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Working Professional
Designed for working professionals
Career Support
Exclusive career fairs for our learners
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Avg. hike of 48%, 400+ hiring partners
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7+ Projects under the guidance of industry experts

PG Program in Machine Learning

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The Most Demanding Machine Learning Course in Bangalore


Machine learning is one of the most prestigious technologies which is reigning the technological world. Out of a blue, machine learning has become so popular and turned out to be a buzzword in the current digital world. Most of the governmental and non-governmental organizations are adopting the techniques of machine learning for the outstanding benefits it provides.

Many people are planning to experience a shift in their career by pursuing machine learning online courses and start a career in this specific field.


What is Machine Learning ?

Machine learning is a data analytics technique that trains computers to produce the natural outcomes of human brains. The main that machine learning follows is to learn from experience. The process of Machine learning requires the systems to utilize a lot of data, study, and learn by themselves. The conventional programming is all about formulating the instructions using different programming languages. Machine learning intakes the data and figures out the effective forecasts which the systems would decide for us. Machine learning involves the study of design and analysis of algorithms that helps in fixing the challenging intricacies besides providing an enhancement in the process of decision making.


The Outstanding Impact of Machine Learning

Before you make machine learning a career choice, ensure that you know more about it.

Even as there are many other technologies, why is that machine learning has gained this demand? What made it stand out from the crowd? Is machine learning the future?

Machine learning is now the most enthusiastic toolset that many industries are looking for. The impact of the machine learning applications has surpassed the expectations and hence machine learning course has gained the utmost demand.

Machine learning practices have been implemented in many fields that have witnessed outstanding outcomes. These industries include financial services, retail services, health care, automation, robotics, entertainment, gaming, security, social media, and many more The number of industries implementing machine learning tools is rapidly growing in number providing you a huge number of opportunities in the days to come.


Job Roles of Machine Learning

Machine learning is experiencing great growth by expanding it's services to various fields. This is paving a way for inventing new job roles. The field of machine learning offers many exciting job roles in several industries it has been applied to. The following are the few out of the many job roles that it offers.


1. Machine Learning Engineer,

2. Data Architect,

3. Data Mining Specialists,

4. Cloud Architects,

5. Cyber Security Analysts

6. Big Query Engineer 

7. Clinical Intelligence Analyst

8. Machine Learning Specialist

9. Data Manager

10. Advanced Analytics Engineer

11.Data Scientist,


The Demand For Machine Learning in Bangalore

Bangalore is the IT capital of India. Bangalore, being recognized as the silicon valley of India has got an enormous scope for the field of Machine Learning. Considering this demand many youngsters in Bangalore are passionate about pursuing a machine learning course in Bangalore. The city of Bangalore has the largest number of openings in the field of machine learning than any other city in the country. Linkedin states that currently there exists around 6000+ job openings for various positions in the field of Machine Learning in Bangalore. Machine learning is expected to replace most of the existing jobs with machines that do not require human intervention which is causing many professionals to secure themselves by finding ways to start up a career in Machine Learning. Hence, Bangalore stands out as the best place for a career start in the technology of Machine learning.


Payscale of Machine Learning Professionals in the Country

Machine Learning has been recognized as the Best Job of 2019 with an astounding growth rate of 344%. The job roles of machine learning in India are considered as one of the highest-paid. The salary scale of a machine learning professional in India varies from 4 to 15 lakh considering several factors. The average salary of a machine learning engineer in India is recorded as 8.7 lakhs which is better than many other job roles.


What are the major prerequisites of taking up a Machine Learning Training in Bangalore?

If you are serious about taking up a machine learning in Bangalore, you just need to equip yourselves to be successful in pursuing it. To learn machine learning, there are few specific prerequisites which you need to know to master the techniques of machine learning


1. Knowledge of programming languages: Since machine learning is all about educating the computer systems, it is essential to know programming languages as programming languages are the source through which we communicate with machines.

Java, C++, R, Python, etc are a few languages that are extensively used in machine learning. If you know Java, it is easy to learn other languages. At present, Python is a highly preferred programming language by many machine learning professionals.


2. Math Skills : It isn't a must to be an expert in mathematics but you shouldn't be a stranger to the several mathematical applications that are employed in machine learning. A basic understanding of calculus, probability, statistics is very important to understand the concepts of machine learning.


3. Data Engineering Skills : As machine learning involves a lot of work with huge data sets, hands-on experience on platforms like big data, SQL, SAS, etc. would promote a better understanding of the concepts of machine learning.


4.Data Visualization Skills : Having a brief knowledge of data visualization tools such as Tableau, Data wrapper, Fusion Charts etc. would be a great aid for an effective presentation which is a major responsibility of a machine learning engineer.


Seeking the Best Machine Learning Course in the City of Bangalore ?

Great Learning offers you the best machine learning certification course in Bangalore as this comprehensive course is designed in such a way that you will achieve in-depth knowledge of all the concepts of machine learning. Besides, it also grants you the best guidance and mentorship in every step of the course which also includes 8 projects that give you hands-on experience of machine learning. Being collaborated with many huge companies, Great Learning also assures career assistance. Design your career the best way possible by registering yourself with the best machine learning institute in Bangalore today.

So, what are you waiting for? Do get in touch with our team today and grab your seat at the earliest.