Webinar: Python for Data Analysis and Visualization

Time 8:00 PM
Date 18-05-2017
Location Online

A webinar with Vinod Venkatraman on Data Visualization, given the advent of Big data analytics where it is no longer sufficient to churn business insights from data but also to represent it through data visualization by making it consumable.

Agenda of the Webinar:

  • Data analytics using Python's numpy, scikit, pandas modules
  • Data Visualisation using Python's matplotlib module
  • Big Data Analytics using PySpark with spark-core and mllib

About the Speaker:

Vinod Venkatraman, a passionate technology man of multiple talents, Vinod is spearheading the core technology initiatives at Great Learning. Vinod holds a B.Tech from IIT Bombay in Computer Science. He spent 7 years at Stratify Inc, a Silicon Valley-based product firm, to start his career, followed by 4 years at Flipkart, where he rose to be Software Architect. He now looks forward to leading the effort to build his own unicorn.

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