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Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Learn widely-used tools such as Google Adwords, Analytics, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Marketing and more.
  • Apply your learning to real life projects to build real-world skills
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Dedicated Career
  • Access to Offline and Online Hiring Evenets, Job platform, Skill Assessment test
  • Get one on one career guidance and resume workshops to crack interview and become job-ready
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Live Online
  • Participate in live online sessions to discuss and solve real world marketing case studies.
  • Get live mentorship from experts working with leading organisations to shape and plan your career.
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Working Professional
Work on widely used digital marketing tools through comprehensive curriculum
Career Support
Get dedicated career services to become job ready
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Work on 12+ industry relevant projects across multiple digital marketing platforms
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The Leading Strategic Digital Marketing Course in Chennai


We often hear this phrase called Digital Marketing these days as it has become so popular in such a short time. Many youngsters are finding Digital marketing to ebone of the booming fields and are striving to take up a job role in this field. If you are a citizen of Chennai and seeking a career in this domain, you must be looking for some digital marketing training institute in Chennai. Before you actually start pursuing a digital marketing course in Chennai, you will need to gain a basic understanding of this topic called digital marketing.

Before getting deeper into the subject, let us explore what does this term digital marketing actually means.


What is Strategic Digital Marketing?

In simple terms, digital marketing can be defined as the act of advertising or promoting products and services on any digital media channel or device is called digital marketing. Digital media can be any platform on the internet such as search engines, emails, websites, social media sites, mobiles, laptops, software applications, and many more.

We often get to see the ads of certain products and services on the internet that follows you. Digital marketing helps you gain traffic to any website in many ways. There are many advantages offered by digital marketing to any specific field it has been applied to. Digital marketing is no way restricted to any specific field. Hence digital marketing is said to have a huge scope in the market.


Become your own boss by mastering the tools of the Strategic Digital Marketing Technology

Let us look into the different types of Digital Marketing Channels you will learn while pursuing a Strategic Digital Marketing Course in Chennai


Email Marketing

Sending emails to customers on a regular basis about the updates of a specific product or service is called email marketing. Email marketing generally follows the scheme of sending emails to a segment of the relevant audience and grab their attention and remind them constantly about the brand. Email marketing helps build brand credibility and develop brand awareness.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the heart of digital marketing. SEO plays a major role in driving organic traffic to your site. SEO can be defined as the process of increasing the quality and quantity of relevant organic traffic to your website from various existing search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many more. SEO mainly involves the formulation of the right strategy employing the perfect set of keywords. SEO helps you to achieve better user experience, increase the conversion rate, build brand awareness, enhancing brand credibility, and many more. SEO helps your websites rank on the first page on the search engine when the relevant search query is given. SEO courses in Chennai have a greater demand which is making many to pursue SEO training in Chennai. If you are desiring a career in the SEO platform, seek the top SEO training institute in Chennai.


SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a popular marketing channel where an automated message will be sent to the customer contact number through an SMS. These SMS notice the customers about the ongoing offers or special discounts or any happening event of the specific organization and help you stay connected with the customers. This segmentation can be made based on the age groups, locality, sex, and many more.


Content Marketing

There is a famous saying “ Pen is more powerful than a sword”. In fact, it is! Writing is observed as one of the most effective ways to influence people. Though writing seems to be a simple task, it can deliver huge benefits for your business. Effective SEO content writing or SEO blogging plays an integral part in planning and achieving an overall digital marketing strategy. SEO friendly content drives immense traffic to your website from all corners of the world and promotes the generation of new leads organically. SEO content displayed on your website also serves you foster the newly generated leads, and successfully convert them into a business. In simple words, we can say that your business blog is a strong asset that grants greater benefits to your organisation.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an effective way of digital marketing that lets the merchant pay a certain amount of commission to his affiliates who bring in successful customers. Basically the affiliate involved in this act will be introducing your product or service to their audience and hence share a piece of profit after every successful lead generation. Affiliate marketing helps you establish a network and develop credibility and loyalty among your customers.


Pay Per Click

Pay per click (PPC) has got many other names. Few of them are cost per click (CPC), Sponsor marketing, google ads, and many more. Pay per click can be defined as the application of google ads to market a business using paid advertisements on different platforms such as search engines, websites, social media sites, applications, and many more.  These ads help you to achieve your business goals and gain control over your business strategies. PPC also aids in measuring and tracking data accurately.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the highly influential yet cost-effective digital marketing channels. The number of people using social media sites has been rapidly increasing day by day. Social media marketing involves creating different types of content for various social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and many more to promote certain products and services. Considering the existing demand, many are taking up a social media marketing course in Chennai.


Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is now trending as the latest digital marketing channel. Many organizations are finding influencers in the respective fields to review and recommend their products to their audiences. It is observed that the RoI (Return On Investment) on influencers is better with influencer marketing as many people find reviews of various products and services by these influencers to be credible as compared to traditional advertising. As a matter of fact, most online buyers do place an order after verifying the review of the influencers.


The Scope Of Digital Marketing in Chennai

Chennai, being the capital city of Tamil Nadu state has been recognized as the largest industrial as well as the commercial center of South India. The city of Chennai generates the third highest GDP per capita in the country.  Chennai is known for the IT services it provides as well as the financial services it renders. Chennai also has a fully computerized stock exchange which is called the Madras Stock Exchange. Since digital marketing is not confined to any specific domain, Chennai has got a huge need for digital marketing experts. Hence many are seeking the best digital marketing institute in Chennai.

At present, there are around 1700 digital marketing job opportunities that exist in the city of Chennai. there are many institutes offering a digital marketing course in Chennai with placement today. Hence taking up the best digital marketing course in Chennai will surely help you get one of the best job roles.