Why Pay 4 Lacs for PGPBABI Great Learning

From a hairpin to a house, no matter what you pay for, the price and quality often demand the perfect balance in order to seal the deal. Our PGP-BABI (Great Lakes PG Program in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence) is no exception. We are filled with queries about why our program comes at a certain fee when there are so many programs in the market across the cost spectrum. So, here are 3 candid responses from our top PGP-BABI alumni stating why and how the program made it worth their while!

LoveKush Singhania

Several of my friends had pursued an MBA program from Great Lakes Institute of Management and vouched for the institute’s commitment to quality education and excellence. The foundation to my trust in Great Lakes was laid with such feedback. Personally, I wanted to pursue a course/program that was comprehensive and well-structured to gain sufficient knowledge in Analytics. PGP-BABI is highly structured and it conducts sessions on the applications of analytics in various domains. That helped me gain a lot of knowledge about the applications of analytics in different sectors. The predictive modeling techniques taught were highly relevant and the faculty members are experts in their domains. While 4 lacs is no small amount to pay for a course, I knew if I worked hard, I would be able to recover the cost of the program in less than a year. I would say I made quite a data-driven decision in pursuing PGP-BABI from Great Lakes!

Vaibhav Kukreja

One of the primary reasons for enrolling in the program was blended learning where I could leverage the benefits of classroom learning while continuing with my job. I wanted a real physical classroom experience where I could interact with the faculty and my peers. While classroom is the most popular format in India, leaving your job and pursuing it is not for everyone. A blended format like that of PGP-BABI’s is perfect and the program schedule and assistance in learning was spot on. Also, Great Lakes was one of the first institutions to offer a program in analytics, so I was confident that the program would meet all my criteria of a good program. The second reason was the world-class faculty. I researched about the faculty and realized that they are the best in the business. Last but not the least, the diversity in my batch helped me a lot in peer learning and networking.

Pranav Mohan

My major concern was pursuing a program alongside my job. Honestly, there were several cheaper programs in the market (mostly available in online format) so I did weigh in my options before applying to Great Lakes PG Program in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence. The distinguishing factor was the industry exposure through live industry sessions and guest lectures that convinced me to go ahead. The faculty is also a blend of academic knowledge and industry experience. I knew I would not be studying theory in the typical sense as done in most courses, but apply it to real business problems. The fact that I could interact with industry leaders (with several years of experience) one-on-one during classroom sessions and approach them without hesitation, in case I ran into doubts or had questions was the dealmaker for me. In hindsight, I paid for an overall experience. I had an active analytics resume in the making, thanks to all the industry projects and the longer capstone project I did. All this added to my domain knowledge while preparing me for analytic job roles and interviews. A win-win situation!



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