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Deep Learning Interview Questions

23 Deep Learning Interview Questions with Answers and explanation

Deep Learning Basics Deep Learning, a subset of machine learning has taken over the world as a leading technology today. It imitates the complex functionalities of the human brain...
Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Top 10 Hot Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Talking of advancements, from Abacus to Super-Computers, the world has come a long way. The world, say a hundred years ago was highly dependent on manual execution. Simple tasks such as...

What is Artificial Intelligence?

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence What is Artificial Intelligence?How do we measure if the AI is acting like a human? What is the Turing Test  The Cognitive...
What is Computer Vision

What is Computer Vision? Learn the Basics

What is Computer Vision? Computer vision is a field of study which enables computers to replicate the human visual system. It's a subset of artificial intelligence which collects information...
What is Deep Learning Great Learning

Deep Learning Tutorial: What it Means and what’s the role of Deep Learning

What is Deep Learning?Why is Deep Learning important?How does Deep Learning work?What is the difference between Deep Learning and Machine Learning?How to get started with Deep Learning?Top Open Source Deep Learning...