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  • Learn to apply concepts with 90+ cloud services and work with all relevant tools and platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud & DevOps.
  • Work on 15+ hands-on labs & industry-relevant projects.
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  • Get personalised mentoring and guidance from thought leaders with several years of industry experience.
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  • We are India's leaders in the cloud industry and preferred choice of technology professionals.
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Work on 15+ use cases through labs & industry relevant projects across multiple cloud platforms and build an impressive portfolio.
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We are India's leaders in the cloud industry and preferred choice of technology professionals.
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More than 800 alumni of our cloud program have successfully transitioned to roles like solution architect, lead consultant, lead developer, etc.
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The Fascinating Demand for the Cloud Computing Courses in Mumbai

We all are aware of the vast opportunities that the field of Cloud Computing offers in the 21st century. So many in Mumbai are seeking a transition into this domain. There is a considerable increase in the multitude of people desiring a career shift into this specific domain. If you belong to the set of people seeking the best Cloud Computing institute in Mumbai, you will need to know what it is, how it works, what are the applications, what are the prerequisites, and many more before you take up Cloud Computing training in Mumbai.


Let us understand the basics of Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing? Why is it needed?

Before we clearly understand what Cloud Computing is, let us try to understand the scenario before the evolution of Cloud Computing.

In order to host any website, you will need to purchase a stack of servers and several tools to work with. This involves a huge investment.

Besides investing a lot on the servers and tools, you will also need experts to monitor and maintain those.


Existing challenges before the evolution of Cloud Computing

1. Servers are expensive. Hence it is challenging to set up the server system.

2. Troubleshooting is a challenging task. Detecting problems and finding resolutions creates conflict with respect to business goals. Hence multitasking or hiring a new set of employees to focus on troubleshooting would be the two chances to regulate troubleshooting and efficiency in parallel.

3. The traffic arriving on the website varies from time to time considering the location and the time. This makes the servers to be idle most of the time.

4. You will need a considerable amount of storage space to store the existing and about to generate data. Hence data these days is being generated in huge amounts, you will end up paying a lot for the storage space.


Why Choose Cloud Computing?

Considering all the limitations with the local systems, Cloud Computing is designed to provide you with everything that you need at a very minimal cost. Cloud offers you the storage space, tools and techniques, servers, and many more.  Cloud ensures you to orchestrate various functions, applications, manage, and monitor resources. Cloud enables you to access all these together by combining all the data centers (places where you store the data) together through a well-structured network and then providing you with access to operate the data and the resources.

With the cloud, you will be charged the minimally for the time and resources you have used. This enables you to do a lot more on the cloud with what you could do on a local server.

All the cloud service providers provide you with greater benefits as they take care of all the concerns such as security, infrastructure, promote ease of scalability, flexibility, and many more. All these benefits empower you to focus on your business and improve efficiency.


Job roles of Cloud Computing

The domain of Cloud Computing is not restricted to any specific industry/domain.

Cloud Computing provides access to a wide range of job opportunities all around the world. In fact, cloud computing certification provides you with global access to take up a career in this field. Below are a few of the exciting job roles that this specific domain offers.


1. Software engineer.

2. Software architect.

3. Development operations engineer.

4. Cloud engineer.

5. Java developer.

6. Cloud Architect.

7. Data Scientist.


Payscale of Cloud Computing in India

Cloud Computing is known for the unbelievable payrolls it offers. The pay scale of this domain is also considered as one of the main reasons that are influencing many youngsters to pursue a Cloud Computing training in Mumbai. Even as the pay scale of the Cloud Computing professionals in India varies from 10 lakh to 30 lakh per annum, the average pay scale is estimated as 10 lakh.


The Existing Demand For the Cloud Computing certification in Mumbai

Mumbai is the first city to embrace the IT sector in India, has got heart for this flourishing technology. Mumbai at present has got around 3000+ vacancies to work in this specific field. This exhibits the scope and demand for the Cloud Computing technology in Mumbai. Examining the radical increase of demand for experts working in this field, many enthusiastic youngsters are aspiring for a shift in their careers. Hence the demand for Cloud Computing training in Mumbai is increasing day by day. There are many institutes that are claiming to offer Cloud Computing courses in Mumbai with placement opportunities. The number of Cloud Computing institutes in Mumbai is also increasing exponentially.

If you are confused among the many institutes that provide Cloud Computing training and placement Mumbai, Great Learning is the perfect choice for you.


Here are the top 5 reasons why you must choose Great Learning to take up the Cloud Computing classes in Mumbai.

1. Great Learning is ranked as one amongst the country's best institutes.

2. The outstanding curriculum of Great Learning equips the candidates with all the knowledge and skills that the industry is looking for.

3. Great Learning offers the best opportunities to gain hands-on working experience.

4. Great Learning provides each of the students with a personal mentor to direct them in every step of their journey.

5. Great Learning offers the best placement opportunities as it is associated with the most prestigious companies of the country.


Applications of Cloud Computing Technology

Cloud Computing has become a necessity for every sector. Many industries are applying this technology to serve different benefits in different ways. Any industry that accesses the internet would need Cloud Computing to serve them in some or the other way. As a matter of fact, these applications are gaining huge demand for Cloud Computing technology.


Let us look into a few of the real-world applications of Cloud Computing



Cloud Computing empowers any business to grow its revenue by improving productivity. The tools and techniques offered by cloud technology serve you to obtain the most reliable business solutions. The decisions driven by adapting this technology lets you coincide with your customer behavior and provide enhanced customer service. This, in turn, generates an increase in return on investments.


Financial Sector

We are witnessing radical changes in the field of banking where everything is being digitized. As security is one of the major concerns of the financial sector, Cloud Computing renders enhanced security.

Data science is serving the financial sector to provide customized as well as trustworthy customer service besides minimizing the risks. In this way, Cloud Computing is facilitating the banking/ financial sector to improve the efficiency of their services.

Apart from the above-described sectors many organizations/ domains are excited to adopt this technology. The list of these sectors includes Healthcare, Education, Management, Social Networking Sites, Methodological Forecasting, and many more.