Business Analytics Certificate Program Features

  • Personalised mentorship

    48 hours of Personalised Mentorship from Analytics Professionals working in Leading Companies

  • 8 Mini Projects

    Hands-on Learning through 8 Industry Driven Analytics Projects in Retail, Healthcare, Finance, Supply Chain & more

  • Data Science

    Data Mining, Predictive Modeling, Data Mining, Time Series, Decision Trees, Machine Learning, Big Data, Visualisation, Neural Networks

  • Tools & Technologies

    R, Hadoop, Advance Excel, Tableau and Spark

8 reasons why BACP is the program for you

  • [1]

    India's # 1 Analytics School*

    6 months online program with content from India's top analytics faculty and Analytics professionals

  • [2]

    Personalised Attention

    Learn in small micro-classes of 5 so that there is no compromise to the Individual attention that you get.

  • [3]

    Live Instructor-led + Online

    Learn through a mix of Recorded content, Industry webinars and Interactive Mentorship sessions

  • [4]

    Great Lakes Advantage

    Industry credibility and acceptance of learning analytics from Great Lakes - one of India's top 10 business schools and leading Analytics school

  • [5]

    Weekend Mentorship Sessions

    48 hours of Personalised Mentorship from Analytics Professionals working in the industry

  • [6]

    Career Support

    Career support that helps you prepare and convert for relevant opportunities in analytics

  • [7]

    Hands-on Projects

    Be industry ready by doing multiple projects which you can showcase to build your credibility and expertise in Data Science

  • [8]

    Build Your ePortfolio

    Get trained in Data Science skills and Analytical tools required to build careers in Data Science, Analytics and Big Data

Get Certificate from Great Lakes Institute of Management


Showcase Your Learning and Projects

LEARN FROM THE BEST OF Academia and Industry Faculty

  • Learn from Top Ranked Analytics Academicians

    Dr.Bappaditya Mukhopadhyay  and Dr. P.K Viswanathan are ranked among the Top 10 analytics academicians in India.

  • Industry Interaction

    Personalised Mentorship and Industry lectures from top-notch analytics mentors who make you Industry Ready

BACP Industry Mentors are from Companies such as:

Experiential Learning Projects

The experiential learning projects at the end of every module enable a learner to apply their learning to real-life business problems and add it to their portfolio as a tangible 'body of work' for potential employers to see. These projects are for learning and strengthening analytical skills in different domains such as Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain, HealthCare, Policy Analysis, etc. Evaluated by industry mentors, these projects are growth enablers that instill both confidence and conviction in our candidate aiming to be a business analyst. Some of the projects are:

  • Default/Recovery Analytics for Financial Institution

    Domain: Time series forecasting

  • Demand Forecasting for Optimizing Supply Chain

    Domain: Predictive Modeling

  • Sales Forecasting In Retail Industry

    Domain: Advanced Statistics

  • Analysis of Community Health Status Indicators

    Domain: Fundamental of business statistics applying, estimation, and hypothesis testing

  • Recommendations on Consumer Durables data for Supermarket

    Domain: Data mining


Our alumni empower us to move ahead with our mission of driving career success in the new digital economy.

The Mentor-based approach in the program is very convenient & supportive. The good knowledge sharing that happens in the group everyday makes learning more interesting.

DuraiAmuthan Natarajan (Technology Professional)

One of my friends referred me to this program and my so-far experience in the program is really good. The program has good content and has a relevance with real-life scenarios. The best part is I am able to enjoy the learning part despite of such a busy work schedule.

Pijush Maity (IBM India Pvt. Ltd.)

The Overall experience has been great. The highlight is the assistance provided by the program support and the knowledge sharing that happens in the group. The way the doubts are being cleared is one good part of this program. The content is also very good.


A visual insight into the world of ANALYTICS

Here are a few class videos from the recent sessions.

* Source: Analytics India Magazine, 2017
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