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We are India's leaders in the cloud industry and preferred choice of technology professionals.
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The Rising Demand for Cloud Computing in the City of Bangalore

Cloud Computing is one of the high in demand technologies of the modern technological era. These days the domain of Cloud Computing has attained great interest. Many youngsters are dreaming of pursuing a career in this field. Let us learn a few things about this technology.


What is Cloud Computing ?

Cloud Computing refers to the application of various internet servers and a range of hardware and software resources rather than using a local server on your system to manage, store and operate the data according to your requirements.

Cloud Computing allows you to store and manage your data using several databases and also process the data using the servers that possess a greater processing speed.

In simple words, Cloud Computing can be defined as computing over the internet. Even as most of the companies are looking for the people that work on data to turn the data into meaningful insight and improve their business, they will need people to work on the security of their data.


The Arousing Need of Pursuing a Cloud Computing Course in Bangalore

Cloud Computing in Bangalore has gained enormous enthusiasm in recent times. Bangalore is the city that has the greatest demand for Cloud Computing than any other city in the country. Statistics states that Bangalore alone has got around 10000+ openings for various job roles of Cloud Computing which is the highest of all other cities. This is leading to an increase in the ratio of institutes offering Cloud Computing certification in Bangalore.


The Pay-Scale of Cloud Computing

The pay scale of this domain is one of the main reasons for gaining traction. This field is observed to offer one of the highest pay scales in the country. The average salary of a Cloud Computing Architect in India is determined as 10 lakhs per annum which is a pretty decent number. The salary scale ranges from 10 to 30 lakh considering various aspects of the candidate's expertise.


Job Roles of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is one of the fields that offers most of the in demand job roles. Many companies are looking to fill several tech positions with  Cloud Computing candidates that display the immense demand it has gained in the 21st century.

Linkedin has declared the job roles of Cloud Computing is one of the most in demand jobs in the country in recent times.

The candidates possessing a Cloud Computing Certification in Bangalore are offered a wide range of interesting job roles.

Below are the few job roles of Cloud Computing

1. Software engineer.

2. Software architect.

3. Development operations engineer.

4. Cloud engineer.

5. Java developer.

6. Cloud Architect.

7. Data Scientist.


Benefits of Cloud Computing

This technology offers many outstanding benefits to any organization which is the reason for the demand that Cloud Computing courses have attained.


Let us look into the top four benefits of Cloud Computing


1. Scalability

Scalability is a major challenge in any business. Forecasting the demand and planning the supply is the most crucial as well as a full time job of any organisation. Cloud enables you to access those resources that empower you to meet the demand. Cloud Computing accommodates all your needs to increase the scalability and derive the desired results. The promotion of scalability results in an increase in performance.


2. Cost Reduction

One of the greatest benefits offered by Cloud Computing is the reduction of IT costs. Data is one of the essentials of any organisation. You will need to spend huge amounts on physical hardware investments. Besides, you will need people to operate it and ensure the security of the confidential data.

Cloud Computing provides an online platform to access tools and storage space. This helps organisations to save on their capital expenditure on storage spaces. The cloud service provider will enable you with every desired hardware and software entity.


3. Flexibility

Cloud is not confined to any specific location, device, network, etc. As long as you are connected to the internet you can access the software, data, servers, and everything you need from anywhere. This erases the constraint of accessibility from a remote location and hence promotes flexibility. All the computing needs will be met when you have access to the internet.

Cloud also offers a set of tools and techniques accessible offline. This is another major benefit offered by the cloud to contribute to flexibility.


4. Security

Security has always been a major concern of any organization/ industry. The technology of Cloud Computing is designed to promote enhanced security to protect the confidential data from theft, data loss, data leakage, and many more concerns associated with security. All the data in the cloud will be stored in a centralized and secured territory. The whereabouts of your data remain extremely confidential and secure when you have it on the cloud.


Which is the Best Cloud Computing Training Institute in Bangalore?

With the rise in demand for this technology, many institutes claim to offer professional courses in this domain. It is crucial to choose an institute that offers the best Cloud Computing training in Bangalore.

If you are fervently seeking a career in this domain and are trying to find the best institute within Bangalore, Great Learning is the ultimate choice you have got.


Why Great Learning and what makes it stand as the best of all other Cloud Computing institutes in Bangalore?


There are many attributes that cause Great Learning to stand at the top of the list of the institutes that offer training in this technology.


Let us look into a few of them


1. Program Structure

The program structure of the Cloud Computing Course by Great Learning is designed to meet the industry requirements. The curriculum of this program is designed by highly knowledgeable and deeply experienced experts to ensure that this course fetches the candidates with all the desired knowledge and skills. This program is also designed to ensure the flexibility of the candidates to pursue Cloud Computing coaching in Bangalore without causing major disruptions to your work life.


2. Faculty

The faculty crew of Great Learning is recognized as one amongst the country's best. Each of the faculty members of Great Learning is alumni of a few of the top institutes of the world and they possess an outstanding experience of teaching in this specific domain.


3. Career Support

Great Learning has been associated with several reputed companies that participate in regular placement drives. Each of the candidates will be provided with excellent placement opportunities with the best organizations in the country. In fact, the certification of Great Learning is being viewed on par with IIM's and IIT's for the excellence and quality of education it provides to the candidates. Hence the profile of these candidates gains an optimistic opinion from the recruiter's perspective.


4. Mentorship

Great learning provides each of its candidates with a personal mentor that guides and assists them in each step of the training. The mentors of Great learning possess great knowledge and skills to understand and solve the issues of the candidates associated with this course. The mentors go beyond the limitations to assist their best to the candidates and help them by clarifying their doubts, guiding them in making choices associated with the program as well as placements, and many more.

Besides the above mentioned attributes, there are many that bring Great Learning the highest regard.