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Why Join Our Full Stack Developer Course ?

Full Stack Development course introduction by Vinod Venkatraman
Great Learning Master
Master Industry relevant Skills

Master the skills of Javascript, Java, and SQL which leading companies like Cognizant, Flipkart, etc. are seeking for.

Great Learning talent pool
Immersive Bootcamp Format

The full stack developer course follows an intensive bootcamp format where you learn full stack web development from expert faculty in the classroom and deepen your expertise by working on practical lab sessions.

Great Learning Placement Assistance
GL Excelerate - Placement Assistance

Through the corporate network of Great Learning, several leading companies participate in our exclusive hiring drives. Some of the companies include Cognizant, TCS, Infosys, Accenture, Samsung R&D, Tech Mahindra, Mindtree, HCL Technologies, HP, VMware, Genpact etc.

Great Learning career mentorship
Career Mentorship

Get personal guidance through mentorship sessions from Senior full-stack developers, Software architects etc. from leading companies to help shape and plan your career

Great Learning Github portfolio
Build your Github Portfolio

Build your portfolio by building real-world applications through Capstone projects as part of the Full Stack Developer course. Understand softer aspects of project planning, sprints, teamwork, and collaboration by building an application from scratch.

Great Learning cloud devops
Cloud & DevOps

Learn agile development using Cloud & DevOps tools like Jenkins, Heroku etc

Become a Full Stack Developer

No.1 Trending Job | Starting salary up to 9 LPA

Your Typical Week at the Full Stack Online Bootcamp

Full Stack Developer online bootcamp by great learning


Months duration


Labs & Projects

20-25 hrs

Time commitment per week

Weekend Faculty Sessions
(10-15 hrs)

With a mix of Live and Physical classroom sessions

Weekday Office Hours
(5-10 hrs)

Live Instructor and TA support for coding tasks (8-10 AM, 6-9 PM)

Project Based Assignments

Capstone End-End and topic based coding assignments

Code Review Sessions

With Senior Technical Leads, Architects on a Weekly basis

Discussion Forums

Dedicated Discussion forums and Slack channel with peers and Instructors

Pair Programming Labs

Your Remote Development team working on Group assignments


Course Modules
Web Development Introduction & Front-end
  • Learn web development basics, HTML, CSS and building interactive web pages using Javascript & jQuery.
Front-end Framework
  • Learn building front-end applications using React JS.
Back-end Development
  • Deep dive into basics of Java, learn building web applications using Spring framework.
Database & Deployment
  • Learn about database basics, running queries and integrating databases.
Capstone Project
  • Build your own real-world application and deploy in Cloud during the course of the program.
Languages and Tools
Great Learning - Full Stack Developer program languages and tools Great Learning - Full Stack Developer program languages and tools

Faculty & Advisors

Learn from several experienced industry practitioners from leading organizations.

Placement Assistance

As a participant of this course, we help you unlock your potential, highlight your skills and connect to the right opportunities for your next job.

Great Learning interview preperation
Exclusive recruitment drives

Attend Great Learning job fairs organised every 2 months across cities. Participate in our recruitment drives with top tech companies looking for professionals like you.

Great Learning rec drive
Access to curated jobs

Access a list of jobs relevant to your experience and domain. Leverage our dedicated career support team working with 350+ organisations, who’ll recommend the right jobs for you.

Interview preparation workshops

Familiarise yourself with commonly asked questions that’ll help you crack any technical interview. Use your ePortfolio to showcase your skills and improve your chances of getting hired.

Great Learning career mentorship
Career Mentorship

Get personal guidance through mentorship sessions from Senior full-stack developers, Software architects etc. from leading companies to help shape and plan your career.

See GL Excelerate in action below
Great Learning Excelerate

Companies hiring from Great Learning

Great Learning full stack developer career support companies

Admission Details


  • done The course is open for recent graduates with at least 1 year of experience in any programming or software development related areas like testing, deployment, DevOps, maintenance, support etc.
Grear Learning admission and selection process

Selection Process

Step 1

Fill the application form

Step 2

Application evaluation process

The admissions committee will review and shortlist the applications. Shortlisted candidates go through an evaluation process testing their programming and aptitude skills.

Step 3

Personal interview

Personal interview with Alumni / Program Director/ Faculty for final selection.

Fee for Online Only Mode

Great Learning rupee icon 1,50,000 + GST
Admission Fee-1 Great Learning rupee icon 25,000
Admission Fee-2 Great Learning rupee icon 25,000
1st Installment Great Learning rupee icon 33,334
2nd Installment Great Learning rupee icon 33,333
3rd Installment Great Learning rupee icon 33,333
Total 1,50,000

Fee for Classroom Mode

Great Learning rupee icon 2,50,000 + GST

Earn scholarship upto ₹50,000*

Admission Fee-1 Great Learning rupee icon 25,000
Admission Fee-2 Great Learning rupee icon 25,000
1st Installment Great Learning rupee icon 66,667
2nd Installment Great Learning rupee icon 66,667
3rd Installment Great Learning rupee icon 66,666
Total 2,50,000


Candidates can pay the course fee through

Net Banking
Credit/Debit Cards
Cheque, DD

Financial Aid

Our tie-ups with several lending partners like HDFC Credila, Avanse (DHFL), MoneyTap, Credifiable, and Axis Bank ensure that money is not a constraint in the path of learning.

Great Learning education loan financial partners by HDFC

Upcoming Application Deadline


We follow a rolling admission process and admissions are closed once the requisite number of participants enroll for the upcoming batch. So, we encourage you to apply early and secure your seat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The course is structured with a “Hands-on experiential learning / Learning by Doing” approach emphasizing on high-frequency hands-on practical learning to gain familiarity and expertise in learning the languages in a shorter period. With the majority of time spent on practical labs & exercises, participants start working on building their capstone application from week 1. Check out the infographic below for more details
Great Learning full stack developer program curriculum overview
  • Industry relevant curriculum

    The Full Stack Developer Course has been designed post conducting extensive research in consultation with major IT companies understanding their requirements. The research highlighted the greater demand within IT/ITeS companies for Full Stack Developers with proficiency in Javascript & Java. Our Full Stack Developer Course covers the top 5 programming languages as per StackOverflow's 2018 developer survey.

    Great Learning top 5 programming languages as per StackOverflow's 2018 developer survey.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Create responsive web pages for modern browsers using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Build a richly interactive, front-end single-page application using React JS a modern framework.
  • Write secure full-stack applications and deploy them to cloud-based services like Heroku.
  • Consume web application programming interfaces (APIs) from third-party sites such as Twitter, Google, or Facebook.
  • Build a RESTful API using Java Spring Framework.
  • Collaborate as a team using Git and GitHub, widely accepted collaboration practices, and an agile development workflow.
As part of the Capstone project, the participants are required to build their own application by the end of the course which can be added to their GitHub profile. With an emphasis on learning by doing, the bootcamp course helps participants working on building their application from the 1st week itself. By the end, the participant builds his own application understanding the software development process, how code reviews happen, coding best practices, utilization of Cloud & DevOps tools etc.
The faculty members teaching in CAP-Full Stack Development Course are industry experts and leaders in their respective areas of expertise and have decades of professional experience and wisdom.
The course is open for recent graduates with at least 1 year of experience in any programming or software development related areas like testing, deployment, DevOps, maintenance, support etc.
Post successful completion of this course, you will receive a certificate of completion from Great Learning highlighting your achievements and skills attained during the course. Great Learning's programs have been frequently ranked top in the country by various ranking institutions and an unmatched placement record helping participant's achieve their desired career progression / transition.
This is a holistic and rigorous course and follows a continuous evaluation scheme. Participants are evaluated in the courses they undergo through assignments, labs & mini-projects focusing on the code quality and finally the Capstone project where the participants build their own fully functional application.
The Scholarship program is valid only for the full-time Classroom format. We believe learning is an investment and we would like to co-invest in your learning journey through our Scholarship program. Applicants who excel in our assessment tests are eligible for the scholarship and will receive a mail from the Admissions office post completion of the assessment test confirming their scholarship. Great Learning runs multiple scholarship programs at multiple durations and request you to check with the Admissions team for the latest scholarships available for the program.
We believe that learning should continue and hence, access to Learning Management System (Olympus) which houses the learning material would be available to the participants up to one-year post completion of the program.
No accommodation is provided at our learning center. Outstation participants are requested to arrange accommodation themselves.
The participants need to bring their own laptops, the technology requirement shall be shared at the time of enrollment.
We advise all candidates to completely verify the course information before enrolling. Refund requests can not be accepted once the fee has been paid.

The Arising Full Stack Development Course

There are many software development courses evolving everyday. If you are someone seeking for the right web development course, you must make sure that you choose the best course from the best institute.

In recent times, the word full stack developer has become one of the craziest buzz words. Most of the IT professionals are now looking for a career transition in full stack. The Full stack developer course has attained a sudden demand and is now standing as one of the best choices for career transition. If you are someone who has a thought of taking up the Full stack developer course, it's better to know who is a full stack developer and what is full stack development all about?

Who is a Full stack developer?

A Full stack web developer is someone who is a master in many coding languages for the front end design and development of a website along with a backend coding language besides knowing how to manage and maintain a server. A full stack developer also knows to manage the database system. A full stack developer holds the responsibility of handling the presentation layer, business layer as well as the database layer of an application.

In simple terms, a full stack developer is defined as someone who is an expert in creating and managing a website. The most advanced full stack developers know how to work with version control systems such as git, gulp etc. HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, PHP, MYSQL, Linux administration, etc are the few of the programming languages mastered by a java full stack developer.

Front end Development

Let us look into the various languages that constitute full stack web development course

  • HTML is the basic standard markup language generally used to create a website. HTML is basically the skeleton of the website.
  • CSS is helpful to create the structure of the website which includes the style, layout, color schemes, responsiveness and other elements that determines the construction and composition of the website.
  • Javascript is the basic programming language of HTML and also the website.
  • Jquery is a library to the javascript which is the style statement of javascript as it helps to add more interactive features to the website.

All the above-mentioned technologies constitute to the front end development of an application.

Backend Development

Now let us learn about the backend development The backend development comprises of dynamic coding languages such as PHP, Python, Node JS. Any visitor who visits a website will be able to see and access the front end while the backend of the server is not accessible by the user which means the backend server is more secure than the front end.

The following are the various job roles of cyber security course.

  • PHP and MYSQL works on hand in hand.
  • Most of the websites use Linux operating systems. A java full stack developer must know how to work on various versions of Linux along with the various coding languages involved in it.
  • Advanced full stack developers also knows to work with version controls such as git, gulp, etc. Having knowledge of version control systems makes the process easy and seamless.

If you are planning to learn full stack development, know that you will need to master a lot of technologies and programming languages.

The Demand for Full Stack Developer

Full stack developer course has got enormous demand all around the country. A survey says that full stack development has got around 40% growth.

Since there are many advantages of employing a full stack developer into a project, many companies are now in need of full stack developers.

The following are a few of the advantages that full stack development offers

  • 1. The prototype development consumes minimal time.
  • 2. The overall cost of the project is reduced.
  • 3. The problems of communication will no longer take place.
  • 4. You can work and switch to any platform either frontend or backend based on the demand and requirement.
  • 5. You will acquire complete knowledge of most of the technologies.

The average salary of a full stack developer in India is estimated as 6.25 lakh per annum.

Choose the Full Stack Developer Course by Great Learning

Great Learning is one of the best platforms and offers the best full stack developer course. This course is well designed by industry experts as well as the immensely experienced faculty members. The comprehensive full stack course designed by Great Learning enables you to master HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, React, Java, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, git, IJ, Jenkins, heroku.


If you are looking for a flexible full stack developer course online, Great Learning has a perfectly designed course for you.

Learn Industry Relevant Skills

Great Learning helps you master the applications of tools and techniques of different programming languages such as Javascript, Java, and SQL. These languages are prominently used by most of the top leading multinational companies such as Flipkart, Google, etc.

The Boot camp format of Great Learning

Great Learning has composed a Bootcamp format where you will be taught the full stack development by expertise faculty and apply your knowledge on practical lab sessions and gain hands-on learning experience. This is one of the major aspects that makes Great Learning offer the best full stack developer course.

Career Assistance

Great Learning is associated with many top companies that participate in regular placement drives. The list of these companies includes TCS, HCL Technologies, Mindtree, Tech Mahindra, HP, Genpact, etc.

Career Mentorship

Even as you pursue the full stack web development course, you will be constantly monitored by career experts who will guide you in the best way. The list of these experts includes software architects, senior full stack web developers, etc. These mentors have immense knowledge and practical experience of the various applications of full stack development which lets you gain an overall knowledge of full stack development.

Build an Enthusiastic Github Portfolio

Design a portfolio that includes capstone projects which employ the tools and techniques of full stack development course.

Learn AGile, You will also be taught agile development applying Cloud & DevOps tools like Jenkins, Heroku, etc.

Expertise Mentorship

Even as you work on these projects, you will be constantly monitored by well-experienced practitioners of Cyber security and teach you the applications of cyber security techniques from the industry perspective.

6-month Full stack Course

The full stack development course by Great Learning is a 6-month duration course that lets you master all the skills demanded to become a potential full stack developer. You will need to dedicate 20-25 hrs of time per week.


The full stack web development course by Great learning is taught by highly skilled and deeply experienced faculty members who provides you with top end skill and knowledge of full stack development.

Capstone Projects

You will have to work on capstone projects which cover all the aspects of full stack development.

Practical Lab Sessions

You will have 10+ labs and live projects that give you immense practical experience.

Weekly Reviews

The code that you generate will be assessed by senior-most technical leads, architects on a weekly basis.

Discussion Forums

You will have dedicated discussion forums and slack channels with peers and instructors which fades away all your queries and doubts.

What are you waiting for? Take up the prestigious Full Stack Developer Course by Great Learning today and get ready to encounter a career breakthrough. Apply now