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  • Designed for freshers and young professionals exploring rewarding careers in Data Science
  • Python, SQL, Tableau, Data Science and Machine Learning tools & techniques and its applications
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  • Learn through immersive lectures delivered by our expert faculty in a classroom. Great Lakes faculty have been ranked among India’s Top Data Science academicians
  • Deepen your expertise by working on in-class data science lab sessions
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Dedicated Placement
  • Exclusive campus hiring drives with leading analytics companies
  • 150+ Participating Companies, 6.9 LPA average salary, 20 LPA highest salary, 85% avg salary hike
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Working Professional
Designed exclusively for freshers and young professionals exploring rewarding careers in Data Science
Career Support
Learn through immersive lectures delivered by our expert faculty in a classroom
Salary Hike
Deepen your expertise by working on in-class data science lab sessions
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Get placed in top companies with placement assistance
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Data Science and Engineering Course in Delhi NCR

The field of data science is noticed to encounter a rapid demand in recent times. Many working professionals are desiring a career shift into this field and many fresh graduates are anticipating an amazing career in data science. If you are one among the many that are dreaming to become a data scientist, you need to know what is data science? Why data science is so important? What are the several factors that are leading to an increase in the demand for the field of data science?


What is Data Science ?

Data science is a multidisciplinary technology involving several processes, patterns, algorithms, techniques on a given data ( both structured and unstructured) to derive the necessary insights.

Data science these days has become more popular than ever before. In this modern digital world, everything around us is revolving around data. Data science has already become an integral part of many industries for its outstanding contributions. The list of the sectors and the number of companies embracing this technology is rapidly increasing every day. So, data science has achieved an enormous demand and scope. This is why many people are thriving to start up a career in this field by taking up a data science course.


The Increasing Demand For Data Science in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is one of the nicest city that embraces the IT sector. Gurgaon is well known for its rapid urbanization and prospering IT culture. Many top companies have Gurgaon as their headquarters. Data science in Gurgaon has immense demand as many sectors have been adapting data science for its amazing advantages. Many in Gurgaon are seeking a career in the field of data science. At present, there are around 1000+ job openings for several positions in the field of data science.

Another strong factor that needs to be considered to take up the data science course in Gurgaon is, this beautiful city is also close to the national capital Delhi and Noida which is also an IT hub. Delhi, being one of the largest metropolises, has got a lot of opportunities to begin a career. Many youngsters prefer a move to the city of Delhi pursuing a shift in their career. If you are one among the many that are seeking a career shift in the field of data science in Delhi, taking up a data science course in Delhi offers you a wide range of opportunities. The number of institutes offering data science training in Delhi is rapidly increasing. Many working professionals are attending the data science classes in Delhi to have a career shift.

The Data Science Certification in Delhi has got a great scope that promises you uncompromising career opportunities. Choosing a data science course in Delhi NCR will surely stand out as the best choice you could make to design an amazing career.


Payscale of Data Scientists

Considering the demand for data science in Delhi and cities around, the field of Data science is noted to offer the highest pay in the country and the job role of data scientists now stands as one of the most desirable job roles. The average income of a data scientist in the country is estimated as 6 lakhs per year and the experienced data scientists are spotted to earn more than a million per annum. This number is definitely one of the highest pay as compared to any other job roles in any sector.

Let us learn about the various steps involved in data science


Understand the business problem

The first and foremost step involved in the process of data science is understanding the business problem and determine the objectives of the specific business. Once a data scientist understands the problem, he makes a plan considering the objectives that need to be achieved.


Data Collection

Since data science is all about data, a data scientist is required to collect some sort of relevant data from all possible ways using different tools and techniques. Because of the immense data available on the web, data scientists gather data by using several quantitative data collection methods applying the mathematical concepts in several formats such as questionaries, applying methods of correlation and regression, mean, mode, median, and many more. Data scientists also collect data by using qualitative research methods such as case studies, observations, role-playing, etc.


Data Storing

Even as you gather a huge amount of data, you do not use each and every bit of it for solving the specific business problem. Hence data storing needs to be performed. This process refers to cleaning the data by screening -useful data to perform operations and derive meaningful insights.


Data Transformation

After segregating the data, a data scientist converts the data from one format to another to perform specific operations and derive the expected outcomes. This process includes various approaches like data integration, data warehousing, data wrangling, and many more.


Data Modeling

Many operations such as bootstrapping, cross-validation, subset selection, etc will be employed on the segregated data to retrieve the desired solutions. This process consumes a lot of time to perform several operations and derive the needful findings from the huge data sets.



Once the model is finalized, it is to be tested in the pre-production environment to analyze its efficiency and detect any existing errors.


Data deployment

Once the phase of testing ends, it is deployed to the client to solve the defined problem and achieve the goals determined. Application of different data visualization tools such as Tableau, Highcharts, Datawrapper, Sisense, Fusioncharts, etc makes it easy to understand the model.


What are the several applications of data science in various fields ?

Even as data science has got a wide range of applications, different sectors employ the techniques of data science to serve different purposes. The following are the few of the major applications of data science in which we encounter the benefits on a daily basis.


Price Comparison

Data science helps the users to get a product at the best price by using the price comparison websites. Data science helps to attain the data from all websites where the particular product is displayed and empowers the user to crack the best deal.



One of the major application areas of data science is the Airline industry as it helps them discover the best strategic plans to improve their services. Data science in airlines helps in predicting the accurate time of arrival, delay of flight, determine the destination and halt locations etc which makes the customers enjoy a better travel experience.


Fraud detections

One of the important applications of data science is fraud detection. Almost every sector has encountered fraudulent activities in some or the other way. It is a necessity for every sector and every organization to prevent fraudulent activities and protect their business from encountering huge losses. Data science helped many industries to discover the safest platforms, routes, modes of transports etc and enhance safety to their businesses. Thus, Data science also helps them reduce the cost and risks involved by completely eradicating fraudulent activities. This technique is majorly employed in fields like banking, finance, e-commerce etc where financial means is involved.


Risk analysis

Even as data science is being accurate in predicting the future based on the past analysis, it helps to predict the upcoming risks and helps any industry to take necessary steps to invade them.


Medical Analysis

Data science serves huge benefits to the healthcare industry. These applications include analyzing the reports and images, detecting the diseases, understanding the patient's reaction to various drugs, prescribing the perfect drug, and many more. Data science has become an integral part of the field of healthcare as it has been promoting an enhancement in offering outstanding medical services.

There are many other industries such as finance, retail, education, marketing, business, agriculture, and many more.

The existing demand for a data science course in Delhi is expected to grow in the near future. So, this definitely stands as the right time to begin a career in the field of data science by taking up a data science coaching in Delhi. Even as data science is also observed to replace several existing job roles, taking up a data science course in Delhi will let you design a long-lasting future. Data science is definitely a career to rely on. So, do not delay and find out the best data science institute in Delhi that offers the best training and gear you up for an exciting career launch.

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