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Why Join DevOps Engineer Certificate Program?

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Become a DevOps Engineer

Learn how to handle the entire DevOps lifecycle right from planning to production.

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Practice based learning

Solve 8 use cases through labs, projects and build your ePortfolio.

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Become a versatile DevOps professional

Learn Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Docker, Maven, Terraform, ELK stack and more.

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Learn from the best

Learn and get weekly mentoring from seasoned industry practitioners experienced in DevOps.

Program Structure

A 3-month structured online DevOps course with weekend mentorship sessions to help you become proficient in understanding and working with AWS (Amazon Web Services), Containers, Cloud Native and On-Premises DevOps, Infrastructure as Code, Python Scripting and more.

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Online Content

Learn through our 40+ hours of expert instructional content and 150+ hours of an overall learning.

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Weekend Mentoring Sessions

Personalized mentorship from DevOps practitioners who have worked with leading organizations like Dell, SAP, Cisco, Walmart Labs, Infosys, FIS and more.

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Hands-on Projects

Acquire in-demand DevOps skills by working on 6 labs and 2 full projects under the guidance of industry mentors.

Become a DevOps Engineer

Online Content | Weekly Mentorship

How does Mentorship Work?

Great Learning online session
Participants attend weekly live mentorship sessions

Participants attend a live session each weekend to clarify their conceptual doubts, ask questions and discuss use cases with an industry practitioner.

Great Learning mentors inspire
Mentors inspire and guide participants at each step

Participants can reach out to mentors for queries, career discussions and get capstone project guidance during the DevOps course.

Great Lakes Certificate & ePortfolio

Earn a Great Lakes certificate and create an ePortfolio to showcase your learning & projects in a snapshot. Your certificate and ePortfolio can also be shared on social media channels to establish your credibility in DevOps.

Great Learning - DevOps Engineering Certificate
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Preparatory Work (Self Paced)
  • Linux OS
  • File Structure

  • Command Line Ops
  • Linux Distros & Usage
  • Basic Shell Scripting
  • Language Basics
  • Python Scripting
  • Using AWS Python SDK
  • Service Models
  • Deployment Models
  • Virtual Machines vs Containers
  • Why Cloud
  • Traditional vs Cloud Infra
  • Cloud Platforms
  • Container Basics
  • System Containers (LXD)
  • Application Containers (Docker)
  • Container Orchestration & Management - ECS
  • VM Management - Vagrant, VirtualBox

  • AWS Organization & IAM
  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Network
  • CaaS - Elastic Container Service
  • Monitoring & Logging - AWS CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail
  • Notifications - SNS, SES
  • Billing & Account Management
  • The DevOps Philosophy, Principle & Methods
  • Code and Config Management - Git, Chef/Puppet/Ansible
  • CI/CD, Build & Release - Jenkins and Maven
  • Image Building - Docker & Packer
  • Debugging, Logging & Monitoring - ELK stack
  • Infra as Code - Terraform, CloudFormation
  • Unified CI/CD (AWS CodeStar)
  • Code Management, Build & Release, Deployment (AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeDeploy)
  • Deployment Pipeline(e.g. AWS CodePipeline)
  • Infrastructure as Code (Terraform, CloudFormation)
  • Plan, Build, Deploy and Monitor (CloudWatch)

Learning Outcomes

After completing this DevOps course, you will be able to

  • done Have a complete understanding of DevOps lifecycle from planning, deployment, and monitoring.
  • done Create new or handle existing DevOps processes and infrastructure.
  • done Understand the difference between Cloud Native and On-premises DevOps.
  • done Automate ops using Infrastructure as Code principles.
  • done Monitor, report, fix and optimize cloud resources.
  • done Understand agile project management and behaviour principles.
Great Learning - Program learning outcomes

Faculty & Mentors

Learn from several experienced industry practitioners from leading organizations

Our Alumni Work for Amazing Companies

The participants of this course have been associated with leading Indian and global organizations

Admission Details


An ideal DECP candidate will have 1-5 years of work experience in a technology role, such as:

  • done Software Developer
  • done Build Engineer
  • done IT Analyst
  • done QA Engineer
  • done Test Analyst
  • done Systems Engineer
Grear Learning admission and selection process

Selection Process

Step 1

Fill an application form

Step 2

Screening call

Applicants meeting the eligibility criteria receive a screening call from the Admission Director's office.

Step 3

Application review

Admission Director reviews the screening call discussion and applicant’s profile.

Step 4

Admission offer release

The announcement of results, followed by the release of admission offer letter.

Fee Details

Great Learning rupee icon 70,000 + GST

Fee Includes

Great Learning tution fee

Tuition Fee

Great Learning material

Learning Material

Great Learning mentorship session

Mentorship Sessions


Candidates can pay the program fee through

Net Banking
Credit/Debit Cards
Cheque, DD

Financial Aid

Pay in 12 EMIs at 0% Interest Rate with ZestMoney.
Reach out to admission’s office at +91 92056 80226 for more details.

Great Learning education loan financial partners by Zestmoney

Upcoming Application Deadline


We follow a rolling admission process and admissions are closed once the requisite number of participants enroll for the upcoming batch. So, we encourage you to apply early and secure your seat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. it is a 3-month program offered online with live mentoring sessions on weekends.
Candidates should have 1-5 years of experience in a technology role such as Software Developer, Build Engineer, IT Analyst, QA Engineer, Assistant Systems Engineer.
There are no technical prerequisites to pursue this DevOps course. However, prior work experience in one of the many technology roles will highly benefit you and will significantly enhance your learning outcomes.
You can apply for multiple roles such as DevOps Engineer, Cloud DevOps Engineer, DevOps Manager etc.
You should essentially belong to a technical background to get the best value from this DevOps course.
You will solve and implement 6 rigorous labs and 2 fully mentored projects as part of this course. The duration of each project is 4 weeks.
All the requisite learning material is provided online through the Learning Management System. Candidates are free to purchase any reference books or material as may be recommended by the faculty.
You are provided career support through resume workshops and interview preparation sessions for cloud computing job roles. Relevant career opportunities with leading companies are also shared with you.
  • All interested candidates are required to apply to the course by filling up an Online Application Form.
  • Applicants meeting the eligibility criteria receive a screening call from the Admission Director's office.
  • Admission Director reviews the screening call discussion and the applicant’s profile.
  • The announcement of results, followed by the release of admission offer letter.
This DevOps course is designed to engage participants every week. All participants are required to learn from videos and to attend live mentor sessions every weekend. However, attending lab support hours are optional and you can attend it only in case you need clarify your doubts regarding the lab exercise.
All projects are mandatory evaluation components. If you miss a project, you need to re-enrol into the same course and repeat the project.

The Influential DevOps Course

In this digital world, where technology is emerging on a daily basis, we see an upgrade in every area of our lives. Change is good. We desire a change or an upgrade in every area of life. If you are someone who is looking for an upgrade in your career or an overall career transition and planning to learn DevOps and seeking to take up the advanced DevOps course, you will need to know more about it.

Many software engineers these days are going crazy on the latest software development course called DevOps.

Before you decide to take up the influential aws DevOps certification course, let us learn more about this course.

The word DevOps is basically the combination of two words 'development' and 'operations'. AWS DevOps is a software development strategy that helps to erase the existing gap between the development as well as the operations team. In the software development cycle, usually, development and operations are two main teams between which conflicts usually arise. DevOps helps to build the desired understanding between these two teams and brings these two teams together.

The two teams of development and operations together constitute the software development life cycle. Let us briefly know about this.

Let us see what are the various stages involved in the software development cycle


Planning is one of the most important phases of any software development life cycle. Planning is the first phase while the developer gathers all the requirements from the client and then plan for the application. You will need to keenly understand the requirements of the client so as to avoid any kind of confusion.

Developing the code

Once you plan all the requirements you will start developing the code for building the application. Even as there exist multiple developers that write the coding for the application, you will need a system to manage all the codes. This phase employs the tool called git which is a control tool that helps to handle every aspect of the system with efficiency and speed.


After Validation of application, you will have to perform the compilation of the application and then packaging the application. Once all these are done, you will handover the built application to testers for testing and the phase of testing which involves performing various types of testing on the application that you have built.


After testing the application is deployed onto the prod servers in which it is constantly monitored by tools such as Splunk.

The Need For DevOps

The team of developers and operations together generate the project. Here comes a greater confusion and collision between the development and the operations teams. Though these two teams are different from each other they are interdependent.

Development Team

The development team performs the following functions of the software development cycle

  • Planning the requirements of the application
  • Coding the application
  • Testing the application
  • Building the application

Operations Team

The operations team performs the following functions of the software development cycle

  • Operating of the project
  • Deployment of the project
  • Releasing the project
  • Monitoring the project

The tools and techniques employed by a DevOps engineer would help communicate better and promotes greater understanding between the two teams.

With devops the time consumption of the project decreases and the number of errors will be minimal. This also results in a great reduction in the overall project expense.

Devops helps to increase the productivity and profiotability of the company.

Devops these days has become an essential part of the software industry.

The Job roles of Devops

There are several job roles available for the ones that learn Devops.

The following are the various job roles of Devops

  • 1. DevOps Engineer
  • 2. Release Manager
  • 3. Automation Architect
  • 4. Software Developer
  • 5. Software Tester
  • 6. Experience Assurance Engineer
  • 7. Security Engineer
  • 8. Utility Technology Engineer

Demand for DevOps training program

DevOps is recognized as one of the emerging technological courses which many software professionals are seeking. The number of professionals getting trained in DevOps has been increasing day by day.

There are many openings currently existing for DevOps engineers in the country. The average salary estimated for a DevOps engineer in India is 6.6 lakhs.

Let us see what are all the various steps involved in machine learning

Choose Great Learning

Great Learning has been recognised as one of the best platforms to master Devops.

The DevOps certification course by Great Leaning would equip you with the following skills.

  • Have a comprehensive knowledge of DevOps lifecycle from planning, deployment, and monitoring.
  • Design new or control existing DevOps processes and infrastructure.
  • Learn the difference between Cloud Native and On-premises DevOps.
  • Automate ops applying Infrastructure as Code principles.
  • Understand to monitor, report, fix and optimize cloud resources.
  • Learn agile project management and behavior principles.

Enhance Your Engineering Skills

You will be taught to handle the overall DevOps lifecycle from the planning till the production which are the beginning and the end of a project.

Practice based learning

You will be given 8 use cases to solve in the labs' sessions and project sessions which helps you to build an enthusiastic e-portfolio that attracts the top companies.

Gear up yourself to become a multifaceted DevOps engineer

Once you take up this advanced AWS DevOps course by Great learning you will learn all the tools involved in DevOps such as Git, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, Docker, Maven Terraform, ELK, Stach and many more.

Learn from the best practitioners of the industry

When you take up the DevOps online training by Great Learning, you will constantly learn from the weekly sessions mentored by the best DevOps practitioners of the industry.

3 month DevOps Online training

This top end AWS Devops course by Great learning is a 3 month structured online program which is comprised of weekend mentorship sessions that enable you to become a professional in DevOps as you will develop understanding and working with different tools like AWS ( amazon web services), Containers, Cloud Native and On-Premises DevOps, Infrastructure as Code, Python Scripting and many more. You will be learned through 40+ hours of online instructional content and also 150+ hours of overall learning.


When you take up the DevOps online course by Great Learning, you will not have to quit your job. You can master DevOps besides working as the online learning classes facilitates you the utmost flexibility.

Weekend mentorship sessions

You will be allotted by a personalized mentor who is a real time DevOps practitioner possessing a great experience working with many top leading companies such as Infosys, Cisco, Walmart, Dell, FIS, SAP and many more.

The students that attend the live sessions each weekend will be able to connect with the mentors to clarify any doubts and also ask questions and discuss on various subject related concepts and use cases.

These mentors would inspire you even as you work on the capstone projects and learn from their practical experience.

Hands on learning experience

Gain the perfect DevOps skills by working on 6 lab sessions and 2 complete projects under the mentorship and guidance of the real time industry practitioners of DevOps.

The prestigious Devops certification by Great Lakes

You will be certified by Great lakes and create an e-portfolio that exhibits your learning and also the projects that you have worked on. Your certificate from Great Lakes and the e-portfolio will be shared on the social media platforms and other channels to demonstrate your credibility of DevOps.

All these attributes constitute to deliver the best DevOps course for Great Learning. Apply now