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Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Learn widely-used tools such as Google Adwords, Analytics, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Marketing and more.
  • Apply your learning to real life projects to build real-world skills
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Dedicated Career
  • Access to Offline and Online Hiring Evenets, Job platform, Skill Assessment test
  • Get one on one career guidance and resume workshops to crack interview and become job-ready
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Live Online
  • Participate in live online sessions to discuss and solve real world marketing case studies.
  • Get live mentorship from experts working with leading organisations to shape and plan your career.
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Working Professional
Work on widely used digital marketing tools through comprehensive curriculum
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Get dedicated career services to become job ready
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Work on 12+ industry relevant projects across multiple digital marketing platforms
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The Prominent Strategic Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai

Most of us are familiar with this word Digital Marketing. Considering the rapid increase in the number of people using the Internet today, many are also desiring a career in this enthusiastic field. This word digital marketing has rebuilt the standards of regular marketing. If you are a resident of Mumbai and is thinking of digital marketing courses in Mumbai, you will need to gain a complete understanding over this topic. 

Let us gain a few insights of this topic called Digital Marketing

What is Strategic Digital Marketing?

In simple words, digital marketing can be defined as any marketing technique applied to gain market through the internet is Digital Marketing.

What are the demand for various major digital marketing courses in Mumbai?

Even as there exists several marketing courses in Mumbai, ensure that you choose the right one to have a successful career.

1. Email Marketing. 

One of the most common marketing channels is email marketing. Everyone must have Email marketing. This process mainly involves the act of sharing across a commercial email to a set of people that promotes the products and services of any business. These emails are sent to the customers to notify them about the ongoing offers, discounts, etc and engage them in sales. This helps to increase the credibility, boost up the sales volume and also promote intense brand awareness. Beyond all these, Email marketing helps any business to be in constant communication with the customers.

2. Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) 

Pay per click is one of the best digital marketing platforms that yield a high return on investments. This platform establishes a straight connection between the advertisers and the customers at least costs. Though Pay Per Click is paid to advertise, it has amazing results. Being associated with first-tier search engines, the pay per click advertising gives you the best outcomes that convert many visitors into customers. PPC grants ease to the users to find the relevant ads of the products they are looking for. This makes users find their shopping experience extremely personalized.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Search Engine Optimization is one of the major aspects of digital marketing technology. The search engine optimization is all about formulating strategies that help to generate traffic to the website through organic or free channels. The application of the keywords and formulating the strategy plays a major role to help the website ranked at the top. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more displays the best ranked pages as the primary search results of any given search query by the user. SEO helps your website to promote better user experience and increases close rates. It also helps you gain brand credibility and help you achieve better cost management. Choose the best SEO course in Mumbai as there exists a huge demand for the domain of SEO.

4. Display Advertising. 

Advertising on various web pages or applications and social media via several media such as texts, images, banners, audios, videos, etc is called display advertising. However, display advertising mainly focuses on displaying generic advertisements that include discounts, ongoing offers and many more.

5. Social Media Marketing (SMM) 

Social media marketing courses in Mumbai have gained huge demand for the immense job opportunities it offers. Social Media Marketing has been recognized as one of the cost effective yet highly influential marketing channels among many of Digital Marketing. These days, many people from youngsters to elders, irrespective of their age group are fervently using many social media channels.

Social media marketing mainly involves displaying ads on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many more. So, social media is your area of interest to ensure that you take up a social media marketing course from the top digital marketing courses in Mumbai.

6. Content Marketing. 

Content marketing is one of the most important forms of internet marketing. This involves the distribution of top quality content across various channels of advertising. The right usage of the keywords boosts the content and help the web pages rank better. Content marketing improves the visibility of your brand and help achieve brand awareness. Content marketing also help you develop trust, authority for your business among the audience. 

7. Affiliate Marketing. 

Gaining customers through paying a commission to your customers for  promoting your products. In simple words, affiliate marketing can be explained as gaining a piece of profit by recommending a specific product to another individual. Affiliate marketing helps build a strong network besides enabling your customers to gain benefit. Affiliate marketing enhances your sales volume as customers eventually turn as affiliates and market your products in their respective circles.

8. Online Public Relations.

Online public relations marketing activities mainly associated with enhancing the results from various online marketing techniques by establishing a place of communication, especially on social media sites. Many activities such as link building, organizing a program that encourages word of mouth marketing, partnership marketing etc falls under this section of internet marketing. These marketing techniques strongly promote brand credibility and improves customer relationship which shows an impact in boosting the business.

9. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the strong forms of social media marketing where an influencer that possesses immense knowledge on the product and also owns the credibility and trust of the public promotes your products and services. An influencer has the ability to define the customer’s choices to buy any product or service. Influencer marketing is gaining huge traction and many companies are busy finding the right influencer that is appropriate to promote their products and services. 

Scope for Digital Marketing in Mumbai

Mumbai is known as the financial, commercial and also the entertainment capital of the country. Mumbai is estimated to generate around 6.16% of the country's overall GDP. Mumbai has got a wide range of industries, companies and many more at it’s centre which fetches you great opportunities to excel in the field of digital marketing.

There are many companies seeking digital marketing professionals to enhance their business in Mumbai.  On an average there are close to 3000 existing Digital Marketing job openings that exists in the city of Mumbai. Considering this demand, the number of institutes offering the digital marketing courses in Mumbai with placement is also growing rapidly in number.

The increasing number of digital marketing institutes in Mumbai

Even as many industries have witnessed the outstanding results of digital marketing in their businesses, the need for people working in this field has increased rapidly. Hence, the number of people looking for digital marketing courses in Mumbai to fit in these job roles are also increasing. Considering the need and demand, there is an exponential rise in the number of digital marketing training institutes in Mumbai. However, if you are serious about obtaining a digital marketing training in Mumbai, ensure that you choose the best digital marketing institute in Mumbai.

In this modern era where technology is changing over the dynamics of every domain, taking up digital marketing classes in Mumbai will surely help you build a promising career. 

Payscale of Digital marketing professionals in the country

Taking up one of the best digital marketing courses in Mumbai will surely enable you to get into one of the highest paid job roles in the country. As the average salary of any digital marketing professional in India is estimated as 5 lakh per annum which is definitely better than the packages offered to many other job roles.

Look for the top digital marketing institute in Mumbai and pursue your dream today. Even as the digital marketing course fees in Mumbai varies from institute to institute, make the best choice as this step leads you towards your destiny.