Great Learning Success Story by PGP-BABI Alumnus : Sahil Mattoo , Data Scientist at DXC Technologies
Upskill and transition your career path with Great Learning's PGP BABI course

With many skills getting redundant with the advent of new technologies such as Big Data, AI, and ML, there is a need for professionals to upskill and fulfil the market demands while opening new doors for their career. Read how Sahil Mattoo has successfully transitioned from a testing role to become a Data Scientist.

How has your career transitioned after joining GL

I had done my bachelors in Computer Science from Mumbai. Post that I started working with various organizations. I joined IBM and did go through many roles in the testing field for over 10 years; ranging from Test Lead, Project Manager, Product Manager to Test Automation Manager. I joined GL for upskilling myself and now I am working with DXC Technology as a Data Scientist.

When did you decide to upskill and how did you zero down to GL?

In 2015, based on my interest in Data Science, I took up a course in Big Data & Data Science at Simplilearn and continued for 6 months. After the course, I realized Analytics can be taken up as formal education. I had 3 options: to pursue M.S, to take a course in Big Data or to take a course in Business Intelligence and Analytics. The first option was expensive while the second demanded a prerequisite of JAVA which I was not willing to take, so I chose a course in BABI. To pursue it, I had three options, i.e., ISB, IIM- Bangalore, & GL. The first option was very expensive, second was not flexible, so I took BABI at GL as it was ranked 1st among the three.

How was your overall experience with GL? Share your best moments spent here.

The experience was really good and quite similar going to college after 10 yrs. I had a desire to study from a Premium college and with the opportunity and the facilities here worked together to give an experience of a complete classroom, I feel I have lived it. I enjoyed the lectures as it gave me a better understanding of Technology and Business. It liberated me and made me a better technocrat. The best thing was learning Business finance from Prof Chakraborty at GL. Those 12 hours helped me open doors to my old desire to pursue finance as a career.

How did the GL brand name help you in your career transition

While pursuing the PGP course, I  got to transition as soon as I pitched about pursuing the course in BABI to the company’s HR and moved internally to Analytics. The Brand-name of GL helped me to get the transfer easily in the company. At the end of my course, I got a job in DXC Technology.

What advice would you impart to other aspirants?

If you want to complete this course, ensure that you devote at least 20 hours a week towards it. As you are aiming for a degree equivalent to Masters, you need to be 100% committed to your goal. The program will introduce you to the areas to study, so being focussed and determined will help you finish the course with the best understanding.



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