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Why Learn Data Science?

Why Join our PG Data Science and Engineering Course?

Looking forward to building a career in data science and analytics? The 5-month PGP-Data Science Engineering Course in Bangalore by Great Learning and Great Lakes is designed to equip students with valuable data science techniques and technologies, along with teaching them hands-on applications via industry case studies.

Pursuing this course can help candidates transition to the role like data analysts, business analysts, data engineers, and analytics engineers in the domain of data science and analytics.

Ranked #1 in analytics education

The PGP-Data Science Engineering Course in Bangalore by Great Learning and Great Lakes has been ranked rank #1 nationwide for four consecutive years now. It holds an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 based on parameters such as course structure, faculty, pedagogy, and brand value.

PG Certificate from Great Lakes

Upholding its repute as one of the leading business schools in India, Great Lakes is the youngest institute in the country to receive AMBA and UK accreditations.

World class faculty

The faculty at Great Lakes, with their years of experience and knowledge, is among the best you can find. Many of the faculty members at Great Lakes are among the nation’s top data science academicians.

Intensive bootcamp format

Following an intensive bootcamp format, the Data Science Course requires students to work in data science lab sessions for building their expertise, alongside being trained by a highly reputed faculty. The entire course duration is 20 weeks and includes 4 weeks of capstone projects.

Hands-on learning

Important tools and skills sought by leading Data Science companies have also been taken into consideration for preparing the course structure. By the end of this course, candidates are well-trained in SQL, Python, Data Science, Machine Learning and Tableau. To build their knowledge, candidates are given several challenging projects on different topics and applications in Data Science, in addition to classroom lectures.

Placement assistance

The corporate network of Great Lakes is substantial and involves many leading names in the corporate sector that participate in its hiring drives. A few among such organizations are Mahindra, Cognizant, Flipkart, Big Basket, HSBC, and TVS to name a few.

Learn From India's Best Analytics School

6.9L Average CTC | 13.2L Highest CTC | 65% Average Salary Hike

Program Structure

The PGP-Data Science Course in Bangalore by Great Lakes is a comprehensive course that involves an amalgam of different learning methods like classroom lectures, industrial sessions with professional practitioners and practical exercises. Classes are held on weekdays and there are online discussions and assignments as well.

Classroom learning

Classroom sessions are held at 9:30 a.m. from Monday to Thursday at the Great Learning centre.

Lab sessions

There are regular lab sessions in class to assist candidates in applying their data science concepts to real-life scenarios, with thorough guidance from faculty members and industry experts.

4-Week project work

This involves an application-oriented industry project, directed and assessed by institute faculty and industry experts.

Great Lakes Certificate & ePortfolio

Earn a Great Lakes certificate and create an ePortfolio to showcase your learning & projects in a snapshot. Your certificate and ePortfolio can also be shared on social media channels to establish your credibility in Data Science.


Our corporate partners are deeply involved in curriculum design ensuring that it meets the current industry requirements for data science professionals.

  • Syntax and Semantics of Python programming
  • Conditional statements
  • Loops
  • Iterators
  • User-defined functions
  • NumPy
  • Pandas
  • Pandas
  • Summary statistics (mean, median, mode, variance, standard deviation)
  • Seaborne
  • matplotlib
  • Probability distribution
  • Normal distribution
  • Poisson's distribution
  • Bayes’ theorem
  • Central limit theorem
  • Hypothesis testing
  • One Sample T-Test
  • Anova and Chi-Square
  • Introduction to DBMS
  • ER diagram
  • Schema design
  • Key constraints and basics of normalization
  • Joins
  • Subqueries involving joins and aggregations
  • Sorting
  • Independent subqueries
  • Correlated subqueries
  • Analytic functions
  • Set operations
  • Grouping and filtering
Machine Learning Techniques
  • Multiple linear regression
  • Fitted regression lines
  • AIC, BIC, Model Fitting, Training and Test Data
  • Introduction to Logistic regression, interpretation, odds ratio
  • Misclassification, Probability, AUC, R-Square
  • CART
  • KNN (classifier, distance metrics, KNN regression)
  • Decision Trees (hyper parameter, depth, number of leaves)
  • Naive Bayes
  • Clustering - K-Means & Hierarchical
  • Distance methods - Euclidean, Manhattan, Cosine, Mahalanobis
  • Features of a Cluster - Labels, Centroids, Inertia
  • Eigen vectors and Eigen values
  • Principal component analysis
  • Bagging & Boosting
  • Random Forest
  • AdaBoost & Gradient boosting
  • Hackathon
  • Trend and seasonality
  • Decomposition
  • Smoothing (moving average)
  • SES, Holt & Holt-Winter Model
  • AR, Lag Series, ACF, PACF
  • ADF, Random walk and Auto Arima
  • Text cleaning, regular expressions, Stemming, Lemmatization
  • Word cloud, Principal Component Analysis, Bigrams & Trigrams
  • Web scrapping, Text summarization, Lex Rank algorithm
  • Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) Technique
  • Word2vec Architecture (Skip Grams vs CBOW)
  • Text classification, Document vectors, Text classification using Doc2vec
  • Building interactive dashboards using Tableau
  • Data Visualization using Tableau

Learn from the Best

Learn from leading academicians and experienced industry practitioners in the field of data science.

Placement Assistance

Participants from the course have secured roles such as Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Analysts, Analytics Consultants, etc. Here are some of the companies that have recently participated in the PG Data Science Course hiring drives:

Building Rewarding Careers in Data Science

Success Stories

The PG Data Science Course has been designed to help candidates jumpstart their careers in Data Science. Here is what some of our PG Data Science Course candidates have to shared.

Classroom Experience

Admission Details


  • done Applicants should have 60% or above in Xth, XIIth and Bachelor's degree.
  • done The program is open for candidates in their final semester and recent graduates with 0-3 years of experience.
  • done The PG Data Science Course is ideal for candidates with a graduation in a quantitative discipline like engineering, mathematics, commerce, sciences, statistics, economics, etc.

Selection Process

Step 1

Fill application form

Apply by filling a simple online application form.

Step 2

Application review

Admissions committee will review and shortlist.

Step 3

Screening call

Screening call with Alumni/ Program Director/ Faculty

Step 4

Aptitude test

Shortlisted candidates are required to appear for an online aptitude test.

Fee Details

3,50,000 + GST
Admission Fee-1 25,000
Admission Fee-2 25,000
1st Installment 1,00,000
2nd Installment 1,00,000
3rd Installment 1,00,000
Total 3,50,000


Candidates can pay the program fee through

Net Banking
Credit/Debit Cards
Cheque, DD

Financial Aid

Our tie-ups with several lending partners like HDFC Credila, Avanse (DHFL), MoneyTap, Credifiable, and Axis Bank ensure that money is not a constraint in the path of learning.

Upcoming Application Deadline


We follow a rolling admission process and admissions are closed once the requisite number of participants enroll for the upcoming batch. So, we encourage you to apply early and secure your seat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The program is a full time classroom program and spans 5 months including 1 month capstone project. Classes happen Monday to Thursday from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.
The capstone project is an opportunity for candidates to work on industry-like data science problems under the mentorship of faculty/industry mentors. This project would bring in the all the learnings that candidates would have gained in the course and would work on problems relevant in the industry using techniques and tools mastered in the PG Data Science course. The capstone project also becomes a way for candidates to showcase their analytics credentials and learning to their future employers.
The academic modules would be taught by senior faculty from Great Lakes. In addition to Great Lakes faculty, senior leadership from the industry would also participate in delivering certain topics/modules. See the indicative list here.

The PG Data Science course is open for candidates in their final semester and recent graduates with 0-3 years of experience. Applicants should also have 60% or above in Xth, XIIth, and Bachelor's.

Successful participants will be awarded a PG Program in Data Science and Engineering certificate by Great Lakes Executive Learning. Great Lakes has consistently been ranked among top business schools in the country for its Data Science, Analytics and MBA programs. Great Lakes has been ranked among top 10 in recruiter’s perception meaning that the Great Lakes certificate is valued highly by leading companies in India.
The PG Data Science Course is a holistic and rigorous program and follows a continuous evaluation scheme. Candidates are evaluated in the courses they undergo through case studies, quizzes, assignments or project reports.
Please see the Program Fee Structure here. Admissions office will help you in applying for loans once you receive the offer of admission. We ensure money is not a constraint in the path of learning.
We believe that learning should continue and hence, access to Learning Management System (Olympus) which houses the learning material would be available to the candidates up to one year post completion of the program.
All the requisite learning material is provided online to candidates through the Olympus - Learning Management System. Candidates are free to purchase any reference books or material as may be recommended by the faculty.
The classes for Gurgaon, Chennai, Bangalore & Hyderabad will be held at the Great Lakes Learning Center in the city. Classes for Mumbai will be held at Hotel Ramada-Powai, for Pune at MCCIA Trade Tower-Shivajinagar, and for Noida in Sector 18.
No accommodation is provided at our learning center. Outstation candidates are requested to arrange accommodation themselves.
The candidates need to bring their own laptops, the technology requirement shall be shared at the time of enrollment.
All interested candidates are required to apply for the Data Science Course through the online application form. A panel of Great Lakes faculty screen and shortlist candidates. The shortlisted candidates would then appear for an aptitude test followed by a personal interview. Selected candidates will receive admission offer letter.
We advise all candidates to have complete information before enrolling in the program. No refund requests will be accepted once the fee has been paid. However, there is a deferment policy where a candidate can choose to defer his enrollment to a future batch.
Yes, candidates do receive placement assistance in the Post Graduate Program in Data Science & Engineering. Upon successful completion of the program, candidates would be provided interview opportunities up to 3 months’ post completion of the program. We would also prepare candidates for these interviews by providing extensive support in terms of mentoring, CV review, interview preparation etc.
If you are interested in the Program, you can apply through the online application form. Please reach out to us at dse@greatlearning.in or +91 92056 80225 for any program or admission related queries.
Careers in analytics and data science are amongst the highest paid in the industry. Furthermore, the career growth that one can expect in these roles is far superior to other roles. With leading Indian and Global companies looking to ramp up their analytics hiring, this is the best time to build a career in analytics and data science. Salaries for these roles while being higher than other comparable roles are subjective and depend on the quality of candidate and the recruiting company. As per analytics salary studies, average salaries for fresher roles in analytics (0-3 years) in India vary between 3-8 lacs.
The Great Learning Center is located in Plot No. 758 - 759, 1st Floor, 19th Main Rd, Sector 2, HSR Layout, (Near Sri Sai Mandir), Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

An industry-aligned and up-to-date course in Data Science

A few years ago, people had confused reactions to subjects like “data science” and “big data”. However over the years, this is something that has undergone significant change, with data science course in India having become a normal part of conversation among folks.

Contrary to what one might think, the story of how data science courses in Bangalore and other parts of the country became a popular choice with people is a simple combination of computer science and statistics. It is recently that “data science” and “training” for it, appeared to specially designate a profession which intends to make sense of the vast stocks of data that we have generated.

The past decade or so proved to be dynamic in relation to technology in the country. At present, India ranks among the biggest economies across the globe. Furthermore, with a multitude of investments coming into the country, the number of multinational companies here has also greatly increased.

Data science training is helping reshape the way people within the nation utilize data. It has also had a major influence on statistical foreshadowing.

What does Data Science mean?

Before anyone decides to enroll themselves in a graduate program or PG course in data science online or offline, they must first understand what the course involves. Data science refers to a multidisciplinary field that employs algorithm development, data inference and technology so as to enable professionals to solve complicated analytical issues.

Data happens to be at the center of every aspect of the world at present. There are piles of raw information that are constantly streaming in and are not just kept in a business’ data warehouse. A well- prepared professional can use this information and extract a lot out of it, thereby utilizing it to its full potential.

Uncovering Data Insight

The discovery of data insights is an important factor in any data scientist course in Bangalore, as it is about identifying several interpretations from data. This section of data science training is basically about teaching students the right manner of diving into data at a granular level, post which they can mine, study and comprehend inferences, behaviours, and trends. This reveals any unseen insights that might aid an enterprise in coming up with better business decisions.

Mining of Data Insights

After an individual has had online data science training and gained some practical experience in the field, mining for data insights tends to become easier. Data mining starts with a simple assessment. Data scientists first examine various leads, following this they try to recognize the different characteristics or patterns that show up within the data. Besides having a predisposition towards computer science, a candidate must also have analytical creativity in order to efficiently complete online data science training.

To know the basics of data mining and the analysis of these findings, one can either join full-time data science classes or attain an online certification as a data scientist. Once the data has been mined, a data scientist can employ quantitative techniques on the findings. This will cover inferential models, time series forecasting, segmentation analysis, synthetic control experiments, and so on. The data science classes you take should assist you in scientifically assembling an interpretation of what the data actually refers to. This thus helps in achieving an insight that is data-driven and can aid organizations to receive some important strategic guidance too.

After acquiring an online diploma in data science, a person can serve as a consultant to direct businesses and stakeholders regarding how they must act on data findings.

Why study data science online?

Some professionals might wonder as to why they should opt for data science training courses or take online data science programs. The answer to this query involves “Big Data”. Practically every company or firm has large volumes of data, which it wishes to utilize to discover ways to grow its business. Offline or online classes in data science prepare a candidate with multidisciplinary skills that educated them regarding how large amounts of data must be handled and analysed. Hereof, individuals with online certifications in data science become significant for various sectors and industries.

Using one’s skills in programming, statistics, maths and other subjects to appropriately organize big sets of data, and then use the knowledge thus acquired through online data science training to discover unseen solutions in the big data, which can aid the organization to attain their objectives are things that candidates with an online certification course as a data scientist in Bangalore will know.

Currently, the country has witnessed a considerable increase in the multitude of industries and sectors with a variety of job openings for those with an online data science certificate. Choosing to study an online data science course in Bangalore can help enhance the career prospects of the students.

Some Job Titles Related to an Online Data Science Certificate

There are a lot of options available to those who have completed data science training courses, including:

  • Data Scientists
  • Data Architects
  • Data Engineers
  • Big Data Engineers
  • BI Specialists
  • Data Visualization Developers
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Engineers
  • Statisticians
  • Business Analytics Specialists
  • Analytics Managers
  • BI Solutions Architects

Are you on the lookout for the best online data science certificate program?

In order to make the most of a diploma or post-graduation in data science, one must have knowledge of a variety of things starting from computer science, machine learning, python and deep learning to mathematics and statistics. Any missing skill can impact your prospects of becoming a good data scientist. In addition to this, you must also consider the fees for a data science course in Bangalore.

It is always smart to get in touch with others in the same domain and clear away any confusion that you may have when selecting the curriculum or course for data science, before choosing a data science certification in India or a blended or online data science course.

Great Learning presents some of the most inclusive and advanced curriculums for online data science classes, as far as blended or online data science programs are concerned. Co-created by some of the leading industry practitioners and faculty members, online data science courses in Bangalore at Great Learning will assist you in attaining the finest prospects for career growth in data science.

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