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Safety Measures

How are we ensuring that we keep our learners safe in classroom settings?


Lesser intake - Limited no. of students in 1 classroom (as per guidelines)


Properly sanitized rooms before and after classes (as per guidelines)


Temperature checks for every student/faculty before classes


Masks/Gloves/sanitizers available in each class for all students


Option to move to Live Virtual Classes in case of insecurity anytime during the program

Why Choose this Program?

  • Designed for freshers and young professionals exploring rewarding careers in Data Science
  • Python, SQL, Tableau, Data Science and Machine Learning tools & techniques and its applications
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Learning Format
  • Learn through immersive lectures delivered by our expert faculty in a classroom. Great Lakes faculty have been ranked among India’s Top Data Science academicians
  • Deepen your expertise by working on in-class data science lab sessions
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Dedicated Placement
  • Exclusive campus hiring drives with leading analytics companies
  • 150+ Participating Companies, 6.9 LPA average salary, 20 LPA highest salary, 85% avg salary hike
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Working Professional
Designed exclusively for freshers and young professionals exploring rewarding careers in Data Science
Career Support
Learn through immersive lectures delivered by our expert faculty in a classroom
Salary Hike
Deepen your expertise by working on in-class data science lab sessions
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Get placed in top companies with placement assistance
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Data Science and Engineering Course in Chennai

If you are one of the many enthusiastic youngsters who are desiring to start their career in data science? Or are you one of the many working professionals seeking the right opportunity to take up a data science course for encountering a career breakthrough? Learn more about data science if you are extremely passionate about starting a new career in this booming field.

Before we learn much exciting stuff about the current day's buzz word, data science, let us know what it is exactly.

What is data science?

Data science is a vast subject that comprises multiple disciplines employing several structures, patterns, systems, algorithms, and many more to derive the needed and meaningful insights from a particular set of data whether it is structured or unstructured. A person who works on data science is usually called as a data scientist.

The following are the major steps performed by any data scientists on a daily basis

  • Data acquisition
  • Data preparation
  • Data analysis
  • Data modeling
  • Data visualization
  • Data deployment
  • Data maintenance


What are the different job roles offered to someone that pursues a data science course?

Apart from data scientists, let us see what are the several job roles that can be offered in this specific field. Since data science has enormous demand and is being adopted by many industries, there are many job roles and many responsibilities being assigned to the people working in this field.

  • Data reporting executive
  • Business Analyst
  • Statistician
  • Data engineer
  • Data architech


What are the different roles and responsibilities of a data scientist?


Understanding the business problem : Before a data scientist could perform any operation, the first and foremost responsibility is to clearly understand the business problem. Understanding the problem also includes determining the objectives.


Probing : Asking several questions to avoid confusion and get the right information is also one of the major job roles of a data scientist.


Data collection : Once the problem is understood, a data scientist gathers data from multiple channels such as web servers, databases, etc. Retrieving the right data isn't an easy task as it demands a lot of effort and time.


Data Preparation : This process is divided into two categories. Namely, data cleaning and data transformation, The process of data cleaning consumes a lot of time as a data scientist encounters multiple complex scenarios to deal with. Working on inconsistent databases, duplicate data, misspelled attributes, etc are examples of the complex issues. Data transformation is the process of modifying the cleaned data considering the determined mapping route. Transforming the data that is understandable by the people involved in the project is a challenging task which any data scientist would encounter on a daily routine.


Data Analysis : Data analysis is the process of understanding what to be done with the derived data by applying various tools of data science. This process involves defining and refining the data. Data analysis is the most important phase of data science as it involves discovering the right way to execute the process using the given data.


Data Modeling : Data modeling is applying various approaches and systems to get the best model that fits the requirements to solve the existing business problems. Training the data models and testing them are two continuous processes involved in this specific phase of data science


Data Visualization and Communication : Creating effective reports is an important job role of a data scientist. Communicating with the clients and other people involved in the data science project to describe the derived solution by using various data visualization tools.


Data Deployment : Before deploying the project, data scientists will have to test them in a preproduction environment. Once it is successful, the data scientists would deploy it to the clients.


Data Maintenance :Once the project is delivered maintaining the analytics of the performance of the project would be the last duty involved in a data science project.


Scope for Data science in Chennai

Statistics state that there exit around 4000+ large scale and 8000+ small and medium scale industrial companies within the city of Chennai. Chennai is one of the most popular cities in our country that promotes IT services. Hence there exists an enormous scope for the field of  Data Science in Chennai. Currently, there are around 600+ job openings for different job roles in the field of data science. Hence making data science as a career is a wise choice. If you are a resident of Chennai or you desire to move there for finding a career opportunity, ensure that you take up the most prestigious and high in demand data science course in Chennai and give a kick start to your career.


Explore the most in demand data science courses offered by Great Learning

Data Science and Business Analytics Programs
Program Name Learning Mood Duration Weekend / Weekdays
PGP in Data Science and Business Analytics Online 11 Months Weekends
PGP - Data Science and Engineering Online 9 Months Weekends
Masters in Data Science and Machine Learning Classroom 21 Months Weekends
M.Tech - Data Science & Machine Learning Classroom 21 Months Weekends
Applied Data Science Bootcamp Online 12 Weeks Weekends

What are the major prerequisites of learning a data science course?

Programming Languages

Knowing different programming languages such as R, Python, C++ etc is a major prerequisite of learning a data science course. Being good at excel is an add on for learning data science. Python programming language is highly preferred in data science especially in the phase of data modeling.



Statistics is a major aspect of data science as data science work more on the application of statistical theories. In fact, one who pursues a data science course can also be referred to as a statistician. So, it is very important to be good at statistical concepts such as variability, normal distribution, etc help understand the various important modules of data science.


Data Visualization tools

The application of data visualization tools is one of the daily routines of any data scientist. So, it is necessary to have knowledge of the data visualization tools such as Tableau, click view, Power BI to make it easy for the clients as well as the other people working through this project.


What are the various sectors that apply data science?

Health care Industry

Data science gives the best understanding of the genetic issues and helps to understand the patient's reaction for any specific drug. This empowers a doctor to prescribe the best medicine for his patients.



Data science is also employed in the field of education. It serves various purposes such as monitoring the student needs, introducing the innovative curriculum, etc and enhance the learning methodologies of the education sector.


Logistics sector

Logistics companies are employing the techniques of data science to discover the best route to deliver a particular product. This saves a lot of time, money and effort on a daily basis contributing to the profit of these companies. Data science also helps the logistics sector to promote better customer experience.


Human Resource Management

Data science is being applied in human resource management to understand and analyze an employee's performance. This helps any organization to recognize and reward their employees.



Airlines are now employing data science techniques to predict the accurate landing time, delay time, etc which makes the passengers comfortable and better their traveling experience.

In the past decade, data science has become a need for many sectors and industries to serve various purposes. Apart from the above-mentioned industries, there are many more sectors employing data science in their businesses. There is an unbelievable scope for the profession above-mentioned in the field of Data science especially in cities like Chennai. Start an amazing career by choosing to take up an amazing Data Science course in Chennai.