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Designed for working professionals
Career Support
Exclusive career fairs for our learners
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Avg. hike of 48%, 400+ hiring partners
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7+ Projects under the guidance of industry experts

PG Program in Machine Learning

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The Thriving Machine Learning Course in Delhi

The modern world spins around machines and technology is ruling humans in every regard. We are surrounded by electronic as well as programmed systems that make our lives easy. Every machine work based on human instructions. What if the machines start thinking by themselves and predicting the outcomes by learning from their past experiences just like humans do? Sounds crazy right? Well, this technology of teaching machines is nothing but machine learning.

The terms Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have gained unbelievable popularity these days.

Let us know more about this exciting technology.


What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a data analytics method that follows a systematic approach in training computers to generate the natural results of human brains. The process of Machine learning requires the systems to employ a lot of data, research, and acquire knowledge by themselves.


Every individual becomes intelligent by learning from his/her past experiences. In the same way, teaching machines to learn from the past data is causing them to become intelligent.


Machine learning is a crucial subset of Artificial Intelligence.

Machine learning can simply be explained as the powerful application of the past data by the machine to resolve several real-world problems efficiently and also answer many questions that promote in effective decision making. The data that we use plays a crucial role in making the right predictions. The tools and practices of machine learning help in generating dynamic algorithms, decision trees and many more for obtaining efficient and optimal solutions.


Job Roles of Machine Learning Technology

If you are keen on pursuing a machine learning course, you must want to know what are the various job roles offered in this field.

Let us look into the various passionate job roles that Machine learning certification grants

1. Machine Learning Engineer,

2. Data Architect,

3. Data Mining Specialists,

4. Cloud Architects,

5. Cyber Security Analysts

6. BigQuery Engineer 

7. Clinical Intelligence Analyst

8. Machine Learning Specialist

9. Data Manager

10. Advanced Analytics Engineer



The astounding pay scale of Machine Learning professionals in the country

Machine Learning has been perceived as the Best Job of 2019 with an unbelievable growth rate of 344%.

The job roles of machine learning in India are regarded as one among the highest-paid. The salary scale of a machine learning professional in India fluctuates from 3 to 24 lakh considering several factors. The average salary of a machine learning engineer in India is reported as 8.7 lakhs which is better than many other job roles. This is also one of the major reasons why many are strongly seeking a career in this platform.



Scope for Machine Learning in Delhi and Gurgaon

Gurgaon is one of the finest city which is considered as one of the major IT hubs of the country. Gurgaon is well known for its accelerated urbanization and advancing IT culture. Many top organizations have Gurgaon as their headquarters. Machine learning in Gurgaon has an immense market as various sectors have been accommodating the technology of machine learning for its amazing advantages. Many in Gurgaon and Delhi are exploring a career in the field of machine learning.

Even as the city Gurgaon is also close to the country's capital Delhi and Noida, there is a huge scope for anyone that pursues this course in Gurgaon than any other place in the country. Currently, there are more than 3000 job vacancies for several job roles in the field of machine learning across these three cities. Delhi is another emerging IT hub of the country. This clearly states that there is a wide demand for machine learning technology. Hence, taking up a machine learning course in Delhi and choosing a career in the field of machine learning is the best choice.



The Impact and Application of Machine Learning In the modern world

Machine Learning acquiring demand across many industries and domains these days.

1. Face Detection : Machine learning applications include face detection, voice recognition, translation, and many more. These applications are also used widely in social media streams, and by the government, sector to grant safety and protection to the public.


2. Design Smart Homes : Virtual Personal Assistants is employed in home automation systems such as Siri, Alexa, Google Home Assistants, etc makes our lives easy. These home automation systems give an upgrade to your home design and also allows absolute ease in operating smart televisions, window treatments, music systems, and many more.


3. Enhances the shopping experience on e-commerce sites : Machine learning does the task of studying the previous purchases of the consumer and makes appropriate suggestions of the commodities in the field of e-commerce and this facilitates the user to experience personalized shopping.


4. Traffic Regulation : Machine learning helps in navigation by offering the most reliable traffic predictions. This application benefits in traffic control and also reduce the time consumption. The GPS that we use in our daily routine is one of the applications of machine learning.


5.Fraud Detection : Machine learning contributes greater aid in financial services by endeavoring a few of the significant advantages such as fraud detection, risk control, loan underwriting, etc.


6. Enhancement in providing medical services : One of the biggest advantages that machine learning provides to the field of medical science is assisting the physicians in ascertaining accurate results of disease identification and equip them to give the best treatment. This application has been extremely helpful in treating dreadful diseases like cancer.


What are the major prerequisites of pursuing the machine learning course ?


Practical knowledge in data mining

As machine learning involves a lot of operations on huge data sets, it is helpful for you to have skills in working with massive amounts of data such as visualization of data, big data, SQL, performing ETL operations, SAS, etc.


Mathematical skills

Mathematics is one of the core aspects of machine learning theories and concepts. So possessing a basic knowledge of mathematical theories like linear algebra, probability, statistics, calculus benefits a better understanding and derivation of efficient algorithms.


 Programming Languages

Owning hands-on experience in programming languages like Python, Java, R, C++, Prolog, Lisp, etc that assist you in learning the concepts and methods of the machine learning program. Python is widely applied among all the above-mentioned programming languages.


Data Visualization Tools

Having hands-on experience in various data visualization skills will help you do a good job of displaying the results acquired by applying the techniques of Machine learning. As reporting is one of the major responsibilities of a machine learning engineer, it is important to know about the various data visualization tools