Batch Profile

At Great Lakes, our focus has been to ensure that the PGP-Big Data Analytics batch is well-rounded in terms of experience, diversity and educational background thereby making the learning experience valuable and impactful.

The batch has a collective experience of over 328 man-years with an average experience of over 8 years and ranging from 4 to 15 years (not including a few outliers with 20 years of experience). The batch has excellent diversity across senior executives, mid-career executives and young professionals. Provided below is a snapshot of the diversity in the batch in terms of work experience:

Work Experience Distribution

The class is composed of professionals in diverse roles from some of the leading organizations spanning various industries. While majority of the class is from the technology sector, there is a good representation BFSI, Analytics, Media, Manufacturing, etc.

Industry Diversity

The education backgrounds of PGP-Big Data Anlytics candidates have also been considered during the admission process. The focus has been to ensure diversity across various degrees and disciplines of education. While 32% of the class has a master’s degree (MBA, MCA, M.Tech., MS, etc.) 62% of the class is composed of engineers and about 6% have received their education in Sciences, Commerce and other disciplines.

Educational Background

We are delighted to have such an eclectic and diverse mix of working professionals pursuing the PGP- Big Data Analytics. One of the key indicators of quality would also be the organizations that our candidates are currently working with or have worked with. The candidates have been associated with leading Indian and global organizations. Some of these are:

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