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Designed for working professionals
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Exclusive career fairs for our learners
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Avg. hike of 48%, 400+ hiring partners
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7+ Projects under the guidance of industry experts

PG Program in Machine Learning

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Most Exhaustive Machine Learning Course in Mumbai

These days the word Machine learning has become so popular and the demand for the people dreaming to begin their career in machine learning has been increasing. If you are a resident of Mumbai and are curious to know what machine learning is all about, this page will tell you all you need to know to pursue a Machine Learning certification in Mumbai.


What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is an application and also a subset of artificial intelligence. Machine learning is all about developing algorithms that help the systems to learn by themselves by studying past data. In simple terms, Machine learning can be defined as the technology used to develop intelligent systems. Machine learning has yielded unique expertise to the computer systems by training them to think and act as humans do. It contributes to a huge division for technological development.


Payscale of Machine Learning Professionals in India

One of the major factors that are influencing many people to learn machine learning is the unbelievable packages that it offers. The Machine learning course equips you with the talents to achieve one of the highest-paid jobs. The salary range of machine learning professionals varies from 3 lakhs to 15 lakhs considering several factors. Many giant companies offer huge packages that hit the roof. The average package of machine learning professionals in India is expected to be 8.7 lakhs which is way better than many other job profiles.


Roles and Responsibilities of a Machine Learning Engineer

Let us know what all the various roles and responsibilities of a machine learning engineer

1. Study and rebuild Data Science Prototypes

2. Design a practical machine learning systems

3. Analyze and Execute suitable Machine learning algorithms

4. Generate Machine learning applications based on the specifications

5. Choose relevant data sets and data design methods

6. Reporting

7. Testing

8. Conduct statistical analysis


What are the various Machine Learning Applications ?

Machine learning is a large field hence offers more surpassing opportunities than any other sector. Machine Learning is extensively used in a broad range of sectors. Let us learn about a few of the important applications of machine learning in numerous divisions. Another major factor that is influencing many to take up the machine learning program is that machine learning is expected to replace many existing job roles which might result in unemployment. Hence, pursuing machine learning helps gain a secured position of employment.


  •  Financial Sector : One of the major applications of machine learning is fraud detection. Machine Learning techniques are widely applied in the field of finance to identify data insights and prevent fraudulent activities. Machine learning offers immense security to the industries where financial transactions are involved.


  •  Government Sector : Machine Learning is also applied in many government applications to promote safety and security to the citizens of the country considering various aspects. It offers many services such as improving operational efficiency, formulating better policies and legislation, etc.


  •  Health Care Industry : Machine Learning is a boon to the field of health care as it recognizes the red flags, help to enhance the treatment and offers the best results in diagnosis. It also effectively assess a patient's health. Machine learning is strongly used in detecting cancers also offers better opinions to improve the efficiency of the treatment being offered to any patient.


  •  Transportation Sector : Machine Learning applications in transportation promotes more practical prediction in guiding the user to prefer the best route. This reduces risks and increases profitability. Machine learning also helps to apply predictive analytics that help to maintain the engine's health more effectively by conducting detailed inspections and identifying risks at early stages.


  •  Retail Industry : The retail industry has got many benefits offered by machine learning. Machine learning tools help optimize the prices, perform logistics processes more effectively. Machine Learning also helps to capture data, study the user history, and facilitate the websites to suggest products to the users based on their prior acquisitions.


These days, machine learning is one of the most impactful technology in every business. Most of the companies are embracing the implementation of machine learning practices to improve and develop their business strategies and obtain profitable outcomes. Machine Learning plays a key role in powerful decision making and optimization.


Job Roles offered by Machine Learning

Even as the need for machine learning is increasing day by day in every sector, there are many industries that are moving towards this technology. There are many job roles that the department of machine learning offers. Below are the few among them

1. Machine Learning Engineer,

2. Data Analyst,

3. Data Scientist,

3. Data Mining Specialists,

4. Cloud Architects,

5. Cyber Security Analysts

6. BigQuery Engineer

7. Clinical Intelligence Analyst

8. Machine Learning Specialist

9. Data Manager

10. Advanced Analytics Engineer


Does the Machine Learning Course in Mumbai have Enough Demand ?

Mumbai is the Financial Capital of our country contributing a major part to the country’s overall economy.

Mumbai has the privilege of being the Headquarters for a few of the world-renowned IT organizations such as Oracle Financial Services Software, Tata Consultancy Services, Datamatics Global Services, etc. Machine Learning in Mumbai has got tremendous demand offering an abundance of job opportunities. Mumbai currently has an average of 1521 number of job openings for machine learning which is a huge requirement.

Since the Machine learning training program in Mumbai gives you a more comprehensive scope in designing the best future in this digital world. Machine Learning in Mumbai is definitely considered a highly recommendable course considering the increasing market demand and growth.


Are you excited to take up the Machine Learning Training in Mumbai ?

If you are keen on joining the machine learning program, this is your time and choose the best machine learning institute in Mumbai.

If you are seeking one such institute that offers you the best machine learning course that sets up your foundation for your future, there is no better choice than Great Learning as it does the best job of providing you the world-class training with the well-experienced faculty members. Many other factors make Great Learning stand as the best among many institutes that offer machine learning programs in the country. Great Learning also offers you the utmost flexibility of mastering this technology. It has both online and classroom programs you can choose the best that fits your requirements. The hands-on projects of Great Learning empower you to become a successful machine learning professional and enter the competitive world with great confidence.