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Designed for working professionals
Career Support
Exclusive career fairs for our learners
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Avg. hike of 48%, 300+ hiring partners
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12+ Projects under the guidance of industry experts

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Artificial Intelligence Course By Great Learning: A Future To Rely On

As technology advances along with time, AI or Artificial Intelligence can be seen making its mark everywhere. Human capabilities like understanding the intricacies of different languages, vision, speech, as well as crafting intelligent ideas are all now achievable with the use of AI technology that goes way beyond simple day-to-day applications. At Great Learning, we invest in the technology of the future, and AI is one such technology, is one of our most popular courses. Our Artificial Intelligence course picks up aspiring AI knowledge seekers all the way from a basic introduction to the mastery of skills that help develop deep learning portfolios for effective industrial implementations.


What technologies are used for developing AI Skills?

The basic skills taught in the Artificial Intelligence course by our highly-trained academicians includes:

  • Python Programming Language

  • Mathematics

  • Data Analysis

  • Azure Machine Learning

  • Computer Vision

  • Speech Recognition

  • Natural Language Processing


What will you learn with Great Learning Artificial Intelligence Course ?

If you are someone looking to learn this highly in-demand skill, enrolling in our Artificial Intelligence course is the best thing you can do.

Here is a general plan for the Artificial Intelligence course provided at Great Learning.

Artificial Intelligence - Introduction:


What is Artificial Intelligence or AI ?

The short answer to What is Artificial Intelligence is that it depends on who you ask. A layman with a fleeting understanding of technology would link it to robots. They’d say Artificial Intelligence is a terminator like-figure that can act and think on its own. An AI researcher would say that it’s a set of algorithms that can produce results without having to be explicitly instructed to do so. And they would all be right.

AI courses at Great Learning provide you with an overview of the current implementation scenario in various industries. With an in-depth introduction to artificial intelligence, you can easily master the basics for a better future in the course.


Python Language for Data Science (Introduction) :

In our course to learn AI, we start with basic statistics & probability that help you with your numbers game. We introduce you to proper handling techniques for data structures like the Python lists, Pandas DataFrames, or the Numpy Arrays.


Essential Mathematics (Machine Learning) :

The AI online course will familiarise you with mathematical concepts applicable while studying machine learning.


Ethics & Law in Data & Analytics :

If you are looking for the best Artificial Intelligence course in India, Great Learning is just what you need. With our course to learn artificial intelligence, you also get to investigate the applied implications of data methods designed for the ethical and legal work in AI and Analytics.


Essentials of Data Science :

Learn essential Data Science skills with our artificial intelligence course in India. Our experienced lecturers help you obtain the essential knowledge along with hands-on experience by covering the research and science aspects in data science while using the Python language.


Create Models based on Machine Learning :

Our Artificial Intelligence online course had been designed to cater to everything that is necessary for proper AI development and will help you acquire hands-on experience for deriving and building proper insights from the models for machine learning.


Create Models based on Deep Learning :

Deep Learning has been dubbed as the basic enabler for AI-based technologies that are being developed at a rate faster than ever all across the world. With our artificial intelligence online course, you get to learn about the various ways to build & derive proper insights from the models created using the Python –Jupyter notebooks that run on the Linux or Windows machine, or a virtual machine that operates on Azure.


Creating Reinforcement Learning Models :

With our Artificial Intelligence course, you will get an introduction to the world based on reinforcement learning. In your journey to learn Artificial Intelligence, you will be introduced to Project Malmo which is a platform dedicated to experimentation with Artificial Intelligence while researching the different bases of reinforcement learning.


Development of Applied Artificial Intelligence


Intelligence Solutions :

Great Learning with its best artificial intelligence course also caters you the best-in-class teaching techniques for computer vision & image analysis for the applied AI course. Another option in Great Learning’s best artificial intelligence course is the fact that you can pick to learn the variants of Speech Recognition Systems. Another AI technology you get to learn with Great Learning applied AI course is the NLP or Natural Language Processing. In the applied AI course provided by Great Learning, you will receive a complete and thorough overview of NLP and different ways to use the classic methods for Machine Learning.


The Final Phase :

In order to validate the knowledge and skills you have acquired over time with our applied AI course, we will test your skills with professional tests for AI and a test that will evaluate your real-world AI understanding capabilities. At the end of this final phase for the artificial intelligence course, upon successful completion, you are awarded a certificate that states you have a complete understanding of the crucial elements involved in crafting technology that uses Artificial Intelligence.


Why choose Great Learning for your Artificial Intelligence Course ?

Each course catered by Great Learning features a hands-on lab experience that helps you learn as well as apply the highly critical skills from the field of Artificial Intelligence. We also include the assessments of the course that require more than memorization to ensure that you possess a particularly in-depth understanding of recently acquired skills.


The Benefits of opting for Artificial Intelligence course catered by Great Learning include:


Learn at your own time : All our courses can be availed online and can be studied at any time online depending on your schedule. Regardless of whether you have plans to spend a few hours every day or use your weekends to get through this course, we have just the right syllabus for all. With a good internet connection and phone/tablet, you can view all our video courses in Artificial Intelligence tutorial. So, get your artificial intelligence certification for PG-Program in Artificial Intelligence at Great Learning without worrying about time constraints.


Affordable Prices : The best thing about Artificial Intelligence certification course catered by Great Learning is that you can learn it at an affordable price. Investing in a high-paying course as a career choice is no more expensive.


More about our Artificial Intelligence Program

1. What do you learn with our Artificial Intelligence Program?

AI and Machine Learning have a wide line of industrial as well as social applications which include transportation, healthcare, logistics, insurance, customer service, and so on. So, a PG Program in artificial intelligence and Machine Learning from Great Learning can help you a lot.


2. Why choose the career of AI Professionals?

It is one of the careers with the highest payroll and minimal competition as it requires in-depth research and amazing skills for problem-solving. So, if you are someone in need of a lucrative career, our Artificial intelligence course is just the right choice.


3. What do you learn with the Great Learning Artificial Intelligence Course ?

  • As you learn the intricate inclusions of our program in artificial intelligence course, here are the major things you will accomplish:
  • Understand & master principles and concepts of Machine Learning which includes heuristic and mathematical aspects.
  • Understand the neural networks & abstraction of multi-data abstraction which empowers you a chance to analyze & utilize data as never before.
  • Acquire the ability for application of AI techniques for solving problems and explaining the limitations that come with current AI techniques.
  • Formalize any given problem based on the framework for AI methodologies which include search problems, planning issues, or satisfaction problem with technology constraint.


4. What are the projects included in the Great Learning’s AI course ?

Our Artificial Intelligence program includes classes that help you master various concepts such as unsupervised learning, supervised learning, Support for Vector Machines, TensorFlow, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, as well as Recurrent Neural Networks.


5. Who can take the Artificial Intelligence Course?

The Great Learning Artificial Intelligence Course is suitable for someone who is:

  • A developer who wants to be a Machine Learning Engineer or Artificial Intelligence Scientist

  • Analytics Managers that lead a team comprised of Analysts

  • Information Architects that want expertise in the AI algorithms

  • Analytics professionals that aim to work in AI or Machine Learning

  • Graduates who want to build a career in Machine Learning or AI

  • Experienced professionals that want to harness AI in their current work field

So, wait no more and Apply Now for more information about our Artificial Intelligence course.


The Fundamentals Of Artificial Intelligence

In an attempt to recreate human intelligence, artificial intelligence draws heavily from various branches of study, like philosophy, mathematics, economics, neuroscience, computer engineering, psychology, control theory and cybernetics, linguistics, and more. 

The fundamentals of artificial intelligence are based on these components and can be subdivided further into machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks. Let’s take a look at all these sub-branches:


1. Machine Learning : Machine learning is a sub-branch of AI that teaches machines to learn any task without the help of explicit directions. It teaches machines to learn by drawing inferences from past experience. Machine learning primarily focuses on developing computer programs that can access and analyze data to identify patterns and understand data behavior to reach possible conclusions without any kind of human intervention. 


2. Deep Learning : As the name suggests deep learning is an AIML technique that probes deeper into the layers of data to extract information and keep gathering them to form a cumulative body of knowledge. It is especially useful for machines to execute a range of tasks and not just any specific task. Deep learning enables computers to analyze any set of data and use that information to work on a range of tasks. Deep learning professionals device general-purpose algorithms that help machines learn more than just one task.


3. Neural Networks : Neural networks acutely follow the functions of human neural cells through a series of algorithms that capture the relationship between different underlying variables and processes that data as the human brain analyzing training data. In most cases, the examples in the training models are hand-labeled in advance so that the machine can identify each object as a certain label. The neural networks used by machines today are mostly feed-forward, meaning that data moves through them in only one direction.


4. Natural Language Processing : Natural language processing or NLP is a branch of AIML that focuses on teaching computers to understand, interpret, and manipulate the natural languages spoken by humans. NLP heavily relies on linguistic studies and information processing help machines understand user communication and respond appropriately. This involves speech recognition, natural language understanding, and natural language generation.


5. Computer Vision : Computer vision tries to decode how the human visual system works and replicate the same in computers. Computer vision algorithms break down digital images and videos to study different parts of any object. This process enables machines to classify and learn from a set of visual data and use the information gathered to complete any specific task.


6. Cognitive Computing :  Cognitive computing algorithms try to imitate the human thought process, especially for situations where the decisions or answers are ambiguous and cannot be decoded in binaries. Cognitive computing is an evolving technology that is in much use today in cognitive applications like robotics, virtual reality, and more.

What are the Types of Artificial Intelligence?

Based on the end goal, artificial intelligence can be divided into three categories. Not of these categories are used simultaneously for the same set of tasks. Depending on the criticality of the issue, any of these three categories can be used to solve the problem. The three categories are as follows:


1. Narrow Artificial Intelligence : 

Narrow AI is the most commonly used AI in the market today. This category of artificial intelligence deals with relatively easier tasks that can be completed without much hassle. Regular AI applications like recommendation systems, weather forecasting etc use narrow AI. Incidentally, this is the only category of AI that exists today. Artificial Narrow intelligence has been able to imitate human intelligence closely but with the limitations of a controlled environment and a set number of parameters. 


2. General Artificial Intelligence :

Though still a theoretical concept, artificial general intelligence is a very popular technology that scientists and enthusiasts are talking about. Artificial general intelligence refers to a human-level cognitive function for a range of applications including language processing, image processing, computational functioning and reasoning, and more. 

An AGI system would require an entire system of Narrow AIs to work together in tandem. When thousands of narrow AI work together, they are more capable of mimicking human intelligence effectively and performing high intelligence tasks.

3. Super Artificial Intelligence:

If artificial narrow intelligence and artificial general intelligence aims to perfect imitating human intelligence, artificial superintelligence aims to surpass that. This is almost a science fiction territory which deals with a yet impossible category of artificial intelligence that will be able to outperform human capabilities. However, Super AI  is not any random theory but more of a natural progression from General AI. Our artificial intelligence courses today are devised in such a way that not only will you master the existing technologies but also pick up tools of developing new ideas to propagate the technologies of tomorrow.


Artificial Intelligence Prerequisites : 

A few prerequisites for pursuing a career in artificial intelligence and machine learning is having a background in mathematics, computer science, statistics, etc. Have a look at it in detail:


  1. Mathematical Acumen : Basic mathematical skills like calculus, linear algebra, statistical analysis are required to form a strong foundation. Since much of the data that you will deal with while learning AIML techniques have multiple dimensions, it is important to have calculative skills.

  2. Statistics : Understanding of probability distribution and similar statistical concepts will help you understand and model real-world data. 

  3. Coding Capabilities : coding skills are an absolute requirement for AIML programming. Most of the open-source libraries are available in Python and R(especially data science libraries). Thus a good knowledge of Python can accelerate the learning curve. 

However, this is not to say that you need to be an expert in all these domains to enroll for our online course in Artificial intelligence and machine learning. We have designed our AIML course so that it takes you through the basic prerequisites before starting the course so that you can revise the skills or pick up the essentials in case you don’t have any of the aforementioned knowledge.


Applications of Artificial Intelligence :

AI is revolutionizing businesses across the globe today. It is transforming many industries with a more data-driven approach. As an increasing number of industries adopt AIML technologies, let’s look at a couple of Artificial Intelligence Application use cases.


1. Healthcare Industry : Artificial intelligence helps with the day-to-day administration in the health industry to minimize errors and optimize efforts. NLP is often used to transcribe medical notes and structure patient information to systematize the treatment process. 

Artificial intelligence is also helping with an assisted diagnosis where computer vision and convolutional neural networks help radiologists in reading MRI scans to look for any malignant growth.


2. E-Commerce Industry : The e-commerce industry uses artificial intelligence for a number of applications ranging from recommendation systems, chatbots, and optimizing search engines, and more. While recommendation systems help you find products that are most relevant for you, chatbots assist you with any kind of customer service queries. AI is also for optimizing supply chain logistics and spam control.