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Batch of January 2021 | India
His way of explanation and spontaneous response to questions asked and way of answering is at next level.
Batch of November 2020 | India
Madam's professional Data Science experience coupled with her teaching skills is the plus factor for me in digesting the concepts with crystal clear clarity during the lecture sessions. Fundamental explanations are absolutely fantastic. Within limited timeframe of lecture hours, covering more problems is a challenge for a faculty. But if at-least 4-5 problems could be covered, it would turn out to be a bonus for doing with the lab session problems also.
Batch of October 2020 | India
concept was taught well, In application, it was bit confusing on how to apply
Batch of August 2020 | Lead Analyst at American Express | India
Everything was great. I enjoyed learning in this session.
Batch of July 2020 | Project Engineer at Wipro Limited Full Time | India
Maintained optimal speed and clarification on doubts
Batch of October 2020 | India
Concetrated fully on inclass exercises which was good practice
Batch of November 2020 | Associate Software Developer at Dxc Technology Full Time | India
Explanation of concepts in a little better way so it's easier to understand the concepts
Batch of October 2020 | Process Developer at Genpact | India
The main concepts were covered and explained repeatedly.
Batch of October 2020 | India
Liked her teaching style. She also shared list of various functional commands. Also successfully completed in-class sheet in time.
Batch of October 2020 | India
Sir cleared all my doubts even though I asked them through the chatbox
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