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Classification Algorithms: Decision trees and its comparison with other techniques.

  • Date 18-11-2017
  • Location -Online
  • Time -12:00 PM


  • A case study on Gold Loan Attrition business problem for rural business for one of India's largest financial services firm.
  • Application of CHAID algorithm & campaign designing.
  • Comparison of decision trees (CART, Random Forest) vs Logistic Regression.
  • Different career options in analytics


Parul Oberoi

Engagement Manager, Bridgei2i Analytics

Parul has about 8+ years of professional experience and is currently working as an Engagement Manager with Bridgei2i Analytics Ltd. Her role is at the intersection of business and technology where she leverages data and analytics to drive business value. She is currently working with one of the largest non-banking financial services in India on analytical and machine learning engagement. She has worked on several consulting assignments, forecasting, market research, and comparative benchmarking that involved a lot of analytical thinking and working on business problems for clients using various statistical, qualitative, and quantitative techniques. Parul also worked with Crisil for 3 years as a manager for global insights and analytics where her work was a combination of analytics and consulting.