Meet The Future Analytics Leaders

The BACP class consists of working professionals from excellent organizations and backgrounds maintaining an impressive diversity across work experience, roles and industries.

Student Profile
Work Experience

The BACP class consists of professionals with a wide range of work experience from 0 to 15+years. It also has some participants who are yet to start their careers.


The class is composed of professionals from various roles and industries. While most candidates are from the technology sector ; BFSI, Consulting, and Manufacturing sectors also contribute significantly to the batch composition.

Organization Profile

One of the key indicators of quality is the organizations that our candidates are currently working with or have worked with. The candidates have been associated with leading Indian and global organizations such as:

Student Speak
(Senior Business Analyst, CNSI)
"The best part of the BACP program is the sessions where the faculty explains us business scenarios using real-time examples. The insights given here are very useful."
Devi Balasubramani
(Associate Business Warehouse Consultant, Astrazeneca)
"I didn’t want to be in Technology anymore and this urge to switch my Career stream made me join Great Lakes’ Business Analytics Certification Program."
(Technology Professional)
"The Mentor-based approach in the program is very convenient & supportive. The good knowledge sharing that happens in the group everyday makes learning more interesting."
(IBM India Pvt. Ltd.)
"One of my friends referred me to this program and my so-far experience in the program is really good. The program has good content and has a relevance with real-life scenarios. The best part is I am able to enjoy the learning part despite of such a busy work schedule."
(HongKong Shenghai Banking Corporation)
"The Overall experience has been great. The highlight is the assistance provided by the program support and the knowledge sharing that happens in the group. The way the doubts are being cleared is one good part of this program. The content is also very good."
Vasanth Athreya
(Business Analyst, CNSI)
"Great Lakes’ BACP will complement my skills as a Business Analyst. I am sure post this program I will be at an advantage when attending interviews and it will enhance my chances of getting selected. BACP program will definitely help me scale up my career."
(Trident Techno Solutions)
"So far, my experience in the BACP has been good. Whatever I have learned was new to me and it has been very helpful. The mentor is approachable. Anytime you have a question, you go and post it, you will get a quick response. We all keep posting our questions whenever we like. One has the record of the answers as well for future reference. "
Rajat Arora
(Data Analyst-Ninja Cart)
"Till now, my experience with the BACP program has been superb. The best part about it is that your problem gets resolved quickly. It feels good when all your problems get cleared on time. All credit to their mentored learning approach. Here, not only the mentors support you, but the peers also pitch in with their learnings during a discussion. Because of peer to peer interaction, all students are benefiting in the group. Also, Program Support is also exceptional & easily accessible. "
(Technology Professional with 10+ years of experience)
"The overall experience has been good. Because of the mentor support, we get answers of our problems immediately. The content shared in groups is really very good. If one is asking any question in the group and I can answer that question, at least it means I am learning something & that learning makes me more confident. I am able to manage my job as well as learn. If one is devoting 1 hour everyday, that’ll be enough. Lastly, having a certificate with the institute’s like Great Lakes always adds a bullet point in your CV of which people will take notice."