Healthcare Analytics

This is an introductory session that discusses the role of analytics in the healthcare domain and how healthcare data can be leveraged to take strategic decisions. Various analytical techniques and tools used in the sector are also discussed.

By: Arun Rangamani

Arun is the Senior Vice President & BU Head – Care Optimization & Services at SCIO XPERT services. He is a domain expert in healthcare and completed his Bachelors from IIT Roorkee.

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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening…! Great insights on healthcare of US and rest of the countries in the world. I have worked on healthcare claims data and overpayments made on different claims. One thing I did not understood here the top 5% of the population spent $1.6 trillion. Here top 5% of the population means who ? and why you mentioned it “TOP 5 PERCENT” of the population ? Why not it simply “5 PERCENT” of the population? Can you please, explain this phrase “top 5 percent” little more? Are they anything special category to be called the TOP 5 PERCENT population? Clarification… Read more »