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How are we ensuring that we keep our learners safe in classroom settings?


Lesser intake - Limited no. of students in 1 classroom (as per guidelines)


Properly sanitized rooms before and after classes (as per guidelines)


Temperature checks for every student/faculty before classes


Masks/Gloves/sanitizers available in each class for all students


Option to move to Live Virtual Classes in case of insecurity anytime during the program

Why Choose this Program?

  • Designed for freshers and young professionals exploring rewarding careers in Data Science
  • Python, SQL, Tableau, Data Science and Machine Learning tools & techniques and its applications
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Learning Format
  • Learn through immersive lectures delivered by our expert faculty in a classroom. Great Lakes faculty have been ranked among India’s Top Data Science academicians
  • Deepen your expertise by working on in-class data science lab sessions
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Dedicated Placement
  • Exclusive campus hiring drives with leading analytics companies
  • 150+ Participating Companies, 6.9 LPA average salary, 20 LPA highest salary, 85% avg salary hike
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Working Professional
Designed exclusively for freshers and young professionals exploring rewarding careers in Data Science
Career Support
Learn through immersive lectures delivered by our expert faculty in a classroom
Salary Hike
Deepen your expertise by working on in-class data science lab sessions
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Get placed in top companies with placement assistance
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Most in Demand PG Program in Data Science and Engineering Course

Gone are the days where a high five education was only accessible to a certain group of people. With the inception of the internet, anyone is able to access the data gathered from all corners of the world and gain knowledge. Data is a powerful tool of modern-day technology. The study related to this data has now become a buzzword which is Data Science.

What is Data Science ?

In simple words, Data science can be defined as the scientific study of data to extract the needed information. Data Science also constitutes numerous methods of documentation, warehousing, and interpreting data to extract useful information productively. The ultimate aim of data science is to retrieve the sensible insights from the give data. There exists a huge amount of data on the internet on a daily basis, a lot of data is generated on the internet in the form of videos, content, photos, and many more. Accessing this data, through data science can result in deriving the most appropriate insights. All the algorithms in this technology teach about the application of various procedures and systems to extract meaningful insights and knowledge from the unstructured and structured data sets.


The Demand for Data Science

A career in data science now has become one of the most desirable jobs. In Post Millennium no corner of our lives left untouched by the application of technology, data science has been creating an insane impact. The demand for data science and data analytics is on the rise and it is expected to grow in the future. Data science has demonstrated its potential by invading many organizations regardless of the dynamics surrounding an organization. It has already become an integral part of many organizations. But, there is also a lack of data science employees in and around the country. With Organizations adapting data science, the requirement is growing exponentially while there is an obvious lack of talent. It has become a conundrum for many organizations across India.

Many youngsters that have perceived the importance of this technology and the revolution it has been creating in every industry it has been embraced by are now seeking a career in this field. As many job roles are being replaced by robots, it is important to look for a career that is promising. Companies such as Google, Cognizant, Oracle, and many are in dire need of data science professionals. The field of data science in India has around 97,000 vacancies which are really huge in number. This displays the ultimate demand that data science has all over the country. One of the studies by IBM has stated that the demand for data science would increase by 28% by 2020. So, make data science as your career choice as it assures a bright future.


The Impact of Data Science

Big data and Data Science are two elements that are reigning the modern era and it will rule relentlessly. Many companies are applying the techniques of data science to analyze and design their marketing plans and advertise their business in a better way. One better example that we could quote is the analysis of customer feedback using data science techniques and formulate the business meeting their requirements. Considering the huge amounts of data available, you can determine the best way to make a wise move to improve your market. A simple conclusion we could draw is that data science is a necessity for every growing industry.


Job Roles of Data Science

If you are someone who is desiring to take up a data science course, you must need to know about the various job roles that it offers. Once you are done with the data science training, you will be offered these job roles.

1. Data Scientist.

2. Data Administrator.

3. Data Analyst.

4. Business Analyst.

5. Analytics Manager.

6. Data Architect.

7. Business Intelligence Manager.

8. Statistician

9. Data Manager


Major Responsibilities of a Data Science Professional

Understanding the responsibilities of the job role is one of the major concerns one has before deciding to take up the data science course.

 The following are the major responsibilities of a data scientist.

  •   Plan and develop new data set methods for modeling, data mining, and production goals.
  •   Discover distinct approaches to enhance data and search quality and predictive inclinations.
  •   Produce and understand data studies and product analyses.
  •   Design prototypes, algorithms, predictive models, and custom study


Payscale of Data Scientists in India


What is the salary scale of the data science professionals in the country?

The average pay scale of a data science professional in India is estimated as 606,987 rupees. A fresher who finished the data scientist course could expect a minimum of 3 to 5 lakh packages in the country.

An experienced data science professional makes around 10lakhs a year. Many multinational companies offer way beyond the estimated packages for data science professionals working in different job roles.


What are the Different Applications of Data Science?


Decision Making : Any organization, be it a small or medium enterprise or a multinational company, everything revolves around data. The most important decisions are always taken to study the previous data. Every organization formulates strategies to improve their marketing by studying the data. Data science helps them to derive the most accurate outcomes that help formulate the best strategies. Being a data science professional, you will be the core decision-maker of your organization.


Search Engine Optimization : The search engine even applies the techniques of data science to give the best results to the search query given by the user. Uses image recognition and suggestions for the related suggestions.


E-commerce : Data science in E-commerce is mainly used for improving user experience. It is widely used in the field of e-commerce to study the user's behavior by analyzing his previous purchases and recommend products according to the user's relevance. It also helps in forecasting the market and formulating the right strategy.


Electronics : Since everything around us is turning out to be automatic, data science has wide applications in the area of electronics. Alexa works on the data science engine to understand the user and work accordingly.

Explore the most in demand data science courses offered by Great Learning


Data Science and Business Analytics Programs
Program Name Learning Mood Duration Weekend / Weekdays
PGP in Data Science and Business Analytics Online 11 Months Weekends
PGP - Data Science and Engineering Online 9 Months Weekends
Masters in Data Science and Machine Learning Classroom 21 Months Weekends
M.Tech - Data Science & Machine Learning Classroom 21 Months Weekends
Applied Data Science Bootcamp Online 12 Weeks Weekends

Prerequisites of Learning Data Science

Concerning the rising demand and the exciting impact of this amazing field, it is the right time to the best data science course.

If you are keen on learning data science, let us know what are the prerequisites to take up the data science certification program?


Mathematical skills : Even as the modules of data science demands math skills, being good at mathematical concepts such as linear algebra, matrices, calculus, gradients etc is one of the prerequisites for taking up a data science course online.


Programming Skills : Possessing a minimum knowledge of programming would aid you to gain complete knowledge and understanding throughout the data science training. The list of these programming languages includes Python, C, C++, SQL, Java and many more. Knowing these programming languages would assist you in modeling the unstructured datasets which are the primary role of any data science professional. The more understanding you have on these languages, the more it makes the data science course easy.


Data Processing : Since data science involves nothing else but data, it is essential to have an overall understanding of the various concepts associated with data such as data mining, data modeling, data processing and many other makes it easy for you to pursue this course. Even as data science also deals with unstructured data sets, understanding and managing the data arriving from multiple channels is a tough job.  Learning these concepts serves you to do a better job in pursuing a data science course.


Statistical Analysis : Being good with statistical analysis would be a great asset to master data science. The main aim of data science is to extract useful insights from a huge collection of data. Experience working with analytical tools such as Hadoop, R, SAS and many more will serve you in efficiently performing the statistical analytics of the given data.


Data Visualization Skills : Being a data scientist, it is important to converse with people in the organization to implement the strategies he/she makes by studying the data. Possessing knowledge of the data visualization tools such as Matplottlib, tableau and many more would help you comprehend the complex outcomes and let the audience understand the metrics. These tools let people easily grasp the insights you are trying to deliver.


Choose the best data science institute to design your career the best way you can.