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How are we ensuring that we keep our learners safe in classroom settings?


Lesser intake - Limited no. of students in 1 classroom (as per guidelines)


Properly sanitized rooms before and after classes (as per guidelines)


Temperature checks for every student/faculty before classes


Masks/Gloves/sanitizers available in each class for all students


Option to move to Live Virtual Classes in case of insecurity anytime during the program

Why Choose this Program?

  • Designed for freshers and young professionals exploring rewarding careers in Data Science
  • Python, SQL, Tableau, Data Science and Machine Learning tools & techniques and its applications
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Learning Format
  • Learn through immersive lectures delivered by our expert faculty in a classroom. Great Lakes faculty have been ranked among India’s Top Data Science academicians
  • Deepen your expertise by working on in-class data science lab sessions
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Dedicated Placement
  • Exclusive campus hiring drives with leading analytics companies
  • 150+ Participating Companies, 6.9 LPA average salary, 20 LPA highest salary, 85% avg salary hike
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Working Professional
Designed exclusively for freshers and young professionals exploring rewarding careers in Data Science
Career Support
Learn through immersive lectures delivered by our expert faculty in a classroom
Salary Hike
Deepen your expertise by working on in-class data science lab sessions
Industry Project
Get placed in top companies with placement assistance
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Data Science and Engineering Course in Mumbai

Nowadays, the word data science has been heard in every corner. Data science has rapidly achieved demand and has changed the metrics of automation forever. Data science has now become one of the most desired technologies in any sector or industry.

What is Data Science?

Data science is a process of performing several operations on structured or unstructured data and derives meaningful insights. This process involves the application of various scientific methods, patterns, systems to operate on a given data to derive the desired outputs. In other words, data science is nothing but the study of data to extract knowledge.

These days, data science is used as an effective tool by many organizations irrespective of the sector they belong to, for solving many industrial problems and cause major benefits such as cost reduction, finding the best decision, discovering new markets and many more.


Who is a Data Scientist ?

A data scientist is someone who takes the data either small or big and starts developing and applying several machine learning and deep learning algorithms such as neural networks to derive meaningful insights. The data scientists also use advanced predictive analytics and derive meaningful insights. Data scientists often employ these techniques to solve different business problems. All the major techniques of data science demand mathematical techniques and a lot of programming skills.

The following is the step by step activities performed by any data scientists on a daily basis

1. Data gathering

2. Data preparation

3. Data analysis

4. Data modeling


6. Data visualization

7. Data deployment

8. Data maintenance


The Rising Impact of Data science

Data science has gained unbelievable demand in no time. The number of people desiring a career in this specific field is increasing rapidly. From agriculture to airlines, data science has remarkable applications in every sector. The list of industries embracing data science is increasing rapidly in number even as days pass by. Considering the demand for data science applications, industries are paying a huge package to the various job roles of data science. As a matter of fact, the field of data science offers one of the highest-paid job roles in the country. The average package of a data scientist is estimated at 6 lakhs per annum.

Let us know about a few of the many applications of data science

1. Problem-Solving : Data science is popularly known for its excellent problem-solving capabilities. Problem-solving is one of the major concerns in any field. Data science is observed to provide the most accurate decisions for solving several types of problems in various sectors.


2. Risk Analytics : Accurately predicting the future is one of the finest jobs that data science performs. Hence data science is widely applied in many fields like E-commerce, IT, finance, transportation, and many more to predict the risks and enable them to take the necessary steps to eradicate the risks.


3. Enhance Gaming Experience : Data science is widely used in the field of gaming. Data science helps to understand the user by analyzing his moves and act accordingly which makes the game more exciting. This feature is bringing immense popularity to these games.


4. Advanced Image Recognition : Image recognition is one of the applications of Data science which is widely used in fields like social media.


5. Internet Search : Data science is also applied to optimize the search results on search engines like yahoo, google, bing etc to offer the best results to the user. This enhances the efficiency as well as the user experience. This also includes suggesting the related products to the customers based on the previous orders. This is encouraging many E-commerce websites to apply the techniques of data science and provide better customer experience.


6. Fraud Detection : Data science is widely applied in sectors like finance, banking, Income tax, etc to detect fraudulent activities. Data science studies customer behavior and successfully detects if any fraudulent activity is involved. Thus data science offers security too.


7. Error Detection and Control : Error detection is one of the major applications of data science and many industries use data science for serving this particular purpose. Data science identifies and controls the errors occurred on the initial stages avoiding risks and promote efficiency.


8. Monitoring : Data science is applied for constant monitoring in fields like manufacturing. Data science is responsible for the maintenance and security of the business.


9. Route Mapping : From logistics to airlines, data science has been applied in many sectors to define the best route to avoid hazards. This results in cost-cutting, providing better customer experience, time-saving, and many more benefits.


10. Target Advertising : Data science serves greater purposes for the field of marketing by enhancing advertising expertise. Data science helps to understand customer behavior and offer them customized shopping experience. This results in promoting cost-effective advertisements.

Explore the most in demand data science courses offered by Great Learning

Data Science and Business Analytics Programs
Program Name Learning Mood Duration Weekend / Weekdays
PGP in Data Science and Business Analytics Online 11 Months Weekends
PGP - Data Science and Engineering Online 9 Months Weekends
Masters in Data Science and Machine Learning Classroom 21 Months Weekends
M.Tech - Data Science & Machine Learning Classroom 21 Months Weekends
Applied Data Science Bootcamp Online 12 Weeks Weekends

What are the various job roles offered in Data science ?

  •  Data scientist
  •  Data reporting executive
  •  Business Analyst
  •  Statistician
  •  Data engineer
  •  Data architect
  •  Data analyst


The Demand For Data science in Mumbai

Mumbai is the city that never sleeps. Mumbai is one of the prominent cities that has its heart for the IT sector and it is one of the major IT hubs of India. As a matter of fact, Mumbai gave birth to the first IT company in the country. So, data science has attained a wide scope in Mumbai. Currently, there are 1100+ openings available for various positions in the field of data science. Even as many youngsters are seeking a data science course in Mumbai to start up a new career in this emerging field, the number of data science institutes in Mumbai are also increasing rapidly.


What are the prerequisites to take up a Data science course in Mumbai?

If you are someone among many that are desiring a career in Data science and planning to take up a Data science training in Mumbai, it is mandatory to learn about the prerequisites of learning Data Science.


Mathematics : Data science strongly employs the techniques of mathematics such as linear algebra, matrices, logical regression, mean, mode, and many more.


Statistics : Statistics is a major module of data science as many core operations of this field are performed based on statistical concepts such as Descriptive statistics, distributions, hypothesis testing, regression and many more. Hence being strong at statistics is essential to learn data science. In fact, one of the job roles of data science is a statistician.


Programming Languages : Being good at programming languages like Python, R, Java, SQL, MATLAB etc is surely considered as the major prerequisites of learning data science. Python is popularly applied in data science. Python is also considered as the most simple and easiest programming languages to learn.


Data Visualization Tools : Data visualization tools are one of the major prerequisites of learning data science. Being a data scientist, you will need to have excellent presentation skills to effectively deliver the output. Possessing knowledge on different data visualization tools like Tableau, Qlik View, SAS Visual Analytics, etc empower you to effectively display the retrieved outcomes.

If you are contemplating on taking up a data science course in Mumbai, you must know that there is no better time than the present to start learning data science and build your career in a long-lasting platform. Ensure that you choose the best data science institute in Mumbai to master this prestigious course.