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data science scope in india

Your Weekly Guide to Data Science and Analytics – December Part I

The world of Data Science is constantly evolving and finding its way into different industries such as fashion, healthcare, and entertainment. As the year comes to an end, let us take a...
data science news

Weekly Guide to Data Science and Analytics- November Part III

The number of Data Scientist jobs are currently on the rise and new datasets are being designed to help improve customer experience and overall productivity. If you wish to know what skills...
data science and data analytics

Your Weekly Guide to Data Science and Analytics- November Part II

Data Science and analytics have gained traction in organizations over the past few years and will continue to show growth in the coming years.  They have become a key part of how businesses serve...
Neural Networks

Neural Networks Can Predict Time of Death- AI Digest II

Artificial Intelligence is paving the way for the future. Increased Investments in AI suggest that there is a growing opportunity for anyone who is interested in an efficient AI career. This week’s guide on...
AI in healthcare


Artificial Intelligence, as a concept, has been around and evolving for a long time. The domain has developed to a point where companies are now looking at ways to enhance their workforce to align...