Great Learning’s Excelerate Program has bridged the gap between the right skills and the right job opportunities – Brahadeeswaran, Business Analyst at Genpact

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When you realise that the career you are in is going nowhere, you can either give up and leave it to the fate or take charge and make efforts transition into more demanded roles. Brahadeeswaran chose the latter when he realised that his career as a Software Quality Engineer was going to be obsolete in the coming years. This is when he joined Great Learning’s PG program in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence to transition into Analytics job roles. 

What is your professional background?

Being an Electrical Engineer, I started my career in the IT industry and worked with Cognizant for about three years as a Software Quality Engineer. Initially, I gained experience in both Manual and Automation Testing. After two years, I felt the job which I was was doing was monotonous, and I was aware that testing profiles would gradually become obsolete. That’s when I joined Great Learning’s PGP-BABI program to upskill and stay relevant for the next few years. I was advised by many Great Learning alumni to take up the BABI course, which would help me to do a better career transition towards the field of Analytics.

What did you like about the course structure and curriculum?

I liked the intensive curriculum that covers different tools and domains. I enjoyed the faculty interaction during the sessions and peer learning, where there was excellent scope for knowledge sharing. I started exploring various tools like Python, R, Tableau, SAS and had hands-on exercise with all assignments conducted during this program. Every concept followed discussion questions, a quiz, and an assignment. Guidance from the Great Lakes faculty Dr P. K. Viswanathan, Raghav Shyam, Vivek & Gurumoorthi helped to learn faster and better because of their style of teaching that involved extensive examples. I will be using tools like R, Python, SAS, and Tableau extensively at my current job. 

How was the Capstone Project helpful?

Even though I was an outsider to the world of Analytics, my capstone had changed everything. Our project guide Dr. D. Narayana helped us in approaching the problem correctly and guided us at every step. Initially, we were sceptical on how to proceed with our capstone project, but he exceptionally motivated us to go ahead with it. I gained skills while exploring a new concept called NLP (Natural language Processing). Since its a research project, we have published our project in a well-reputed Journal. Interviewers asked about my capstone project in every interview I attended, and it helped me in getting overall positive feedback. Even in my Genpact interview, the capstone played an essential part in getting me hired.

What helped you most in your career transition?

Great Learning’s PGP-BABI program helped to leverage my skills in Statistics, Machine Learning, and Data visualization. I was technically sound with different Machine learning concepts before giving my interviews. All the interaction with industry mentors and faculties helped me deal with real-time business problems and find solutions using Analytics. Great Learning’s Excelerate Program has bridged the gap between the right skill and the right job opportunities for my next role. I got selected at Genpact through Excelerate for a Business Analyst role and helped me to make a better transition.

What is your advice for the aspirants looking for Analytics role?

As long as you have your eyes on the goal, you don’t see obstacles. Goals lead to purpose in life. It is the starting point for success. It doesn’t matter where we are today; what matters is the direction we are heading in.

Consistent self-paced learning is required by practising more problems to a greater extent apart from academics. This course will make our statistical foundation secure and will provide a great experience. Learn it in a structured way and try to implement it into a few projects which will help you gain confidence before applying for jobs. If your fundamentals are strong with some hands-on project & relevant experience, that will help you crack interviews. I am from a Software Quality background, but I leveraged my skills in R, statistics, and machine learning concepts, which helped me to clinch my interview. The interview process was somewhat relevant to what I had studied in the program about statistics and machine learning fundamentals. You don’t require any coding experience or prior knowledge before you start. I did not have enough understanding of analytics myself. Still, after joining this program, I was delighted with the way the gurus taught and provided exposure to the world of Analytics.

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GL Excelerate- 4th Edition

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We, at Great Learning, organized our 4th edition of GL Excelerate in Bengaluru recently. Our career fairs are platforms where professionals find relevant openings and reach out to hiring companies. This time, the event was attended by more than 350 students and 18 hiring companies. More than 500 interviews were conducted, which resulted in offers for 20 candidates from top companies like HSBC, Dell, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, and many more. More than 100 final rounds of interviews are still in line, following which even more students are expected to get job offers.

GL Excelerate career fairs have always been successful in bringing together professionals and hiring companies so that both can benefit from it, and it was no different this time. The 4th edition of GL Excelerate saw a significant confluence of professionals who are skilled for the future and are ready to take on roles as Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, and more. Hiring companies were also able to find and hire the best candidates for relevant openings. Here’s what some of our hiring partners thought about the event:

“Healthcare and Pharma manufacturing industries are going through a massive transformation, all thanks to government regulations and value-based care models. They have a huge demand for people who know data and domain, and new-age tools such as Machine-Learning and AI to solve real-world problems. It’s exciting to be part of an event that’s focused on professionals who have skills of the future. We’ve already interviewed 40+ candidates here, and are likely to make an offer to some of them. Also, we shall continue to participate in the upcoming GL Excelerate editions- a great platform to seek new talents.”

– Preeti Verma, Genpact


“Data Science and AIML are one of the best career moves for experienced professionals as those are nextgen technologies. Most importantly, we were happy to see so many candidates at GL who are interested to upskill themselves and make themselves future-ready. We definitely would like to participate in future events like these. Thanks for arranging this event.”

– Prithviraj Koley, Tech Mahindra

“Great Learning’s career fair – GL Excelerate, gave us the opportunity to come across highly skilled data scientists in large numbers. Out of the 74 resumes shortlisted, 30 odd folks cleared the first round. We are hoping they do well in the subsequent rounds and eventually get hired in TheMathCompany. We look forward to a continued relationship with GL Excelerate and hope we can join hands for yet another season of the career fair soon!”

– Eva Sharma, TheMathCompany


Our career fairs are part of a much bigger initiative – GL Excelerate support, through which we guide our students to become job-ready. From helping them build their resume to connecting them with hiring companies, GL Excelerate aims at providing the best career support. Our most recent career fair was one of the many that we have planned for our students. Visit our GL Excelerate page and learn more about how candidates benefit from it.

The placement team was an important part of the program – Diptanil Bhowmik, Consultant Analyst at Fractal Analytics

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Given the present job market scenario, it becomes difficult for freshers to get a job even if they know what they want to pursue as a career. In such a situation it is important to figure out the right path to land your dream job and get the relevant skills required for the job. Upskilling with Great Learning was the path that Diptanil Bhowmik chose and was successful in achieving a job as consultant analyst at Fractal Analytics. Read more to know what he has to say about the Data Science program he pursued.

What did you like the most about Great Learning?

To start with, Great Learning has been a great experience due to the faculty appointed for the program. They are highly skilled and have a great depth of knowledge on the topics being taught. Secondly, the management was quite considerate.

The initial classes were easy but as the major topics came in, it needed an extra effort and the whole management was very helpful with extra classes and other guidance as required. 

The best part of the program is the capstone project that I have worked on. I got an IPL dataset to work on which was both interesting and challenging. Through this project, I got to learn how data science works.

The placement team was an important part of the program as many top-notch companies were brought in and a placement boot camp was set-up for each company.

I got an offer from Fractal Analytics as a consultant analyst which gave a great career boost to me being a fresher. The company is great to work for. 

How was your experience of the interview process at Fractal?

Fractal had one of the most rigorous placement processes. It started with an aptitude test which required us to answer 70 questions in 75 minutes. A safe score would be around 40-45.

After that, there was an SQL+Python test in Hacker Rank which was quite challenging.

I got called for the personal interview round after clearing the previous rounds. From this point, every round was an elimination round which consisted of a Technical round which was a resume drilling round, followed by a business problem round that involved case studies and guesstimate questions, and lastly an HR round.

How did GL help you with the interview process?

GL helped with all these rounds. Different companies have different requirements and GL made sure to prepare us for each interview process separately. 

The experience with GL had been excellent and I would recommend people for taking up the DSE course because of the quality of content they have and the depth they teach with. They also provide tasty food for lunch if you are a foodie.

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The placement team helped us to stay motivated throughout the process – Aashish Anil Mishra, Consultant at Fractal Analytics

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We see many professionals getting disheartened by multiple rejections during the process of job search. But the few who do not get demotivated and look out for feedback and ways to improve themselves to finally crack their dream jobs, are the ones worth sharing their experience with others. Read how Aashish Anil Mishra learnt from his feedback, upskilled, and cracked a job with Fractal Analytics.  

When did you decide to upskill?

Right after completing my post-graduation as an MBA, I started looking for a job. I got interviewed for a few roles and also got selected in some of them. But I did not find job roles matching my career preferences.

Soon, I got a call for an Analyst role from Ugam. This was the role which I would have preferred, but I could not get through the interview process. I started applying for similar open positions with other analytics companies via different mediums but did not get an interview call. I then received a mail stating that the positions are filled by the candidates with comparatively better skills and experience.

So, I got to know that I need to develop my skill set with the most common requirement of the analytics market. 

Why did you choose Great Learning?

It occurred to me that I had to learn the tools which I had never heard about earlier. I started exploring the internet and went through the online courses from a few platforms like Udemy and Analytics Vidhya but was not fully convinced with the format.

I needed a classroom training program, which would help me in developing skills and career transition. I searched for options and found PGP-DSE offered by Great Learning as the best one based on reviews and career transition ratio. After completing the pre-joining requisites, i.e., the online exam and interview, I enrolled in PGP-DSE Jan’19 batch at Bangalore.

What was the role of gurus and teams in making sure you have a great experience?

Initially, I found it difficult because I had very less prior exposure to programming. But as the sessions progressed, it became easier because of classroom training, rigorous practice, take-home lab exercises, and support from the colleagues. As the batch progressed, new tools were introduced by the faculty in a manner which helped even first-timers

The gurus arranged for the different sessions to enable domain expertise, so it was quite easy to get the silliest of the doubts cleared. The structure of the program was super which helped in properly learning the things. Periodic exams helped to stay in touch with the topics already covered. There were teaching assistants who were there to help any time, which was the best part as doubt clearing process did not take time.

The program support team, the soft skill development team, and the placement team were all helpful throughout the program. Bootcamp arranged before the placements helped in many ways as it covered everything in a short period, which was kind of a revision.

How did the placement team help with scoring a job?

We were all ready for the placements [the purpose for which almost everyone joined the program]. Many companies started conducting drives, some got through the process and some had to wait for other interviews. The placement team helped us to stay motivated throughout the process. I got an opportunity to attend an interview in 3 companies before getting placed in Fractal Analytics as a Consultant.

Overall the journey was good and I would like to thank Great Learning for developing the right set of skills and helping me in the career transition. Also, I would like to thank the program support team who were always there to take up the queries and help in the best possible way for the same. I would also like to mention that you get connected to the huge alumni network of Great Learning which will be a great help in future too.

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Launch pad for my Transition into Data Science: Bhavya, Data Scientist

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As rightly said by our alumnus Bhavya Labishetty, “One of the most difficult things to do in life is to restart” A career transition can be a daunting experience, but not at Great Learning. We try to make it meaningful, fun, and rewarding as possible. After the experience she has had at Great Learning, she says “Great Learning has been a Launchpad for my transition into Data Science. DSE program has been a learning experience.” Here is an overview of her journey at Great Learning.

Tell us about your professional background. Why did you choose Great Learning? 

I am a Computer Science and Engineering graduate (2016) and have worked at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (now DXC Technology) for 2 years. My experience has been into Quality Analysis and Business Analysis. I was very intrigued by Analytics and wanted to transition into the field. I did a few online courses and tried transitioning into Analytics but that was extremely difficult. After a lot of research, I decided to pursue a full-time course with placement assistance and Great Learning ticked that box.

How has your experience been at Great Learning? 

The most daunting task is to quit a job and try to transition into a field which requires a different level of skills altogether. Initially, when I joined GL, I had no idea of what to expect but along the program, I began to understand that each topic covered in class acts as a foundation and a lot of self-study and preparation is required to understand the bigger picture.

Faculty were able to provide a basic understanding of each topic and sessions were very insightful. I come from a programming background so understanding the logical flow wasn’t as difficult but since I was not involved in any coding for 2 years, keeping up with fresh graduates and people with programming experience was quite a challenge. One of the best things about the program was the kind of peers I got to interact with. Everyone had a new approach to understand the problem. I will be grateful for their support and being one of the reasons for me to get better. 

Were the projects and case studies helpful?

We were assigned mini-projects and case studies that helped understand the problem and its practical implementation. In the case of the Capstone project, we had ample time not just for implementation but also to do the groundwork on the domain that was assigned. This came in handy during interviews as I was able to explain the real reasons why data was behaving in such a fashion during the given time.

How was the career support from the team at Great Learning?

Academic and Career support given by GL was satisfactory. The team was available, a special mention to Akhila as she was always the first person to guide and help us in preparation. She provided enough feedback time and again and that was of great help. 

With the help of Career support, I got to interview with many companies like Nielsen, Bridgei2i Analytics, Oppo etc. Using the foundations from the topics and working on those concepts was necessary to crack the interviews.

How was your experience of the interview with Oppo?

The entire process was of 4 rounds. Initially, there was a Telephonic HR screening where they tried to understand my work experience and the projects mentioned in the resume. The next round included questions based on the projects mentioned in my resume and also related to the Machine Learning models used in the projects. My Capstone project was related to financial risk domain and the interviewer asked several questions on the same. Next round was a Case study round where the interviewer provided a problem statement and asked me to provide a solution within 30 minutes. The case study was again related to Finance risk domain and my research on Capstone project helped me in providing the solution. The final round was with Oppo‘s CRO and after the interview, I received a confirmation. 

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5 on 5 for the GL’s Program and Support team – Maganti, Stanford ACSP

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Upskilling is not only popular among professionals at large corporates but is equally important and valuable for employees working in small and medium enterprises and family-run businesses. Read along to know about what motivated Ankineedu Maganti to upskill and how did he apply his newfound learning as a Managing Director at a family-owned business, in his own words:

I am the managing director of a family-owned, diversified group which is primarily focused on infrastructure development and construction. My educational background includes a Masters in Computer Science and an Executive MBA. 

In recent years, we have begun to make several investments in technology startups as well as are incubating a couple within the group. My interest in Cybersecurity was two-fold: to see implications of cybersecurity in our various initiatives, and to identify possible investment opportunities in the area. I wanted to avoid a superficial overview and preferred a deeper dive into the various aspects of cyber-security – almost as a practitioner. As I looked at a few options, I felt the course at Great Learning would be the perfect fit, where I would get a high-level overview, as well as exposure to detailed insights. 

The experience of the course has been phenomenal and all my expectations have been met. The videos from the Stanford program are a great start to the course, and also include inputs from leading industry experts working at companies such as Google, etc. At the same time, the mentor sessions allow a more interactive experience and help in explaining the critical concepts better. 

Further, the support from the team in resolving queries has been immediate and very useful, thus contributing significantly to the overall learning experience. I believe the Great Learning team has really figured out the perfect combination of recorded content with online sessions and instructor support. The portals used (Olympus & Piazza) are also very intuitive and help make the process easy.

If I had to convert this to a rating, I would rate the program and the support team 5 on 5.

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Online Course from Stanford was my best decision – Thompson, Alumnus

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The ultimate benefit of an online course is the flexibility of time and location that one has to pursue the course at their own convenience without compromising on other commitments such as their job. Here’s how Dudley Thompson benefitted from our online course in Cyber Security.

Tell us about your profession

Currently, I am working as a Trading Floor Specialist in a top tier Investment Bank in London. I support the traders with Technical IT issues that they face, it could be related to Bloomberg, Reuters, bespoke trading applications, or hardware related issues. I also work with mobile devices and messaging systems.

What motivated you to pursue a career in Cyber Security?

During my undergraduate program in Distributed Information Systems, I was exposed to elements of computer security and from there I was bitten by the bug. I find it quite exciting in trying to circumvent security systems and the means which can be deployed to make them safe against miscreants both inside and outside the organization.


Why did you choose this course with GL?

Having looked around I came across the course offered by Stanford when I was on a holiday. I looked at it thoroughly and decided it was the one for me. I am a working professional so it’s hard to get time off from work and to go to classes, so an online course from a reputable institution such as Stanford was the best way forward. Also, I think it is value for money compared to other courses on the market.

How has your experience been with this course? What did you really like about it?

I am really enjoying the course so far, I like the practical real-life examples which I can play around with in my virtual sessions. 

Also, it’s easy to get in touch with the support and teaching staff. Gauthami has been quite helpful in resolving any issues which I might be facing and is quite supportive.

Upskill with Great Learning’s Stanford Advanced Computer Security Program and unlock your dream career.

The Content helped to fill Knowledge gaps – Aishwarya, PGP-BABI

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At Great Learning, we strive to bring about a remarkable change in the career and life of our learners, and it is their success that fuels our drive to grow and provide better services and courses. Our courses not only give a direction to their career but also instil a sense of confidence and comfort with the subject matter and domain. Here is one such testimonial that drives us to do more and better. Read along.  

As we all know the market is flooded with information and resources, it is an ocean out there and choosing what is relevant for you is like searching for a needle in the haystack. I have researched for almost 3-4 years and have been doing a lot of work in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Statistical Jargons on my own. Still, I never felt confident enough to actually debate with a person who has already worked in this area. I always felt like something was missing in my arguments and there was always a gap in what I wanted to convey and what got conveyed. I felt depressed about it as all of my peers were either excelling in their fields or had already reached great heights. Not knowing where I am heading and desperate to break the shackles, just took a leap of faith and got enrolled in PGP-BABI Online

Hitting just the right spot at the right time with the right intent is what fetches a six in cricket, and I think I just hit a “Home run”. Its been almost 9 months that I started my journey in this course and here I am feeling elated, confident, motivated, and full of a new spark (just like a newborn). I had numerous Eureka moments throughout the learning process, and have actually developed Intuitional thinking towards problems pursuing the Cognition. I can now visualize how a Neural Network works in the first place.

The key takeaways from PGP-BABI :

  1. The direction (moduled structure of content) has a proper flavour of which should come first, Statistics or Regression (chicken and egg problem).
  2. The content actually helped in filling the knowledge gaps, just creating a sweet balance of not getting overwhelmed by the information, at the same time capturing the right essence of things.
  3. Mentor Sessions are a key ( or I would say a backbone ) because in a virtual world it’s really hard to get that Human Interaction and feel.
  4. Prompt responses to queries from Program Office boosted the overall output from modules (flexibility to hit a Six in any direction).
  5. Everybody has a budget constraint, IIMs, ISBs, are beyond the reach mostly, UpGrad, INSOFE, doesn’t feel the right credentials. Collaboration with UT Austin makes GL standout.
  6. Lastly, you get to be a part of a very intelligent product campaign “Office Dinosaur”. This adds a pinch of salt to the competition out there.

I have always heard the words like a Great Job, Great Work, Great Enthusiasm, etc. but have never got a pat on my back saying “GREAT LEARNING”. It is now, because of you guys and the whole team at Great Learning I am feeling so. 

Proud to be a part of the GL family and hope to contribute further in whatever ways possible.

GREAT LEARNING” guys, keep doing the good work.

The Course offered an exhaustive curriculum- Dipankar, Data Analyst

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There are times when professionals in a specific domain reach saturation and do not enjoy working in their domain. At such times, one can either succumb to the monotony or rise up to look out for opportunities in other domains, sometimes drastically different from their current role. This is what Dipankar Neogi did when his marketing career reached its saturation point. Read how he transitioned to a data analyst role from being a marketing professional.  

What is your professional background?

I had completed my post-graduation as an MBA from Ramaiah Institute of Management Science in 2010 and worked for 7 years in Marketing with a firm in Bangalore. In order to upskill and upscale my career, I took a course in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence at Great Learning. Presently, I am working with Indegene as Senior Data Analyst.

Why did you choose Business analytics for upskilling and why did you choose GL?

I was not happy with the role I was working in previously. There were no growth opportunities and the remuneration not satisfactory. I had two options; one was to take up a full-time technical course and the other was to pursue an Executive MBA or get through GMAT to ISB or IIM. There was a lot of buzz for Analytics and Data Science and some of my friends suggested some courses. I did research and came across the GL’s BABI course. Since it was more business-related than a tech-driven program, I took this course as it suited me the best.

How was your overall experience with GL?

The course offered an exhaustive curriculum. Now since I am working in an Analyst role, I see how well-versed the course is. It provided detailed learning in Statistics, Regression, Conjoint analysis, etc., all of which I am using in my current role. The classroom experience made me realise the dream of being from a reputed firm. Working with peers and coming together on weekend classes or for projects, is what I recall as the most memorable time at GL.

Share your experience at the Interviews?

I got interviewed and shortlisted by many companies. I realised some patterns in the questions asked during the interviews. I figured out that the interviewer mainly focussed on my learning of the project that I had mentioned in my CV. In some interviews, I was given a real-life situation and was asked to give predictions for them. They judged me not only on my answers but also on my perception of the situation and the approach towards it.

Any advice to future aspirants?

Firstly, you need to focus more on projects. Apart from the Capstone project offered by GL, work end to end on some projects of your own. This will give you clarity and confidence with the subject matter. And secondly, focus on mastering one domain at a time. This will give you a stronghold in the domain.

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