The placement team helped us to stay motivated throughout the process – Aashish Anil Mishra, Consultant at Fractal Analytics

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We see many professionals getting disheartened by multiple rejections during the process of job search. But the few who do not get demotivated and look out for feedback and ways to improve themselves to finally crack their dream jobs, are the ones worth sharing their experience with others. Read how Aashish Anil Mishra learnt from his feedback, upskilled, and cracked a job with Fractal Analytics.  

When did you decide to upskill?

Right after completing my post-graduation as an MBA, I started looking for a job. I got interviewed for a few roles and also got selected in some of them. But I did not find job roles matching my career preferences.

Soon, I got a call for an Analyst role from Ugam. This was the role which I would have preferred, but I could not get through the interview process. I started applying for similar open positions with other analytics companies via different mediums but did not get an interview call. I then received a mail stating that the positions are filled by the candidates with comparatively better skills and experience.

So, I got to know that I need to develop my skill set with the most common requirement of the analytics market. 

Why did you choose Great Learning?

It occurred to me that I had to learn the tools which I had never heard about earlier. I started exploring the internet and went through the online courses from a few platforms like Udemy and Analytics Vidhya but was not fully convinced with the format.

I needed a classroom training program, which would help me in developing skills and career transition. I searched for options and found PGP-DSE offered by Great Learning as the best one based on reviews and career transition ratio. After completing the pre-joining requisites, i.e., the online exam and interview, I enrolled in PGP-DSE Jan’19 batch at Bangalore.

What was the role of gurus and teams in making sure you have a great experience?

Initially, I found it difficult because I had very less prior exposure to programming. But as the sessions progressed, it became easier because of classroom training, rigorous practice, take-home lab exercises, and support from the colleagues. As the batch progressed, new tools were introduced by the faculty in a manner which helped even first-timers

The gurus arranged for the different sessions to enable domain expertise, so it was quite easy to get the silliest of the doubts cleared. The structure of the program was super which helped in properly learning the things. Periodic exams helped to stay in touch with the topics already covered. There were teaching assistants who were there to help any time, which was the best part as doubt clearing process did not take time.

The program support team, the soft skill development team, and the placement team were all helpful throughout the program. Bootcamp arranged before the placements helped in many ways as it covered everything in a short period, which was kind of a revision.

How did the placement team help with scoring a job?

We were all ready for the placements [the purpose for which almost everyone joined the program]. Many companies started conducting drives, some got through the process and some had to wait for other interviews. The placement team helped us to stay motivated throughout the process. I got an opportunity to attend an interview in 3 companies before getting placed in Fractal Analytics as a Consultant.

Overall the journey was good and I would like to thank Great Learning for developing the right set of skills and helping me in the career transition. Also, I would like to thank the program support team who were always there to take up the queries and help in the best possible way for the same. I would also like to mention that you get connected to the huge alumni network of Great Learning which will be a great help in future too.

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The Content helped to fill Knowledge gaps – Aishwarya, PGP-BABI

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At Great Learning, we strive to bring about a remarkable change in the career and life of our learners, and it is their success that fuels our drive to grow and provide better services and courses. Our courses not only give a direction to their career but also instil a sense of confidence and comfort with the subject matter and domain. Here is one such testimonial that drives us to do more and better. Read along.  

As we all know the market is flooded with information and resources, it is an ocean out there and choosing what is relevant for you is like searching for a needle in the haystack. I have researched for almost 3-4 years and have been doing a lot of work in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Statistical Jargons on my own. Still, I never felt confident enough to actually debate with a person who has already worked in this area. I always felt like something was missing in my arguments and there was always a gap in what I wanted to convey and what got conveyed. I felt depressed about it as all of my peers were either excelling in their fields or had already reached great heights. Not knowing where I am heading and desperate to break the shackles, just took a leap of faith and got enrolled in PGP-BABI Online

Hitting just the right spot at the right time with the right intent is what fetches a six in cricket, and I think I just hit a “Home run”. Its been almost 9 months that I started my journey in this course and here I am feeling elated, confident, motivated, and full of a new spark (just like a newborn). I had numerous Eureka moments throughout the learning process, and have actually developed Intuitional thinking towards problems pursuing the Cognition. I can now visualize how a Neural Network works in the first place.

The key takeaways from PGP-BABI :

  1. The direction (moduled structure of content) has a proper flavour of which should come first, Statistics or Regression (chicken and egg problem).
  2. The content actually helped in filling the knowledge gaps, just creating a sweet balance of not getting overwhelmed by the information, at the same time capturing the right essence of things.
  3. Mentor Sessions are a key ( or I would say a backbone ) because in a virtual world it’s really hard to get that Human Interaction and feel.
  4. Prompt responses to queries from Program Office boosted the overall output from modules (flexibility to hit a Six in any direction).
  5. Everybody has a budget constraint, IIMs, ISBs, are beyond the reach mostly, UpGrad, INSOFE, doesn’t feel the right credentials. Collaboration with UT Austin makes GL standout.
  6. Lastly, you get to be a part of a very intelligent product campaign “Office Dinosaur”. This adds a pinch of salt to the competition out there.

I have always heard the words like a Great Job, Great Work, Great Enthusiasm, etc. but have never got a pat on my back saying “GREAT LEARNING”. It is now, because of you guys and the whole team at Great Learning I am feeling so. 

Proud to be a part of the GL family and hope to contribute further in whatever ways possible.

GREAT LEARNING” guys, keep doing the good work.