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Designed for working professionals
Career Support
Exclusive career fairs for our learners
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Avg. hike of 48%, 400+ hiring partners
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7+ Projects under the guidance of industry experts

PG Program in Machine Learning

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The Trending Machine Learning Courses In Chennai

We are living in a world of humans as well as machines. Machines are much stronger than humans and the innovation of these machines led to the industrial revolution all over the world. The current rising technology Machine Learning which works on designing intelligent machines that react and perform various tasks like humans do without being specifically commanded is creating a revolution in this era.


The word Machine learning these days have been heard everywhere. Machine learning has attained extensive demand within a very short span. If you are striving to take up a career in machine learning and intending to take up a machine learning course, you must have a fundamental knowledge of machine learning.


In the 21st century, Machine learning has a profound impact on our lives. Machine learning is presumed to grow up to 300% in the coming two years.


Machine learning has got immense demand for the unbelievable benefits it offers. Before you study machine learning, learn about the multiple impacts of it.


The Outstanding Applications of Machine Learning Technology

Let us look into the various amazing advantages of machine learning which is influencing many industries to adopt this technology.

  1. Process and interpret huge volumes of data Consolidating machine learning into any business almost equal to having your assistant that can execute multiple functions in parallel.
  2. Help with administration decisions by analyzing data that succeeds in building up the most efficient team.
  3. The machine learning tools can support and streamline almost any job that you would designate.
  4. Converse with customers to determine customer service issues much more promptly than what a human can prepare.
  5. Study efficient algorithms to forecast future growth as it helps the organizations to analyze their employees and assist them to deliver a personalized experience.
  6. Machine learning helps in reaching out to the right client by suggesting the most suitable recommendations and the customized experiences turn out to sale and increase the economy.
  7. Help physicians diagnose patients and treat them better as Machine learning advances accuracy in the outcomes that it produces.
  8. Machine learning advances potency as it serves you several benefits such as maintaining files, schedules, updating information in time, etc allows you to focus on distinct elements.
  9. Machine learning results in inefficient decision making as it can foretell financial trends, data extraction, data analysis, and many more.
  10. Machine learning has been practiced by the government to diminish fraud and lessen the error rate in formulating taxes.


As humans, we learn through the mistakes we do which help us grow in our lives. In the same way, even the machines are progressing daily. through which the efficiency has been rising. The results are growing better and the possibility of errors seems to be diminishing.



What are the various job roles offered in the rising field of machine learning?

There are many job roles offered to the ones that pursue the machine learning course. The list of these job roles is expected to increase even as the applications of the techniques of machine learning are growing day by day.

Below is the list of few job roles of machine learning technology.

1. Machine Learning Engineer,

2. Data Architect,

3. Data Mining Specialists,

4. Cloud Architects,

5. Cyber Security Analysts

6. BigQuery Engineer 

7. Clinical Intelligence Analyst

8. Machine Learning Specialist

9. Data Manager

10. Advanced Analytics Engineer


Machine learning shortly is expected to replace many of the existing job roles. So, machine learning certification is a powerful medium that could help you obtain one of the best and reliable jobs in the country. So, taking up the best machine learning course today is the best thing you could do today.

The pay scale of these job roles varies from 3 lakh to 24 lakh considering various constraints. Machine learning is recognized as one of the fields that offer the highest paid jobs in the country. The average pay scale of a machine learning professional in India is determined as 8.7 lakh per year.


What are the highly desired prerequisites of taking up a Machine Learning training in Chennai?

If you are fervent about taking up a machine learning in Chennai, you must need to learn about the various prerequisites of this course.

To learn machine learning, there are few discrete prerequisites which you need to know to comprehend the techniques of machine learning


1. Knowledge of programming languages

As machine learning is all about training the computer systems, it is crucial to have an understanding of various programming languages as programming languages are the only source of communication.

Java, C++, R, Python, etc are a few important programming languages that are broadly used in machine learning. Java makes it easy for you to master other programming languages. At present, Python is a highly preferred programming language by most of the machine learning professionals.


2. Mathematical skills

Being a stranger to mathematics makes it difficult for you to master the machine learning course. A basic understanding of calculus, probability, statistics is very essential to learn the theories of machine learning.


3. Data Engineering skills

As machine learning requires a lot of work with massive data sets, hands-on experience on programs like big data, SQL, SAS, etc would offer to gain a better understanding of the theories of machine learning.


4.Data Visualization skills

Having a brief knowledge of data visualization tools such as Tableau, Datawrapper, FusionCharts, etc would be excellent support for an effective presentation which is a major responsibility of a machine learning engineer.


The Demand for Machine Learning in Chennai

Chennai is one of the major cities where the IT sector has huge demand. Chennai has evolved as one of the largest electronic hubs of South Asia as it has many of the top multinational companies located at its center. Chennai has been ranked as the most attractive Indian city for offshoring the It services according to A T Kearney's Indian City Services Attractiveness Index 2005. Chennai has got a huge demand for the emerging technology of machine learning. At present, there are around 1200+ openings for several positions in the machine learning field only in the city of Chennai which is also expected to grow rapidly in the next few years.


If you are a resident of this beautiful city and are aspiring a career breakthrough, ensure that you choose the best machine learning institute in Chennai and give your career an amazing breakthrough.