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Application Deadline

19th April 2018

Eligibility for course: At least 2 years of full-time work experience & Bachelor's degree with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks
  • India's Top Ranked Analytics Program
  • Industry Endorsed
  • Career Support
  • Multi-Domain Focus
  • Online + Classroom

Program Highlights

  • Hands-on Training in tools and technologies such as Tableau and R.
  • The faculty pool consists of leading academicians in the area of business analytics along with experienced industry professionals.
  • Dual Certification from Great Lakes and Illinois Institute of Technology.
  • Industry Relevant Curriculum that build analytical foundation and industry oriented applications.
  • Blended Learning Environment (Classroom + Online) that causes minimal disruption to work schedule.
  • 750,000+ Learning hours to more than 1500 professionals joining PGP-BABI
  • 4 Top Ranked Programs

  • 5000+ Learners

  • 2 Million Hours of Learning Delivered


Our Analytics Credentials

  • 4 Top Ranked Programs

  • 5000+ Learners

  • 2 Million Hours of Learning Delivered

  • 100+ Industry Experts

  • 25+ India's Best Analytics Faculty

  • 90% Participants Recommended The Program To Others

What Student’s Think about Us

  • The diverse professional experience of the batch is leveraged by the professors, who let us decide the breadth and depth of topics covered. Two thumbs up for Great Lakes.

    Clarence Wong | PGP-BABI Student
  • PGP-BABI is a very targeted and focused course for professionals wanting to breakthrough in the analytics domain. The course is well structured with respect to content and is backed by great faculty and thus providing a solid platform to foray into the analytics domain.

    Karan Sahgal | PGP-BABI Student

Industry Support

Industry exposure gained through guest lectures and industry application modules forms an indelible part of the learning experience. Some of the organizations from where industry experts contribute through guest lectures, capstone projects, visiting faculty, career opportunities, etc. include:

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