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Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Learn to apply concepts with 90+ cloud services and work with all relevant tools and platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud & DevOps.
  • Work on 15+ hands-on labs & industry-relevant projects.
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  • Get personalised mentoring and guidance from thought leaders with several years of industry experience.
  • 100+ hours of instructional content with live doubt-clearing sessions with mentors
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Pioneers in Cloud Program
  • We are India's leaders in the cloud industry and preferred choice of technology professionals.
  • We were the first ones to launch the mentorship-driven program in India and now we have expanded internationally with learners from multiple countries.
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Work on 15+ use cases through labs & industry relevant projects across multiple cloud platforms and build an impressive portfolio.
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We are India's leaders in the cloud industry and preferred choice of technology professionals.
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More than 800 alumni of our cloud program have successfully transitioned to roles like solution architect, lead consultant, lead developer, etc.
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India's First Mentorship-Driven Cloud Program

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The Need of Pursuing a Cloud Computing Course in Pune


Cloud Computing is expected to achieve exponential growth in the near future. Especially in the city of Pune which is a prominent IT hub of the country, this technology is high in demand. Contemplating this demand, many are certainly seeking a career shift into this specific domain to stay updated in their profession. If you are one among the many in Pune that is desiring a career shift and are considering Cloud Computing as the right domain, it is essential for you to learn about the fundamentals of Cloud Computing technology before taking up the Cloud Computing classes in Pune.


What is Cloud Computing?

Before we understand what Cloud Computing is, we must understand how things were before the evolution of Cloud Computing. Before the existence of Cloud Computing, if we need any IT infrastructure components like the webserver or any software application, it is extremely risky in terms of investment and operation. For example to establish an e-commerce website we need to purchase databases, servers, software requirements and hire technical experts to manage and monitor the operations and infrastructure which involves a lot of investment.

Cloud Computing is accessing a specific network of remote servers hosted on the internet to operate, manage, and store the data securely than using a local server.

There are many companies that provide various cloud services. These are called Cloud Providers. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc are the renowned examples of cloud providers. These providers enable us with all the abilities to operate and manage the services through a global network.


Why did this technology gain immense stipulation?

There are many reasons which made Cloud Computing a need for any IT industry.  The amazing benefits it renders are the main reasons for gaining massive interest.


Let us understand a few of these benefits


Cloud Computing promotes immense security to your data. Your data will be stored in a secure fashion. Besides providing security cloud also assures safety as your data will be stored in durable and reliable storage to prevent it from being lost. The stored data can also be replicated to several locations. The stored data is completely encrypted to regulate end to end security. All these attributes make cloud the best choice for securing the data like no other local servers ensure better security than the cloud.


Data Collaboration

Working with huge amounts of data is a challenging job. Having a local server, working with a team that is spread across various locations would be difficult as it offers poor collaborating facilities. A lot of tools and technologies must be put together to make it easy for other people to access and operate the data.

With the cloud, the collaboration will be made much simpler as the teams from several locations are provided with extreme ease to access the cloud. Cloud provides access to the tools and techniques that make the sharing of data an easy process.


Less Time Consumption

The implementation is a huge process on the on-premise that consumes a lot of time. Cloud makes it simpler and easier to implement and consumes a very short span compared to an on-premise setup. With the cloud, it is very easy to increase or decrease the production rate. Hence cloud promotes scalability too. With the cloud, you can store the data from anywhere and access it from anywhere.


Cost reduction

One of the greatest challenges that any industry or business faces is an investment. Cloud Computing completely erases the risk of investment while offering better services at the lowest rates. With the cloud, you could do a lot more than what you could do on-premise. Cloud enables you to rent the services that you need and pay for the amount of time that you use them.


The Demand for Cloud Computing in the city of Pune

Pune being one of the country's major IT hubs has got an expansive demand for this eminent technology. Statistics state that the domain of Cloud Computing in Pune at present has got around 2000+ opportunities. To fit into these exciting job roles, many are striving to obtain a Cloud Computing certification in Pune. Even as there exists many institutes that offer Cloud Computing training in Pune and many are sprouting up to claim to render the best training programs in this domain, you got to be mindful of choosing the ideal one. 


Payscale of Cloud Computing

One of the major factors that are driving interest to pursue Cloud Computing courses in Pune is the attractive payroll it offers. The domain of Cloud Computing is observed to render the highest paid job roles. The average pay scale of a Cloud Computing professional in India is estimated as 10 lakh per annum. The pay scale of this domain varies from 8 to 30 lakh. Hence opting to take up the Cloud Computing training in Pune would surely be the wisest decision you make.


Which is the place that offers the best Cloud Computing classes in Pune?

Amongst many other institutes in Pune, Great Learning certainly stands as an ideal choice to gain the best Cloud Computing training in Pune.

Now the question is


Why Great Learning? What makes it the best of all?

This course by Great Learning is definitely a life-changing program for anyone that pursues.


1. Great Learning is deeply regarded for the best faculty members it has got to deliver the comprehensive and intense knowledge to its candidates. Each of them possesses great experience and is also alumni of the world-renowned institutes.

2. The curriculum of the Post Graduation program in Cloud Computing by Great Learning is perfectly designed by the experts in this domain to ensure to cover the industry-relevant topics and equip the students with everything that the industry needs.

3. Great Learning has got the best and intense real-life projects for each of its candidates to successfully employ each of the tools and techniques they have learned throughout the program. This helps them gain expertise in the hands-on application of the Cloud Computing platforms and tools.

4. Great learning is associated with a lot of top-notch companies that take part in placement drives, it offers its students with the best placement opportunities in the country.

Hence, there is no better choice than Great learning if you are seeking for an institute that provides Cloud Computing courses with Placement opportunities in Pune.

Besides the above described traits, there are a lot more that makes Great Learning stand top of all.