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Batch of October 2020 | Fellow at Alphaa Ai Full Time | India
her teaching methods were amazing, she taught the whole module with full patience and resolved each and every doubt. I would suggest assigning her module 2 also, our batch is completely satisfied and comfortable with her.
Batch of October 2020 | India
I like the way she teach. She clear the doubts and explain very well, but she is going pretty fast in the class. The material which are provided are very good and solid but we are not getting proper class of it. None of those are covered in the class. We are focusing more on self study as we are not getting proper class from GL faculty. Madam is only rushing to cover the syllabus.
Batch of October 2020 | Design Engineer at Ggs Information Services | India
Amazing teaching! This is the reason I joined GL to gain knowledge from field experts.
Batch of October 2020 | India
Very clear and apt explanation of concepts with practical and real world examples
Batch of October 2020 | India
Shambhavi mam taught us very nicely and this lab was more informative session.She did amazing job by giving us detailed information on python as well as being a data scientist how we should think which i guess no faculty tells.Her teaching was excellent and understandable since mam showed us everything by giving an examples which I liked the most.Only the problem was the lab session in-class exercises was not completed of week 3 i.e Comprehension part, for which i feel one more session of this lab should be taken.Rest over all class was excellent with shambhavi mam and very informative knowledge she has provided by giving deep knowledge and by giving practical examples and also she guided very well. Note:This is not a complaint regarding Shambhavi mam she has done excellent job by providing us extra knowlege on python.Only that I am saying is week 3 lab exercises is not completed for which I request you to keep one more session or please extend the deadline of submission of in-class lab work and also home assignment.
Batch of October 2020 | 5 Th Engineer at Fleet Management Limited Contract | India
knowlede based session and profession oriented , looking forward to more classes by sambhabi maam
Batch of October 2020 | Process Developer at Genpact | India
Class was amazing and great, but would like her to take an extra session on the basics,
Batch of October 2020 | System Engineer at Infosys | India
Shambhavi taught us very good. Focused on basic concepts and approach towards solving the question. Thank You!
Batch of July 2020 | Software Engineer at Accenture | India
Very well covered the SQL1 and SQL2 taught in class in 4hours along with InClass. Thank you!
Batch of October 2020 | Key Account Executive at Kaching! | India
Great session! Would like in-class exercises to be done in class.
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