Mr. Sathyajit Bhat

Sr. DevOps Engineer



Sathyajith Bhat is a seasoned DevOps/SRE with close to a decade of experience spanning a variety of disciplines including Development, Operations, System Architecture, Performance Tuning, Infrastructure setup, DBA and Data Conversion on bare metal, virtualized machines, and on cloud including AWS and Azure.

Sathyajith currently works at Adobe as the DevOps Engineer for Adobe I/O, which is Adobe’s developer ecosystem and is the author of Practical Docker With Python, published by Apress. Sathyajith is an avid blogger and has been blogging on Linux and technology for over a decade at and has also contributed to and and the Adobe tech blog on various aspects of improving security of containers. Besides blogging, Sathyajith is an active participant on Stack Overflow. Sathyajith also runs the AWS Users Group in Bangalore, conducting regular meetups and large scale events such as the AWS Community Day.

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