Learning to pursue the best Online Marketing Course

The advanced digital marketing course by Great Learning is a 6 month PG strategic program which is wisely designed by the highly talented experts as well as the top experienced faculty of digital marketing. This strategic digital marketing course constitutes of all the modules of digital marketing that lets you master every tool and technique involved in it. This program is basically a combination of multiple learning methods that include live online teaching, mentorship-driven capstone projects, virtual labs, and many more. The classroom sessions, as well as the labs, are conducted usually on weekends which are flexible to attend and you will also be assisted by online discussions as well as assignments. This online digital marketing course by Great Learning is specially designed for the ones that work during the week as you will need not to quit your job to pursue the online digital marketing course.

The following are the various attributes of Great Learning which makes it stand unique from the other platforms

  • Great Learning has been recognized as one of the best institutes that offers the best digital marketing course in the market today. Great Learning has already established credibility for its excellence in delivering top quality programs.

  • When you decide to join the outstanding digital marketing course designed by Great Learning and Great Lakes you will be taught by highly experienced and extremely talented professionals. Each of the faculty members of the Great Lakes are alumni of the top educational institutes of this world

  • In this strategic digital marketing course, you will be taught about the various digital marketing tools such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, Hootsuite, MailChimp, Hubspot, Canva and more

  • Develop an amazing digital portfolio that includes all your personal projects that exhibit your skills which are employed in the digital marketing training by Great Learning

  • Gain practical experience by working on online lab sessions to set up and run campaigns

  • You will not just be taught by the digital marketing faculty but you will also be taught about the various industry-relevant modules from the leaders and practitioners of digital marketing in their businesses

  • You will be given personal guidance by the industry experts who would help you shape your career in the best way

  • The 4-week capstone project will let you work on an application based industry project which lets you stimulate your learning by employing all the digital marketing tools and techniques and gain practical experience. This project of yours will be mentored and evaluated by the faculty members of Great Lakes and also by the industry experts of digital marketing.

  • You will be certified by the prestigious Great Lakes institute and your portfolio will also be displayed on many social media platforms to gain attention which helps to have a kick start to your digital marketing career.

  • Even as you successfully finish the digital marketing certification program online by Great Learning, you will also be given great career assistance. Great Learning is associated with a number of top multinational companies across the country. The list of these companies includes HCL, HDFC, ICICI, L&T, Axis Bank, and much more. You will be able to participate in the regular placement drives conducted by Great Learning in which all these companies take part. This helps you have an amazing career launch. You will also be assisted by a career mentor who is an expert in digital marketing platform will help you prepare for the placement drives and let you choose the right opportunity/

All the above mentioned attributes makes Great learning offer the best digital marketing course.