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Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Data Science, Data Visualisation, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, and more
  • Hands-on learning through lab sessions on Python, SQL, Tableau, and other Data Science tools & techniques
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Immersive Classroom Learning Experience
  • Weekend learning format designed for working professionals
  • Classroom sessions at Sushant University Campus (Erstwhile Ansal University), Gurugram
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Dedicated Career Assistance
  • Job opportunities shared by 400+ companies
  • 8000+ Alumni transitions with a 48% avg salary hike
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Working Professional
Industry relevant curriculum
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Weekend learning designed for working professionals
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Earn an M.Tech Degree in Data Science
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Job opportunities shared by 400+ companies

Build a Rewarding Career in Data Science

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M.Tech Degree from Sushant University

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The Industry Relevant M.Tech Program In Data Science by Ansal University

In this world of constant change, it has become a necessity to upgrade ourselves to cope up with the world. We see technological updates every day in our lives. With the advent of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, and much more we have been constantly witnessing these changes at a rapid pace. Hence, it is crucial to upgrade our career choices to fit into the in-demand job roles. Data Science is one among those top trending technologies. Let us gain a brief understanding of the next big leap in technology - "Data Science".

This program will accelerate your career in the domain of Data Science and Machine Learning.

Data is powerful. With the ideal techniques being applied on, data has the ability to transform any business. Data is constantly being generated in vast amounts. Data-driven business is taking over the traditional business patterns and changing the business culture. Business culture is eventually becoming a data culture. Businesses across the world are now dependent on data and are seeking more and more data scientists to help them derive a data-driven business approach. Data Science has already invaded a wide range of industries and enhanced their businesses. The methodologies and techniques of Data Science have now become integral components of most of the industries across the world. The advancements and benefits offered by Data Science are motivating industries to embrace this technology.

What is Data Science?

Data science is a broad subject that encompasses multiple disciplines employing several structures, patterns, systems, algorithms, and several more to derive the desired and meaningful insights from a particular set of data whether it is structured or unstructured.

What does a Data Scientist Do?

Let us learn a bit about the various activities performed by data scientists on a daily basis. Data science is achieved by performing a series of processes. Below is the set of activities performed by a data scientist to execute a data science project.

1. Understand the Business Problem : The primary job role of a data scientist is to understand the business problem. A data scientist needs to ask relevant questions to his/her clients and gain a clear understanding of the problem. Defining the objectives of the problem that needs to be addressed.

2. Data Acquisition : Gathering the desired data from multiple resources like web servers, databases, APIs, online repositories, and much more is the next major step performed by a data scientist. This step consumes a lot of time as well as effort as it isn't a simple task to find the right data.

3. Data Preparation : The third step is data preparation. Once the data scientist gathers the desired data, he/she performs multiple operations on the collected data such as data cleaning and data transformation.

The process of data cleaning involves working with many complex scenarios, hence it consumes a lot of time. Working with inconsistent datatypes, discovering the misspelled attributes, and identifying the missing and duplicate values are a few of the data cleaning processes. Once the data is perfectly cleaned, a data scientist's job is to modify the data considering the specified mapping routes. This process is called data transformation.

4. Data Analysis : Once the data is cleaned and transformed, a data scientist has to perform exploratory data analysis. In this process, the data scientists define the selection of the various feature variables which are to be used in the development of the desired data model. Exploratory data analysis is one of the most crucial steps performed by a data scientist. If exploratory data analysis is not performed the chances of choosing the wrong variables are too high which in turn produces an inaccurate model.

5. Data Modeling : The data modeling process is all about applying various machine learning tools and techniques to the acquired data to identify the model that best fits the given business requirement. KNN, Decision trees, etc are the machine learning techniques used in data modeling. Programming languages like R, Python, SAS are used in data modeling.

6. Data Validation : The model is tested in a production environment before deploying it to the client. This phase is crucial as this assists in identifying the existing errors, false predictions, and undesirable insights retrieved in the above stages. The data scientist is now aware of the efficiency of the selected model.

7. Visualization and Communication : Once the data modeling phase is completed, the data scientists meet the clients to describe the business findings in a simple yet effective way by employing various data visualization tools such as Tableau, QlikView, Power BI, and much more. Data visualization tools assist the data scientists in creating effective and powerful reports which are easy to understand.

8. Deployment : After successfully deploying the model the data scientists use the reports and dashboards to attain real-time analytics of the model.

What are the various job roles offered in the domain of Data Science?

The job roles of Data science are expected to rise by 28% in the coming year. In fact, these are the most sought after jobs of the 21st century.

Data science is definitely a rising career. Glassdoor has announced Data Scientist as the best job of the year 2016. Data Science was on the lead for the next three consecutive years i.e., 2017, 2018, and 2019 as well.

Below are the set of job roles offered in this domain:

1. Data Analyst

2. Operations Analyst

3. Data Engineer

4. Database administrator

5. Quantitative Analyst

6. Data Scientists

7. Data Architect

8. Data analytics consultant

9. Machine Learning Engineer

10. Statistician

11. Data reporting executive

12. Business Analyst

Payscale of Data Science in India

The demand for the job roles of data science is ever increasing. It is not just the demand for the job roles offered in data science is making it fascinating, but also the salaries being offered in this domain is another major add on for data science to attain the existing demand.

The median pay scale of a data scientist range from $95000  to $165000. Hence, being a data scientist seems to be the dream job of the young and enthusiastic working professionals of the 21st century. However, the pay scale varies considering various factors such as the job location, company, skillset, and experience of the candidate, and much more. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a data scientist in Delhi is estimated as 10.7 lakh per annum being 5.2lakh as the lowest and 20.2 lakh as the highest salaries offered in Delhi.

Now let us learn about Machine learning

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that enables systems with the skill to learn and act like humans do without being explicitly programmed.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Machine Learning Engineer

1. A machine learning engineer has to study and transform the various prototypes of Data Science.

2. Designing a production ready machine learning system is another major responsibility of a machine learning engineer.

3.  A machine learning professional has to find the appropriate machine learning algorithm that meets the specification.

4. Developing an appropriate machine learning application meeting the desired specifications is the crucial responsibility of a machine learning professional.

5. Selecting the appropriate data sets and representation methods is also considered as a major responsibility of a machine learning professional.

Job Roles in Machine Learning

The domain of machine learning offers many exciting job roles in several industries it has been applied to. The following are the few out of the many job roles that it offers.

1. Machine Learning Engineer

2. Data Mining Specialists

3. Cloud Architects

4. Cyber Security Analysts

5. BigQuery Engineer

6. Clinical Intelligence Analyst

7. Machine Learning Specialist

8. Advanced Analytics Engineer

Payscale of Machine Learning professionals in Delhi

The payscale of Machine Learning professionals in Delhi ranges from 3.4 lakh to 15.7 lakh per annum. The median salary scale of a  Machine Learning professionals in Delhi is estimated as 7.6 lakh per annum.

Applications of Data Science Across Several Industries

Data Science is observed to create a greater impact on various sectors it is being applied. Data science has been producing astounding benefits to organizations. Hence many organizations/ industries are excited to embrace this technology.

Let us learn about a few of the applications of Data Science in various fields:

1. Human Resource Management : Data Science not only helps the human resource team to predict an employee's attrition but also aids in analyzing and identifying the key variables that influence employee turnover. This results in attaining a great benefit to both the employee and the company.

2. Healthcare : Data science serves unbelievable benefits to the healthcare industry. A few of these applications include analyzing the reports and images, detecting the diseases, understanding the patient's reaction to various drugs, prescribing the ideal drug, and many more. Data science has become an integral part of the field of healthcare as it has been promoting an enhancement in offering promising results and outstanding medical services.

3. Airlines : Data Science is also helping the airline companies to easily predict any existing flight delay and notify the passengers beforehand to enhance their travel experience.

4. Gaming : The tools and techniques of data science are thoroughly being employed in gaming to enhance the user's gaming experience. The employment of these tools results in taking the gaming experience to the next level by constantly training the systems to act considering the user's previous moves and gives the user a tough competition. Therefore, makes the game exciting.

5. Speech Recognition : Speech recognition is also an application of data science that has been applied by products like Google Voice, Alexa, Siri, etc. This promotes extreme flexibility and ease in accessing your smart electronic goods such as smartphones, smart TV, smart window treatments, etc making our lives easy.

6. Image recognition : Data Science plays a crucial role in image recognition. Facebook is one of the best examples to demonstrate the application of data science in image recognition. When you post a picture on Facebook, you will get an automatic request of an automation tag as the web recognizes the image of the person. Image recognition is one of the most used applications of data science in different areas for different purposes. Image recognition is being employed for enhancing the security.

7. E commerce : Data Science assists the e-commerce sector to enhance the customer's shopping experience by studying the customer and recommending related products to them. This results in increased ROI and promoting customer satisfaction.

8. Logistics : Data Science assists logistics companies such as FedEx to discover the best routes, the best time, and the best transport to ship their goods.

Gurgaon is one of the coolest cities that embraces the IT sector. The IT culture of this city is established. Gurgaon is also known for its rapid urbanization. Being the headquarters for many top-notch companies, Gurgaon has tremendous demand for data scientists as many sectors have been adapting Data Science and Machine Learning for their amazing advantages. Another strong factor that makes Gurgoun stand as the best place to pursue an M.Tech in Data Science is, being close to Delhi, the national capital of the country and Noida, another beautiful IT hub of the country. Pursuing an M. Tech in data science at Ansal University will fetch you with a huge number of uncompromising career opportunities. The demand for data science professionals is too high while the supply is too low. At present, there are around 4000+ job vacancies that exist in the domain of Data Science and Machine Learning in Gurgaon.

The existing demand for a data science course in Delhi is expected to grow at a rapid pace in the days to come. So, this surely is the ideal time to begin a career in the field of data science by taking up a Data Science and Machine Learning training in Gurgaon. These two domains are also believed to take over several existing job roles, pursuing an M. Tech in Data Science will leave you with the most promising job roles.

Data science and Machine Learning are the two technologies that have almost become a necessity in every industry.  Most of the recent projects are demanding the application of data science to achieve the best outcomes. Considering this demand, many technological graduates are now seeking to pursue their masters in Data Science and Machine Learning. Hence, there is an exponential rise in the number of institutes offering M. Tech courses in Data Science. However, it is crucial to make the right choice to master Data Science and Machine Learning.

 If you are one among the many that are aspiring to learn Data Science and fit into the exciting job roles of the 21st century, take up the M.tech in Data Science and Machine Learning by Great Learning offered in collaboration with Ansal University.

The Prestigious Ansal University

Ansal is one of the most reputed Universities, located at the center of Gurgaon. Being established in the year 2012, this university offers a wide range of programs in different streams such as Architecture, Design, Law, Management, Hospitality, Engineering, Health Sciences, and Planning & Development. Ansal University has been awarded the National Education Excellence Award “Best Private University in Northern India 2017” along with the “CSR Excellence in Education” award for two consecutive years i.e. 2017 and 2018.  Sushant School of Art and Architecture at Ansal University is the flagship school that started in 1989 and has been consistently ranked No. 1 Private Architecture School in India by Outlook Magazine.

Ansal University has also collaborated with some of the prestigious institutions and universities across the world such as the University of Warwick, Art University of Bournemouth, University of West England and Vatel International, France to enhance their programs in terms of Curriculum Development and also offering Student and Faculty Exchanges, Joint Ph.D. supervisions, joint research Conferences, seminars and study semesters abroad.

Why choose Great Learning?

Great Learning is one of the most reputed institutes of the country offering a wide range of courses in the latest technology. Great Learning has


The faculty of Great Learning is highly established. Each of them is an alumnus of the renowned universities across the world. The faculty of Great Learning possess great experience and are recognized as one of the country's best. When you enroll yourself for the M.Tech in Data Science online program by Great Learning, you will surely learn from the best.


The curriculum of this program is exhaustive. The first two semesters of this program concentrates on teaching the concepts of Data Science and Machine Learning such as Python, Statistical Methods for Decision Making, Databases, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Natural Language Processing, Time Series Forecasting, Deep Learning and many more. You will also be taught a wide range of tools of Machine Learning and Data  Science.


The candidates will be provided with a mentor that guides them in every step of their learning journey. The 1:1 mentorship sessions help the candidates to get a clear perspective on various concepts of Data Science and Machine Learning as the mentor clears their doubts and also assist them in preparing for interviews, resume building, and much more.

Hands-on learning

Great Learning fetches its candidates with a lot of labs and projects that facilitate hands-on learning. The capstone project is considered as the cornerstone of the whole program. It allows the candidates to work on industries like data science as well as machine learning problems under the constant mentorship of faculty/industry mentors. The capstone project enables the candidates to employ all the tools and techniques of Data Science and Machine Learning that they have mastered in the classroom.

Placement Assistance

Great Learning has so far succeeded in assisting its candidates to encounter a career breakthrough. Great Learning is associated with many top-notch companies across the country that participate in regularly organized placement drives. Each of the candidates gets ample career opportunities as they get to partake in the placement drives. The list of these companies includes IBM, Cognizant, Mercedes Benz, Nielsen, Accenture, American Express, and much more.


The M. Tech in Data Science and Machine learning Program by Ansal University offers the candidates with immense flexibility. This program is designed for fresh graduates and enthusiastic working professionals seeking a career shift into the domain of Data Science and Machine Learning.  The classes take place during the weekends at the Ansal University campus. This program causes minimal disruptions to your work and personal life and enables you to encounter a career shift without giving up on your current job.

What are the various prerequisites needed to pursue an M.Tech in Data Science in Gurgaon

Many are dreaming of becoming aspiring data scientists and machine learning engineers. If you are the one among the many, you must learn about the various prerequisites necessary to prune yourself before you actually take up an M tech program in Data Science and Machine Learning.

Programming Languages

Hence data science and machine learning involve a lot of coding, possessing knowledge of different programming languages such as R, Python, C++, etc is a major prerequisite of learning data science. Being good at excel is an add on for mastering several tools of Data Science and Machine Learning. Among many programming languages, Python is highly preferred in data science especially in the phase of data modeling.


Statistics is another major aspect of data science. Data science is achieved by employing a lot of statistical theories. As a matter of fact, one of the job roles of Data Science is Statistician. So, being good at statistics is very important for the one that is aspiring to become a data scientist. Learning various statistical concepts such as variability, normal distribution, etc helps to understand the major modules of data science.

Data Visualization Tools

Working with data visualization tools is one of the daily routines of any data scientist and machine learning engineer. So, it is necessary to possess knowledge of several data visualization tools such as Tableau, click view, Power BI to make it easy for the clients as well as the other people working through this project.

So, enroll yourself today and attain a Master’s Degree in Data Science and Machine Learning without delay.