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Why Join our PG Data Science and Engineering Course?

Great Lakes PG Data Science and Engineering Course is a 7-month classroom program for fresh graduates and early career professionals looking to build their career in data science & analytics. Candidates from the course are able to transition to roles such as business analysts, data analysts, data engineer, analytics engineer etc. by learning relevant data science techniques, tools and technologies and hands-on application through industry case studies.

Great Learning rank-1
Ranked #1 in analytics education

Great Lakes’ program has been ranked #1 in India for 4 years in a row, and has an average rating of 4.8/5 across parameters like Course Content, Pedagogy, Faculty, and Brand Value.

Great Learning certificate
PG Certificate from Great Lakes

Great Lakes is one of India’s top 10 business schools, the youngest institute in India to receive an AMBA, UK accreditation, and a leader in analytics education.

Great Learning rank-4
World class faculty

You gain from the decades of experience and expertise brought to the table by Great Lakes faculty in their chosen domains. Several of Great Lakes faculty have been ranked among India’s top Data Science academicians.

Great Learning talent pool
Intensive bootcamp format

The data science course follows an intensive bootcamp format where you learn data science and machine learning from expert faculty in classroom and deepen your expertise by working on data science lab sessions. The course duration is 20 weeks including 4 weeks of capstone project.

Great Learning rank-8
Hands-on learning

The course covers the tools and skills sought by leading companies in Data Science. Through the duration of the course, candidates are trained on Python, SQL, Tableau, Data Science and Machine Learning. Participants in the course build their knowledge through classroom lectures by expert faculty and doing multiple challenging projects across various topics and applications in Data Science.

Great Learning Placement Assistance
Placement assistance

Through the corporate network of Great Lakes, several leading companies participate in the hiring drives organised for PG Data Science Course candidates. Some of the companies that have recently participated in the hiring process of PG Data Science and Engineering Course include: Uber, Swiggy, Fractal Analytics, Oyo, KPMG, Mu Sigma, Mercedes Benz, Cognizant, Mahindra, Big Basket. Know more.

Learn From India's Best Analytics School

6.9L Average CTC | 15.6L Highest CTC | 85% Average Salary Hike

Program Structure

The 7-month PG Data Science Course uses a combination of learning methods that include classroom teaching, hands-on exercises, and sessions with industry practitioners. Classes are conducted on weekdays and are assisted by online discussions and assignments.

Great Learning program structure-3

Classroom learning

Classroom sessions by our top-ranked faculty would be conducted from Monday to Thursday starting 9:30 AM at the Great Learning center.

Great Learning lab sessions

Lab sessions

Regular in-class lab sessions help candidates apply data science concepts to real-life scenarios under the guidance of a faculty and industry expert.

Great Learning program structure-2

4-Week project work

Candidates work on an application-oriented industry project where they are mentored and evaluated by Great Lakes faculty and industry experts.

Great Lakes Certificate & ePortfolio

Earn a Great Lakes certificate and create an ePortfolio to showcase your learning & projects in a snapshot. Your certificate and ePortfolio can also be shared on social media channels to establish your credibility in Data Science.

Great Learning - Data Science Engineering certificate
Great Learning Academics eportfolio of Data Scinece Engineering alumnus


Our corporate partners are deeply involved in curriculum design ensuring that it meets the current industry requirements for data science professionals.

Preparatory Module*
Basics of Python

*Online Instruction

Introduction to programming using Python
  • Syntax and Semantics of Python programming
  • Conditional statements
  • Loops
  • Iterators
  • User-defined functions
  • NumPy
  • Pandas
Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Pandas
  • Summary statistics (mean, median, mode, variance, standard deviation)
  • Seaborne
  • matplotlib
Statistical Methods for Decision Making
  • Probability distribution
  • Normal distribution
  • Poisson's distribution
  • Bayes’ theorem
  • Central limit theorem
  • Hypothesis testing
  • One Sample T-Test
  • Anova and Chi-Square
SQL Programming
  • Introduction to DBMS
  • ER diagram
  • Schema design
  • Key constraints and basics of normalization
  • Joins
  • Subqueries involving joins and aggregations
  • Sorting
  • Independent subqueries
  • Correlated subqueries
  • Analytic functions
  • Set operations
  • Grouping and filtering
Machine Learning Techniques
Linear and Logistic Regression
  • Multiple linear regression
  • Fitted regression lines
  • AIC, BIC, Model Fitting, Training and Test Data
  • Introduction to Logistic regression, interpretation, odds ratio
  • Misclassification, Probability, AUC, R-Square
Supervised Learning Classification
  • CART
  • KNN (classifier, distance metrics, KNN regression)
  • Decision Trees (hyper parameter, depth, number of leaves)
  • Naive Bayes
Unsupervised Learning
  • Clustering - K-Means & Hierarchical
  • Distance methods - Euclidean, Manhattan, Cosine, Mahalanobis
  • Features of a Cluster - Labels, Centroids, Inertia
  • Eigen vectors and Eigen values
  • Principal component analysis
Ensemble Techniques
  • Bagging & Boosting
  • Random Forest
  • AdaBoost & Gradient boosting
  • Hackathon
Time Series
  • Trend and seasonality
  • Decomposition
  • Smoothing (moving average)
  • SES, Holt & Holt-Winter Model
  • AR, Lag Series, ACF, PACF
  • ADF, Random walk and Auto Arima
Text Mining
  • Text cleaning, regular expressions, Stemming, Lemmatization
  • Word cloud, Principal Component Analysis, Bigrams & Trigrams
  • Web scrapping, Text summarization, Lex Rank algorithm
  • Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) Technique
  • Word2vec Architecture (Skip Grams vs CBOW)
  • Text classification, Document vectors, Text classification using Doc2vec
Data Visualization
  • Building interactive dashboards using Tableau
  • Data Visualization using Tableau

*Online Instruction

Learn from the Best

Learn from leading academicians and experienced industry practitioners in the field of data science.

Placement Assistance

Participants from the course have secured roles such as Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Analysts, Analytics Consultants, etc. Here are some of the companies that have recently participated in the PG Data Science Course hiring drives:

Great Learning Data Science Engineering placements in leading companies Great Learning Data Science Engineering placements in leading companies

Building Rewarding Careers in Data Science

The program offers Placement Readiness Evaluation at the end of the course, to help students prepare for interviews, on clearance of which students sit for the placements.

Success Stories

The PG Data Science Course has been designed to help candidates jumpstart their careers in Data Science and Machine Learning. Here is what some of our PG Data Science Course candidates have to share:

Reviews by Learners

20 Dec 2019
Batch of December 2019 - Bangalore
This program is such a great one with a well structured curriculum. The faculty was really good and had a unique way of making us understand how to communicate well. They were also cheerful person who lights up the class and make us understand better.
06 Mar 2020
Batch of December 2019 - Bangalore
I am highly satisfied by this great program! Great explanation of concepts along with the hands on. Really helpful to the candidates to gain complete understanding of the concepts. The faculty took a lot of effort for clearing our doubts as well.
13 Mar 2020
Batch of January 2020 - Chennai | Design Engineer at Kone Corporation
The faculty is so friendly. Their way of explaining concepts from scratch is good, so that even people from non-programming background also get to understand the concept easily and interaction with class is very good. They try to keep updated on individual student's progress which is impressive. I appreciate Great Learning for this program.

Classroom Experience

Admission Details


  • done Applicants should have 60% or above in Xth, XIIth and Bachelor's degree.
  • done The program is open for candidates in their final semester and recent graduates with 0-3 years of experience.
  • done The PG Data Science Course is ideal for candidates with a graduation in a quantitative discipline like engineering, mathematics, commerce, sciences, statistics, economics, etc.
Grear Learning admission and selection process

Selection Process

Step 1

Fill application form

Step 2

Application review

Admissions committee will review and shortlist.

Step 3

Aptitude test

Shortlisted candidates are required to appear for an online aptitude test.

Step 4

Screening call

Screening call with Alumni/ Program Director/ Faculty

Fee Details

Great Learning rupee icon 3,50,000 + GST
Admission Fee-1 Great Learning rupee icon 25,000
Admission Fee-2 Great Learning rupee icon 25,000
1st Installment Great Learning rupee icon 50,000
2nd Installment Great Learning rupee icon 83,333
3rd Installment Great Learning rupee icon 83,333
4th Installment Great Learning rupee icon 83,334
Total 3,50,000


Candidates can pay the program fee through

Net Banking
Credit/Debit Cards
Cheque, DD

Financial Aid

Our tie-ups with several lending partners like Propelld, Eduvanz, and LiquiLoans ensure that money is not a constraint in the path of learning.

Great Learning education loan financial partners by Eduvanz
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Upcoming Application Deadline


We follow a rolling admission process and admissions are closed once the requisite number of participants enroll for the upcoming batch. So, we encourage you to apply early and secure your seat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the program structure for PGP-DSE?
PGP-DSE is a classroom program spanning 7-months, including a 2-month online preparatory module. Classes happen Monday to Thursday from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Explore Here - Data Science Program Structure.
What is the Capstone Project all about and how exactly would it help me?
The capstone project is an opportunity for candidates to work on industry-like data science problems under the mentorship of faculty/industry mentors. This project would bring in the all the learnings that candidates would have gained in the course and would work on problems relevant in the industry using techniques and tools mastered in the PG Data Science course. The capstone project also becomes a way for candidates to showcase their analytics credentials and learning to their future employers. Click Here - Data Science Benefits.
Who will be the faculty for Data Science Course?
The academic modules would be taught by senior faculty from Great Lakes. In addition to Great Lakes faculty, senior leadership from the industry would also participate in delivering certain topics/modules. See the indicative list here.
What is the eligibility criterion for Data Science Course?

The PG Data Science course is open for candidates in their final semester and recent graduates with 0-3 years of experience. Applicants should also have 60% or above in Xth, XIIth, and Bachelor's. Apply Now for Data Science Course Demo.

What certificate will I receive?
Successful participants will be awarded a PG Program in Data Science and Engineering certificate by Great Lakes Executive Learning. Great Lakes has consistently been ranked among top business schools in the country for its Data Science, Analytics and MBA programs. Great Lakes has been ranked among top 10 in recruiter’s perception meaning that the Great Lakes certificate is valued highly by leading companies in India. Click here to View Data Science Certificate.
How will I be evaluated during the Data Science Course?
The PG Data Science Course is a holistic and rigorous program and follows a continuous evaluation scheme. Candidates are evaluated in the courses they undergo through case studies, quizzes, assignments or project reports.
What is the Data Science course fee? Is there any financial aid provided?
Please see the Program Fee Structure here. Admissions office will help you in applying for loans once you receive the offer of admission. We ensure money is not a constraint in the path of learning.
Would the content be available to me after completion of the course?
We believe that learning should continue and hence, access to Learning Management System (Olympus) which houses the learning material would be available to the candidates up to one year post completion of the program. Click Here - Download Data Science Course Brochure.
Would I have to spend extra on books, online learning material or license fee?
All the requisite learning material is provided online to candidates through the Olympus - Learning Management System. Candidates are free to purchase any reference books or material as may be recommended by the faculty. Apply Now for Data Science Course Demo.
Where will the classes be held?
The classes for Gurgaon, Chennai, Bangalore & Hyderabad will be held at the Great Lakes Learning Center in the city. Classes for Mumbai will be held at Hotel Ramada-Powai, and for Pune at MCCIA Trade Tower-Shivajinagar.
Is accommodation provided?
No accommodation is provided at our learning center. Outstation candidates are requested to arrange accommodation themselves.
Do I need to bring my own laptop?
The candidates need to bring their own laptops, the technology requirement shall be shared at the time of enrollment.
What is the admission process?
All interested candidates are required to apply for the Data Science Course through the online application form. A panel of Great Lakes faculty screen and shortlist candidates. The shortlisted candidates would then appear for an aptitude test followed by a personal interview. Selected candidates will receive admission offer letter.
What is the refund policy for the Course?
We advise all candidates to have complete information before enrolling in the program. No refund requests will be accepted once the fee has been paid. However, there is a deferment policy where a candidate can choose to defer his enrollment to a future batch.
Will there be placements at the completion of the course?
Yes, candidates do receive placement assistance in the Post Graduate Program in Data Science & Engineering. Upon successful completion of the program, candidates would be provided interview opportunities up to 3 months’ post completion of the program. We would also prepare candidates for these interviews by providing extensive support in terms of mentoring, CV review, interview preparation etc. Click Here - Great Learning Career Excelerate.
How can I apply for the Data Science Course?
If you are interested in the Program, you can apply through the online application form. Please reach out to us at dse@greatlearning.in or +91 92056 80225 for any program or admission related queries.
What would be the average package offered?
Careers in analytics and data science are amongst the highest paid in the industry. Furthermore, the career growth that one can expect in these roles is far superior to other roles. With leading Indian and Global companies looking to ramp up their analytics hiring, this is the best time to build a career in analytics and data science. Salaries for these roles while being higher than other comparable roles are subjective and depend on the quality of candidate and the recruiting company. As per analytics salary studies, average salaries for fresher roles in analytics (0-3 years) in India vary between 3-8 lakhs. Click Here to Explore about Data Science Placement Assistance.

An industry-aligned and up-to-date course in Data Science

Gone are the days where a high five education was only accessible to a certain group of people. With the inception of the internet, anyone is able to access the data gathered from all corners of the world and gain knowledge. Data is a powerful tool of modern-day technology. The study related to this data has now become a buzzword which is Data Science.

What is Data Science?

In simple words, Data science can be defined as the scientific study of data to extract the needed information. Data Science also constitutes numerous methods of documentation, warehousing, and interpreting data to extract useful information productively. The ultimate aim of data science is to retrieve the sensible insights from the give data. There exists a huge amount of data on the internet on a daily basis, a lot of data is generated on the internet in the form of videos, content, photos and many more. Accessing this data, through data science can result in deriving the most appropriate insights. All the algorithms in this technology teach about the application of various procedures and systems to extract meaningful insights and knowledge from the unstructured and structured data sets.

The Demand for Data Science

A career in data science now has become one of the most desirable jobs. In Post Millennium no corner of our lives left untouched by the application of technology, data science has been creating an insane impact. The demand for data science and data analytics is on the rise and it is expected to grow in the future. Data science has demonstrated its potential by invading many organizations regardless of the dynamics surrounding an organization. It has already become an integral part of many organizations. But, there is also a lack of data science employees in and around the country. With Organizations adapting data science, the requirement is growing exponentially while there is an obvious lack of talent. It has become a conundrum for many organizations across India.

Many youngsters that have perceived the importance of this technology and the revolution it has been creating in every industry it has been embraced by are now seeking a career in this field. As many job roles are being replaced by robots, it is important to look for a career that is promising. Companies such as Google, Cognizant, Oracle and many are in dire need of data science professionals. The field of data science in India has around 97,000 vacancies which are really huge in number. This displays the ultimate demand that data science has all over the country. One of the studies by IBM has stated that the demand for data science would increase by 28% by 2020. So, make data science as your career choice as it assures a bright future.

The Impact of Data Science

Big data and Data Science are two elements are reigning the modern era and it will rule relentlessly. Many companies are applying the techniques of data science to analyze and design their marketing plans and advertise their business in a better way. One better example that we could quote is the analysis of customer feedback using data science techniques and formulate the business meeting their requirements. Considering the huge amounts of data available, you can determine the best way to make a wise move to improve your market. A simple conclusion we could draw is that data science is a necessity to every growing industry.

Job Roles of Data science

If you are someone who is desiring to take up a data science course, you must need to know about the various job roles that it offers. Once you are done with the data science training, you will be offered these job roles.

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Administrator
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Analytics Manager
  • Data Architect
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Statistician
  • Data Manager

Major responsibilities of a Data science professional

Understanding the responsibilities of the job role is one of the major concerns one has before deciding to take up the data science course.

The following are the major responsibilities of a data scientist.

  • Plan and develop new data set methods for modeling, data mining, and production goals.
  • Discover distinct approaches to enhance data and search quality and predictive inclinations.
  • Produce and understand data studies and product analysis.
  • Design prototypes, algorithms, predictive models, and custom study.

Payscale of Data Scientists in India

What is the salary scale of the data science professionals in the country? The average pay scale of a data science professional in India is estimated as 606,987 rupees. A fresher who finished the data scientist course could expect a minimum of 3 to 5 lakh packages in the country.

An experienced data science professional makes around 10lakhs a year. Many multinational companies offer way beyond the estimated packages for data science professionals working in different job roles.

What are the Different Applications of Data Science?

Decision making

Any organization, be it a small or medium enterprise or a multinational company, everything revolves around data. The most important decisions are always taken studying the previous data. Every organization formulates strategies to improve their marketing by studying the data. Data science helps them to derive the most accurate outcomes that help formulate the best strategies. Being a data science professional, you will be the core decision maker of your organization.

Search Engine Optimization

The search engine even applies the techniques of data science to give the best results to the search query given by the user. Uses image recognition and suggestions for the related suggestions.


Data science in E-commerce is mainly used for improving user experience. It is widely used in the field of e-commerce to study the user's behavior by analyzing his previous purchases and recommend products according to the user's relevance. It also helps in forecasting the market and formulating the right strategy.


Since everything around us is turning out to be automatic, data science has wide applications in the area of electronics. Alexa works on the data science engine to understand the user and work accordingly.

Prerequisites of Learning Data Science

Decision making

Concerning the rising demand and the exciting impact of this amazing field, it is the right time to the best data science course. If you are keen on learning data science, let us know what are the prerequisites to take up the data science certification program?

Mathematical skills

Even as the modules of data science demands math skills, being good at mathematical concepts such as linear algebra, matrices, calculus, gradients etc is one of the prerequisites for taking up a data science course online.

Programming skills

Possessing a minimum knowledge of programming would aid you to gain complete knowledge and understanding throughout the data science training. The list of these programming languages includes Python, C, C++, SQL, Java and many more. Knowing these programming languages would assist you in modeling the unstructured datasets which are the primary role of any data science professional. The more understanding you have on these languages, the more it makes the data science course easy.

Statistical analysis

Being good with statistical analysis would be a great asset to master data science. The main aim of data science is to extract useful insights from a huge collection of data. Experience working with analytical tools such as Hadoop, R, SAS and many more will serve you in efficiently performing the statistical analytics of the given data.

Data visualization skills

Being a data scientist, it is important to converse with people in the organization to implement the strategies he/she makes by studying the data. Possessing knowledge of the data visualization tools such as Matplottlib, tableau and many more would help you comprehend the complex outcomes and let the audience understand the metrics. These tools let people easily grasp the insights you are trying to deliver. Choose the best data science institute to design your career the best way you can.