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Lesser intake - Limited no. of students in 1 classroom (as per guidelines)


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Temperature checks for every student/faculty before classes


Masks/Gloves/sanitizers available in each class for all students


Option to move to Live Virtual Classes in case of insecurity anytime during the program

Why Choose this Program?

  • Designed for freshers and young professionals exploring rewarding careers in Data Science
  • Python, SQL, Tableau, Data Science and Machine Learning tools & techniques and its applications
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Learning Format
  • Learn through immersive lectures delivered by our expert faculty in a classroom. Great Lakes faculty have been ranked among India’s Top Data Science academicians
  • Deepen your expertise by working on in-class data science lab sessions
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Dedicated Placement
  • Exclusive campus hiring drives with leading analytics companies
  • 150+ Participating Companies, 6.9 LPA average salary, 20 LPA highest salary, 85% avg salary hike
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Working Professional
Designed exclusively for freshers and young professionals exploring rewarding careers in Data Science
Career Support
Learn through immersive lectures delivered by our expert faculty in a classroom
Salary Hike
Deepen your expertise by working on in-class data science lab sessions
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Get placed in top companies with placement assistance
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Data Science and Engineering Course in Pune

In recent times, Data science is observed to have a profound influence in many sectors. Data science has now become a buzz word as we hear it more often. Data science has evolved over the years and now has attained enormous demand. Many industries are moving towards data science and many are dreaming of a career in this fast-growing sector. If you are interested in learning data science, it is important to possess a minimum understanding of the concepts of data science.

Let us learn what is data science?

Data science is a combination of several disciplines as it applies several scientific patterns, systems, algorithms, etc to derive meaningful insights from the given data. Data science involves the application of different tools and techniques to derive the needed information from the given data ( both structured and unstructured). The techniques of data science are now being adopted by many sectors for their outstanding contributions. In fact, data science has now become a critical category in every sector enlarging its scope.


The Rising Impact of Data Science

Data science has invaded various industries and refined the fundamentals of their working principles forever. It has caused many industries and several businesses to an upgraded level in their enhancement. Furthermore, data science techniques and methodologies have become integral parts of many industries all across the world. Apart from the IT sector, Data science has already become an essential part of many businesses. Most of the integral decision making has been done on data analysis. Many contemporary projects are demanding the employment of data science to achieve the best outcomes. The data science industry is now experiencing a deficit of talents not just for data scientists, it has now become a necessity for many superior job roles such as managers too. Since data science plays a key role in problem-solving and decision making, it is important for every individual involved in it to understand the techniques of data science.

So, many working professionals are now striving to learn data science. For the immense demand data science has got these days, many freshers are preparing themselves to start up their careers in the field of data science.


The Exploding Demand for Data Science in Pune

Pune is one of the top cities in India that has contributed a great amount to the Indian economy through it's IT sector. Pune stands as one of the major IT hubs of our country, India. Many It professionals and fresh graduates are seeking a Data Science course in Pune. In fact, taking up a data science training in Pune would surely stand out as the wisest career choice you could ever make. Currently, there are around 800 openings in Pune for different job roles in the field of Data Science. The field of data science is expected to grow in the near future and this count is expected to increase rapidly and there exists a lot of scope for taking up a successful career in the field of data science. Hence there are many learning institutes being opened to help learn the candidates get a degree in data science.


Salary Scale of the Data Scientists in Pune

Many studies state that data scientists do make 620,244 on average. Data scientists possessing 3+ years of experience are expected to make 1,147,826 rupees a year. These studies display the existing demand for the field of data science.


What are the various applications of data science in different fields?


Problem-Solving : Data science is mainly applied for problem-solving in different fields and different scenarios. By effective analysis of the given data, a data scientist could derive the most suitable solution for a given problem.


Error Detection : Error detection is an important role played by data science in the field it has been applied. Identifying the existing errors in the initial stages would let save time, energy, and economy. This application is also being used by the doctors in the medical field to analyze and detect the diseases in early stages.


Risk Analysis : Risk analysis is considered as the highly used application of data science in many fields. Especially in fields like e-commerce, banking, business risk analysis gives outstanding results that help the organizations to take necessary steps to eradicate the risks and strategize accordingly.


Customer Analysis : Understanding the customer's behavior is an important application of data science as this helps the businesses to enhance their services and keep the customers satisfied. This application is also being used by the E-commerce websites to predict the customer's intention and suggest them related products by studying their previous purchases. This helps them promote good customer experience as well as improve their businesses by meeting customer needs and desires.


Fraud Detection : Fraud detection is one of the major applications of data science in many fields. Especially in sectors like finance, banking, etc fraud detection is rapidly applied to prevent fraudulent activities.


Constant Monitoring : Monitoring a specific task is another application of data science. This helps eradicate mistakes and promote efficiency besides improving efficiency. Especially in fields like manufacturing, this application is being used widely.


Future Prediction : Data science is observed to derive the most accurate outcomes which made it invade many sectors. Even as the data scientists study the past data, the predictions they make applying the tools and techniques of data science are highly accurate. This helps any sector to prepare, strategize, and plan accordingly.

Explore the most in demand data science courses offered by Great Learning

Data Science and Business Analytics Programs
Program Name Learning Mood Duration Weekend / Weekdays
PGP in Data Science and Business Analytics Online 11 Months Weekends
PGP - Data Science and Engineering Online 9 Months Weekends
Masters in Data Science and Machine Learning Classroom 21 Months Weekends
M.Tech - Data Science & Machine Learning Classroom 21 Months Weekends
Applied Data Science Bootcamp Online 12 Weeks Weekends

What are the Prerequisites of Data Science?

Let us learn about the various prerequisites demanded to take up the data scientist course in Pune


Mathematical skills

Even as every concept of data science revolves around the application of mathematical concepts such as linear algebra, matrices etc, possessing a strong command on the subject of mathematics would help you get a clear understanding of the various concepts of data science. Calculus is another conec[pt of mathematics is employed in data science to perform many operations on the given data.



Having basic understanding of the various concepts of statistics would be a great aid in learning most of the modules of data science. Especially the theories of Normal distribution, variability, etc plays a vital role in performing the most important operations on a given data.


Programming Languages

The knowledge of programming languages such as R, Hadoop, Java, etc are a must to master data science. One of the major specifications is to have a sound knowledge of Excel. Python stands as another major prerequisite to learn data science course.


Data Visualization Tools

Being a data scientist, it is definitely important to know the ideal way to convey the impact of your data study to the people involved in the specific project. So, data visualization tools like tableau, Infogram, plotly, etc make your job easy. Hence, possessing hands-on experience in data visualization tools would be a great aid for you to master data science as they promote effective communication and a better understanding of the people involved. To be a potential data scientist you must be good at these tools.

If you are keen on starting a career in the field of data science. Do not delay, considering the existing demand it is the right time for taking up a course in data science. In fact, data science is also expected to invade many job roles by replacing them. Hence taking up a career in data science also stands as the safest career choice you could ever make.


Choose the best data science institute in Pune to ensure that you will gain complete knowledge of this prestigious subject.