Program Format

BACP is a one-of-its-kind innovative program that provides a structured learning framework to students for effective learning and application of Business Analytics concepts. The program has about 200 learning hours spread evenly over a period of 8 months.

Students go through self-learning sessions recorded by eminent faculty from Great Lakes followed by industry sessions where they are not passive recipients of content but active participants that interact with industry guests, mentors, and Great Lakes faculty in webinars and personalized learning sessions.

In addition, there is a 2 hour industry session every month where current industry knowledge and insights are shared by industry and thought leaders.

An exhaustive framework ensures focus on all critical aspects of business analysis that candidates can cover in a structured way. The curriculum combines essential business analytics tools and techniques with comprehensive assessments to ensure learning outcomes are achieved.

Learn by Doing

  • A Experential Learning Project at the end of every module helps candidates apply their understanding of the concepts they have learned.
  • Practical assignments are designed to enable candidates to learn by application of concepts learned during self-study and industry sessions.

Personalized Learning

  • A group of 5 participants connects with their mentor thrice in a month for two-hour sessions to engage in a doubt clearing session.
  • Participants follow their instructor as they work on data sets to learn various Analytics tools.

Industry Exposure

  • Each module involves 16 hours of industry exposure with mentor and industry sessions planned at regular intervals.
  • These sessions ensure that a candidate’s learning is thorough and all doubts are cleared.

Introduction to Analytics

Fundamentals of Business Statistics

Advanced Statistics

Data Mining

Predictive Modelling

Forecasting Techniques

Data Visualization in Tableau

Introduction to Big Data