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Top 10 Business Analytics Companies in India to work for

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Digitization and Data are driving a change in the way organizations make decisions and devise processes. Harnessing and analysing data generated by digital systems is the key to making informed and intelligent decisions, after carefully comparing the performance and trends under different scenarios.

More businesses depend on big data and data science to improve efficiency, further, their market reach, boost sales, and introduce new processes and solutions. This shift is creating a space for analytics companies to emerge and provide Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA) solutions. This eventually creates a high demand for business analytics and data science professionals.

Here’s a list of top 10 Business Analytics companies to work for as a BABI professional:

1. Mu Sigma Analytics

Company Size – 3500 employees | Glassdoor Rating – 3.4

Being one of the most renowned Decision Sciences and big data analytics companies, Mu Sigma is helping businesses to drive intelligent decision making through their best in class and accurate data analytics solutions. Serving various industries, MuSigma specializes in-demand analytics, marketing analytics, network planning and optimization, and risk analytics among other services.

2. Fractal Analytics

Company Size – 1200 employees | Glassdoor Rating – 4.0

Founded in the year 2000, Fractal has created more than 40 specialized and niche services for applications in different industries such as hospitality, healthcare, retail, BFSI, and technology. Backed by sophisticated analytics, Fractal’s solutions help in delivering smarter, faster, creative, and accurate decisions. The company has its operations in San Francisco, New York, London, Singapore, Dubai, Mumbai, and New Delhi.

3. Accenture Analytics

Company Size – 477000 employees | Glassdoor Rating – 3.9

Accenture Analytics has tapped into Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to deliver data-driven solutions. Having carved a niche for itself, Accenture has a unique approach towards extracting hidden data through sensors, third party searches, and dedicated analytics.

4. Manthan

Company Size – 500 employees | Glassdoor Rating – 3.9

Intending to seamlessly align technology and customer experience, Manthan’s Business Analytics solutions have taken up the retail world by storm. Be it restaurants, fashion and apparel, e-commerce, food and grocery, and convenience stores, Manthan provides big data and AI aided decision making solutions for all.

5. Latent View

Company Size – 600 employees | Glassdoor Rating – 3.3

Based in New Jersey, Latent View has its Indian operations in Mumbai and Chennai. There’s immense room for R&D at Latent View and the company has its R&D centre called IdeaLabs which is the powerhouse behind its big data and predictive analytics solutions. The company caters to the needs of Retail, Financial Services, and Consumer Packaged Goods industries.

6. Tiger Analytics

Company Size – 201-500 employees | Glassdoor Rating – 4.6

Tiger Analytics is a trusted data science and data engineering partner to some of the leading Fortune 500 companies. Based out of Silicon Valley, the company has its global delivery centre in Chennai. They bring about a great deal of expertise in customer analytics, marketing science, and operations and planning analytics.

7. Absolut Data

Company Size – 450 employees | Glassdoor Rating – 2.3

Absolut Data is revolutionizing the traditional analytical approach by following a diagnostic methodology and merging technology, complex data, and advanced analytics. Their brand NAVIK has a line of powerful products for the marketing, sales, and analytics professionals, enabling them to harness the power of AI.

8. Convergytics

Company Size – <50 employees | Glassdoor Rating – 4.4

Convergytics provides Digital Analytics, Business Intelligence, CRM, and pricing analytics solutions by harnessing the power of big data. The industries which they cater to are Consumer Packaged Goods, Healthcare, Telecom, and Banking among others. It helps organizations to adapt to constantly changing market landscape by making data-driven and actionable decisions.

9. SIBIA Analytics

Company Size – <50 employees | Glassdoor Rating – 3.3

Based in Kolkata, SIBIA Analytics is one of the fastest-growing analytics companies in the country. They provide Data Management, Real-Time Analytics, and Integrated Analytics solutions. Their services are focused on solving specific business challenges through effective use of predictive analytics and data science

10. UST Global

Company Size – 22,419 employees | Glassdoor Rating – 4

UST Global provides end-to-end IT solutions with a client-centric focus. It is headquartered in California and has offices in USA, India, UK, Mexico, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Poland, and Spain. It serves various industries including Retail, Healthcare, BFSI, Media and Technology, Telecom, Transportation and Logistics among others.

The role of a business analyst is constantly evolving and a broad range of responsibilities are coming their way apart from the technological aspect. Adapt yourself with the futuristic business analytics ecosystem to grab Business Analysts jobs in these top companies.

– Take up courses and learn about the new age technologies and their business applications

– Develop your expertise to leverage big data tools for better business solutions and cognitive decision making

– Align with the user design and attain a decent understanding of UX

– Engage in collaborations with stakeholders to deliver better results and solutions

– Keep learning new technologies and be updated on all developments in the field of business analytics

– Continuous improvement is the key

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